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August 05
PC Gamer posted PUBG teams up with hugely popular K-pop group Blackpink,
Allegations of 'toxic culture' at acclaimed indie studio Fullbright,
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles guide: 6 tips to winning a trial,
EA doesn’t get enough credit for how it handles acquisitions, apparently,
A Plague Tale: Innocence and Speed Brawl are free on Epic Games Store this week

August 04
PC Gamer posted Razer Blade 14 review,
Street Fighter 5's final character is a link to Street Fighter 6,
Final Fantasy 14 director recommends these raids for making the most out of Endwalker,
Second Life is banning gacha style transactions next month,
Left 4 Dead 2 survivors come to Zombie Army 4,
Hades, Lumines Remastered and MS Solitaire join Xbox Game Pass in August,
Battlefield 2042 begins limited playtesting next week,
Far Cry 5 is free to play this weekend,
Grime, a Metroidvania that lets you absorb enemies, is out now,
Which Tribes of Midgard class to choose,
What GPU shortage? AMD and Apple's gorgeous new graphics card comes with two,
Knights of the Old Republic's cinematics in Unreal 5 will make you pine for when Star Wars was good,
Apex Legends Seer guide: How to get the most from the stealthy scout,
How Final Fantasy 14 brings veterans and newbies together,
Steam suggests there are more RTX 3090 cards online than the entire RX 6000-series put together,
Sabrent's Rocket 4 Plus is one of the fastest SSDs for gaming and it's down to $180,
Tribes of Midgard Fenrir boss guide,
'90s Amiga mascot Zool is being exhumed for reasons unknown,
A huge FPS documentary is in the works, featuring key figures from the genre's history,
This Skyrim third-person mod looks dope,
Apex Legends needs to blow up Fragment ASAP,
Less than one month before launch, New World is delayed again,
Hold up, PUBG is called PUBG: Battlegrounds now?,
Destiny 2 assistant director reassures PvP players that they have not been abandoned,
The best Solasta: Crown of the Magister mods,
Defensive Activision Blizzard executive deletes her Twitter account,
Use your texting skills to catch a serial killer in this detective game
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted A Total War Saga: Troy’s DLC Mythos will let you pet the hellhound,
A Blizzard HR executive has left the company too,
You can play Far Cry 5 for free this weekend,
Final Fantasy XIV has restored my faith in humanity,
World War Z's Aftermath expansion has you taking back the Vatican,
Marvel's Avengers gets a surge of new players after a free All-Access weekend,
Activision Blizzard are being sued by their investors now,
So far, Grime is a Metroidvania that's a good, rock-crushing time,
Everspace 2’s latest update adds a grappling hook and Descent-like puzzles,
Battlefield 2042's technical test starts next week, and reveals some beefy system requirements,
Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021 will be a two hour Keighley showcaser,
New World is delayed again, but only to September 28 this time,
August's Humble Choice offers 12 indie gems for £8.69 / $12,
Get a 2021 Razer Book 13 ultraportable laptop for £670 off RRP,
Here's a peek at how co-op works in "TMORPG" Book Of Travels,
Dorfromantik has launched its creative mode in beta for you to puzzle over,
Shorter Games With Worse Graphics bundle keeps smashing sales goals

August 03
PC Gamer posted Blizzard's president is out, studio to be co-led by a woman for first time in its history,
Nvidia boasts it's a matter of 'when, not if' publishers will sign up for GeForce Now,
Mass Effect's Citadel is one of the best virtual cities BioWare has ever created,
Rainbow Six Extraction's monsters infect Siege with a month-long event,
Unicomp New Model M review,
Dune meets Crusader Kings in ambitious space strategy Alliance of the Sacred Suns,
AMD Ryzen 7 5700G Review,
T-Mobile branding removed from Overwatch and Call of Duty League websites,
A Stardew Valley fan recreated Pelican Town in Minecraft,
Win UFC 265 tickets as Lords Mobile and UFC join forces,
Splitgate dev 'can't just buy more servers' to deal with exploding player numbers,
Tencent stocks plunge amid fears of a Chinese government gaming crackdown,
Here’s why I’m not excited about the recent crash in GPU memory pricing,
Stardew Valley's biggest mod now lets you become friends with Shane's chicken,
Valve and AMD buddy up to improve Steam Deck CPU performance on Linux,
HP's Reverb G2 VR headset is $150 below its normal selling price right now,
Halo voice man does Destiny lines and boy he's still got it,
What we know about the Tribes of Midgard Golden Egg rune,
How to humble Ake in Assassin's Creed Valhalla,
Vari Electric Standing Desk review,
Final Fantasy 10's Tidus almost became gaming's second plumber,
There's a new Shorter Games With Worse Graphics Bundle on Itch.io, and it's exactly what it says on the tin,
The Wayward Realms, the RPG from former Elder Scrolls devs, is 'several more years' away,
Linux takes 1% of Steam market share as interest in Steam Deck rises,
Age of Empires 4 beta begins later this week,
Activision Blizzard workers reject CEO Bobby Kotick's response to their demands,
Diablo Immortal delayed to 2022,
Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick: 'People will be held responsible for their actions',
Blizzard's head of HR gone, too,
Rust wants you to die underwater more so it's adding sharks,
A class-action law firm is looking to make money off its own Activision Blizzard lawsuit
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection is a “Valve sanctioned” tune-up of their classic shooter,
Apex Legends' Fuse gets a tracker-like buff next season,
2K set to announce "exciting new franchise" this month,
Sonic's a surprisingly weighty hog in Sonic Colors: Ultimate,
Here's all you need to know about skateboarding game The Ramp in 90 seconds,
Blizzard boss J. Allen Brack steps down,
Hades comes to Xbox Game Pass next week,
Retro shooter Selaco perfectly pitches itself as F.E.A.R. meets Doom,
Rainbow Six Siege’s Containment event is a glimpse into Extraction’s alien invasion,
Bungie and Ubisoft file joint lawsuit against cheat sellers,
Please stop making me kill guard dogs in video games,
The Weekspot podcast #049: Outer Wilds card,
Wreckfest's latest update adds Carmageddon tracks and zombies,
Webbed, an adorable platformer about being a spider, is out next month,
Road trip RPG Get In The Car, Loser! will arrive this September,
This 24-in 165Hz monitor is £150 at Ebuyer after a £35 discount,
The best PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD for gaming is 34% off in the UK

August 02
PC Gamer posted Now is the best time to preview Windows 11 as it lands in the beta channel,
Life is Strange: True Colors lets you join LARP sessions and play arcade games,
Assassin's Creed has a 'culinary codex' coming, also known as a 'cookbook',
SkateBIRD delayed to September,
The Logitech G502 has a hyper-fast scroll wheel to die for, and is less than half price,
Mothmen and Shark Riders: the mind-melting fantasy of pixel-pulps,
Five new Steam games you probably missed (August 2, 2021),
Assassin's Creed game director is directing the Dead Space remake,
Age of Empires 4 shows off naval battles, camel riders,
Final Fantasy pixel remasters review-bombed on Metacritic,
The Ascent's broken Game Pass edition is getting fixed, developer promises,
Battle in Total War: Warhammer 3 isn't just about winning or losing, it's a fight for survival,
Global chip shortage expected to last until first half of 2023, says STMicro's CEO,
Marvel's Avengers shows signs of life as War for Wakanda dated for mid-August,
The Windows 10 gaming performance fix is out, here's how to get your PC up to date,
Half-Life 2 is being remastered, but not by Valve,
Playing the technical test has convinced me Halo Infinite is great, actually,
Google may start licensing out its Stadia game streaming platform to 'industry partners',
Halo Infinite battle royale? Dataminers think they've found proof,
Minecraft ocean bases are a delicate balance of slick design and looming disaster,
Apex Legends Season 10: Everything we know,
Former Elder Scrolls devs announce 'Grand RPG' The Wayward Realms,
All cyberdeck upgrade locations in The Ascent we've found so far,
Tales of Arise has fishing and farming, and a demo is on the way,
Minecraft's most anarchic server brought to its knees by griefers,
How to get the Ariana Grande Fortnite skin and watch the concert,
Bannerlord patch adds duel mode for multiplayer, ironman for singleplayer,
Here's your first look at The Lord of the Rings TV show,
Windows 96 is a throwback to classic Windows that runs entirely in the browser,
Everything we know about Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5,
Man defends against package thieves using machine learning AI, flour, and very loud sirens,
Gearbox confirms early 2022 release for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands,
Valheim speedrunner takes down every boss in reverse order, a world-first,
Take-Two confirms it's announcing a new game soon. Will it be Marvel XCOM?,
Take-Two boss says inclusion and diversity are of 'paramount importance',
GTA Online players are walking in endless circles to earn free stuff
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Assassin's Creed Valhalla's director is leading the Dead Space remake,
Sonic Colors: Ultimate feels best when it's focused on going fast,
The current best Sony exclusive is a playable PlayStation advert and I love it,
Become a buff man with a black hole noggin in Grime today,
Letter From The Editor #01: a month in and we're all still here,
Halo Infinite datamined "battle royale" voice line has folks speculating again,
Tales Of Arise shows off fishing, farming, and flashier party skits,
Former Daggerfall developers reveal a teaser for their huge open-world RPG,
Splitgate is still so slammed that it has a new server status Twitter account

August 01
PC Gamer posted What's a game you like to play while doing or watching something else?,
No Longer Home understands the mythology of the student flat,
Final Fantasy 14 icon changed after complaints from players with trypophobia,
This week in PC Gaming: Apex Season 10, Evo 2021 Online, and Death Trash,
Bungie and Ubisoft are taking cheat-makers to court,
Ariana Grande confirmed to kick off Fortnite's Rift Tour this week
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted The Sunday Papers

July 31
PC Gamer posted I'm pleased to report that Halo Infinite's needler whips ass,
Halo Infinite's bot names are kind of great,
Crapshoot: The Russian Leisure Suit Larry with a 'sexy' Tetris minigame,
Adata XPG Gammix S50 Lite 2TB SSD review,
How Blizzard's reputation collapsed in just 3 years
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted What are we all playing this weekend?,
Data miners leak Halo Infinite story details from multiplayer technical preview,
Horizon Forbidden West has reportedly been delayed until 2022,
Bustafellows is a murder mystery dating sim and overriding my better judgement,
Sonic is now in Two Point Hospital, but sadly there is no cure,
Diablo 2's most popular mod is getting a major update next month

July 30
PC Gamer posted Try not to get guillotined in Ambition: A Minuet in Power this August,
eBay AU is flogging heaps of Dell stuff for cheap, including a AU$600 360Hz monitor,
AMD announces '1080p beast' Radeon RX 6600 XT for $379,
Second-hand GPU lottery: Mining cards lose 10% performance every year,
Let's Build a Zoo is a cute yet chaotic sim full of animal abominations,
Motherboard manufacturers unite against Intel's efficient PSU plans,
GTA modders pull their own 14-year-old-project over takedown fears,
New speedier memory could pave the way for premium Steam Decks,
King's Bounty 2 system requirements announced,
It turns out Riot Games is also being sued by the same agency as Activision Blizzard,
I'm only a few hours into New World, but the grind is already frustrating,
How The Ascent evolves the ARPG genre,
Intel launches 'Beast Canyon' modular mini gaming PC kits starting at $1,150,
Razer's ambidextrous Viper 8KHz gaming mouse is marked down to $60 today,
Ubisoft staff say they're waiting for 'real, fundamental change' at the company,
Skyrim mod lets you pay your respects to fallen friends and enemies,
Capcom wants to know if players want more Ace Attorney,
Survival game Icarus delayed until November,
XRound Aero true wireless gaming earbuds review,
The Ascent is lacking DLSS and ray tracing on Game Pass but not on Steam,
FIFA 22: Everything we know,
Valheim's Hearth and Home update will let you hoard stacks of gold coins,
Where to interact with Rift Tour posters in Fortnite,
Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X gaming earbuds Review,
In one of the weirdest game crossovers ever, Sonic the Hedgehog is now in Two Point Hospital,
Horizon Forbidden West reportedly delayed into 2022,
7 rare Magic cards you've probably never heard of,
Everything that's happened since the Activision Blizzard lawsuit went public,
On behalf of PC gaming, sorry about all those cheaters in your console games,
Valve says Steam Machines were 'a good idea' that helped make Steam Deck possible,
Hexes never looked as beautiful as they do in the Hexoplanet trailer,
Uh oh, Halo Infinite campaign details are leaking from the tech test
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Dwarf Fortress’s new mouse menus make it so much easier to dig deeper,
Steam’s new storage manager will show you where your game’s gigabytes are,
Mystery Steam Reviews looks down the barrel this week,
Ubisoft CEO says "important progress" has been made after employees call for change,
Ultimate Audio Bang #11: pursuing our Destiny,
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has some great musical off-cuts,
TFI Friday: three new indie games that have nothing in common,
The Artful Escape is "like if David Bowie went on a space journey and came back as Ziggy Stardust",
Valheim's Hearth & Home update will also add giant, luxurious gold piles,
Session-based survival game Icarus is delayed to November,
Valve say Steam Deck's progress is thanks to the Steam Machine's failure,
Excellent alchemy shop sim Potion Craft has brewed a new playtest,
Forza Motorsport 7 is getting delisted in September

July 29
PC Gamer posted HighFleet review,
Beautifully animated adventure-puzzler Omno is out today,
Gigabyte's M27Q is a fast 1440p FreeSync Premium monitor and it's on sale for $290,
The Ascent review,
The Ascent's cyberpunk metropolis is way cooler than Night City,
PUBG's planes are now terrifying fiery death traps,
Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water PC port gets a release date,
Rocket League gets James Bond's suave Aston Martin DB35,
The best MP5 loadouts for Warzone,
Superhot VR gets review-bombed following the removal of self-harm scenes,
Crimson Desert is being delayed to an unspecified date,
One of Steam Deck's 'terrifying prototypes' was called the 'Ugly Baby',
The best Swiss K31 loadouts for Warzone,
Even faster SSDs based on PCIe 5.0 are expected to arrive next year,
Gabe Newell expects VR to be "a very long haul" for Valve,
The Ascent: 7 tips to get you started,
The best XM4 loadouts for Warzone,
ASRock X570S PG Riptide motherboard review,
Look at all these games currently being made in Doom,
Fortnite will host a series of August concerts, probably starring Ariana Grande,
This Resident Evil-inspired deckbuilding roguelike is murdering my evenings,
New World player 'AmazonOfficial' has been trolling the MMO with Amazon facts,
It's been an incredible 2 years for fan translations,
Sci-fi exploration game Outer Wilds is getting a surprise expansion in September,
A gorgeous new Stray trailer showcases the adventures of a cat in a crumbling robot city,
Annapurna reveals Storyteller, a compact, clever puzzle game about telling tales,
Valve responds to antitrust lawsuit, defends Steam's 30% cut,
Steam Client Beta overhauls downloads page and storage management, looks great,
The Forgotten City review,
Ubisoft CEO says 'important progress' has been made since 2020 harassment scandal,
Microsoft Flight Simulator patch improves performance but causes more crashes,
Forza Motorsport 7 is being removed from sale only four years after release
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted The joy of playing Escape From Tarkov in single player,
Kena: Bridge Of Spirits has been delayed to September,
Scope out this early look at Halo Infinite's first full multiplayer match,
Spook snapper Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water will be haunting PC on October 28th,
The Ascent review: a fun cyberpunk shooter that takes a while to warm up,
Bridge-based strategy game Carrier Command 2 has been ordered to release in August,
EWS podcast episode 149: the best robots special,
The top 12 games on PC in August,
The latest King's Bounty 2 footage shows a game at odds with its past,
Claire De Lune won't light any fires, but it'll warm you up,
The Sims 4 Cottage Living review: unrealistic yet ideal cottagecore,
Banners Of Ruin is Wind In The Willows crossed with Slay The Spire,
In Skin Deep, cats have recruited you to fight space pirates,
Hyper Light Drifter follow-up Solar Ash releases this October,
Neon White is part demon parkour game, part dating sim,
Starbase's early access space race has begun,
Outer Wilds' "first and only" expansion arrives this September,
Make Space Engineers looks a little more Satisfactory with the Heavy Industry update,
Everything announced at the Annapurna Interactive showcase 2021,
Minecraft Dungeon's Echoing Void DLC takes you to The End,
A year on, Gabe Newell feels "great" about Half-Life: Alyx,
Stray shines most when it lets you be a jerk like a cat,
Gigabyte's excellent M27Q monitor is $290 at Newegg right now,
Samsung's 500GB T7 portable NVMe SSD is down to $59 at Newegg

July 28
PC Gamer posted Trying to craft some bullets in Amazon's New World sent me over the edge,
Weird West is swinging just as hard as Prey and Dishonored,
The Waylanders update lets you have a fluffy pet spider,
New Hitman 3 roadmap gives us a lustful Agent 47 and Marrakesh for free,
This hyper-realistic Minecraft map looks as good as the real deal,
Dull Grey looks anything but,
Where to plant wiretaps in Fortnite,
'We will not return to silence': Activision-Blizzard employees push back on Bobby Kotick statement,
Fortnite crosses over with Suicide Squad, featuring Bloodsport,
Fuse and Caustic will get major buffs in Apex Legends Season 10,
Bobby Kotick finally responds to Activision Blizzard employees: our initial response was 'tone deaf',
Time-looping murder mystery The Forgotten City is out today,
Valve's being increasingly vague about future Steam Deck availability,
Faster gaming monitors are coming, including 4K at 240Hz and 1080p at 480Hz,
Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons expansion introduces a siege turtle and fishing,
AMD's Zen 4 and RDNA 3 on track for a 2022 launch,
Save $68 on our favorite wireless gaming mouse, Logitech's G502 Lightspeed,
Love hurts in Boyfriend Dungeon, a dating sim where you romance your weapons,
New blockbuster studio That's No Moon boasts an embarrassment of talent,
Corsair One a200 gaming PC review,
The Steam Deck 'launch lineup': What we'll play on day 1,
Serial Cleaners shows off its own take on batman vision,
The best OTs 9 loadouts for Warzone,
High-end gaming PCs are exempt from the CEC power regulations,
Ubisoft employees say they've 'had enough' of 'empty promises,' offer solidarity to Activision Blizzard,
The game industry shares messages of solidarity with Activision Blizzard walkout,
Halo Infinite lets you drop weapons for the first time in series history,
xQc promises to be more careful after he gets suspended from Twitch yet again,
The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are out now and there's already a way to improve their crappy font,
Watch a full match of Halo Infinite multiplayer ahead of tomorrow's technical preview,
Kena: Bridge of Spirits delayed by a month
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Hell Let Loose escapes from early access to the Eastern Front,
Steam Deck killed any need for A Total War Saga: Troy's Linux port,
Microsoft Flight Simulator's performance should be less turbulent after its latest patch,
40% of you played the most boring class in Mass Effect Legendary Edition,
Immersive sim Weird West wants to say yes to your every whim,
Boyfriend Dungeon's sword dating is the most realistic video game romances have ever been,
The world flag samurai I'd pick as video game protagonists,
Halo Infinite's first multiplayer technical preview starts tomorrow,
PUBG leaks suggest it’s going free-to-play, and getting a zombie survival mode,
Tribes Of Midgard could be the second smash hit co-op viking game this year,
Get a top-tier Razer gaming laptop for £735 off, plus £700 of extras,
Type long and prosper with 50% off Roccat's phenomenal Vulcan keyboard,
Gabe Newell says gamers have never had a great mobile hardware option,
Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are out and fans are already fixing the fonts,
Audio-only RPG The Vale launches its accessible adventure in August

July 27
PC Gamer posted Your new favourite indie in five words: Fully destructible sword-wielding robots,
Chernobylite review,
Witcher fan wins Olympic gold medal while wearing Geralt's medallion,
Death's Door reaches over 100,000 players in its first week,
This free bundle of the Mass Effect OST, comics and art books is only available for a few more days,
This lo-fi horror roguelike looks like the best Resident Evil spin-off Capcom never made,
I just can't stop staring at this hypnotic DIY Ambilight project,
UK games industry veteran Ian Richardson dies aged 53,
Dell is cancelling Alienware gaming PC shipments to several US states,
AMD's flagship Ryzen 9 5950X is in stock and selling below MSRP right now,
Genshin Impact Baal boss guide,
Intel reveals its first chiplet CPUs are coming in 2023,
A Total War Saga: Troy says screw it, have mythological monsters after all,
Tribes of Midgard: 10 tips for surviving the end of the world,
Where to get the plasma cannon in Fortnite,
Tribes of Midgard: How to repair weapons and gear,
Blizzard quietly reveals all the new cards in the Hearthstone: United in Stormwind expansion,
PAX West announces attendees now require vaccinations or negative Covid-19 tests,
Genshin Impact: Where to find all the Electroculi in Inazuma,
Activision Blizzard employees are planning a walkout on Wednesday,
Tribes of Midgard: How to climb cliffs with ramps,
Purple carrots and horrifying toilets were key to making The Forgotten City's ancient Rome believable,
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition brought out the basic Paragon Shepards,
Facebook stops sales of the Oculus Quest 2 because it might irritate your face,
World of Warcraft developers pledge to remove in-game references that are 'not appropriate' following sexual harassment lawsuit,
These Dune-inspired Mass Effect posters are dope,
If you play Tribes of Midgard solo, prepare to get stomped,
A Total War Saga: Troy Linux port dropped because Valve's Proton means 'less demand for native titles',
Norman Reedus posts disturbing selfie with Silent Hill 3 bunny
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Activision Blizzard staff sign letter condemning company's "abhorrent" response to abuse allegations,
Steam Deck could finally make gyro aiming a thing of the masses,
Apex Legends decimates yet another map next season,
The Coalition's Unreal Engine 5 demo makes me hungry for Gears Of War 6,
The Forgotten City review: a lean mystery that builds Rome in a day,
Chernobylite review: hardly horror, but still a strong survival roguelite,
Forza Horizon 5’s massive map will contain 11 biomes and a whole lot of weather,
Tribes Of Midgard could be great, if it gets out of its own way,
The joy of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles' looping animations,
A Total War Saga: Troy will finally let you tame mythic beasts when it comes to Steam,
Guild Wars 2's End Of Dragons expansion will let you ride co-op turtle tanks,
The Weekspot podcast #048: necromorph code,
A Monster's Expedition expansion and Sokobond Express announced,
Razer's compact BlackWidow V3 TKL mechanical keyboard is £55 at Currys right now,
HighFleet's atmospheric strategy is finally out,
The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is now $270 in the US, a historic low,
Activision Blizzard staff will walkout in protest on Wednesday,
Facebook halt Oculus Quest 2 sales because it was causing skin irritation,
Clone Drone In The Danger Zone is called Clone Drone In The Danger Zone

July 26
PC Gamer posted Five new Steam games you probably missed (July 26, 2021),
New Sonic game announcement 'a bit premature' says Sonic Team head,
Halo Infinite's first technical preview is coming very soon, maybe even next weekend,
The ALOT texture mod comes to Mass Effect Legendary Edition,
Big-big screen gaming,
Sims players are flooding their homes with the new pond tool,
Genshin Impact: 7 things to do in the first 7 days of 2.0,
Careful where you download Windows 11, some installers are packed with malware,
EVGA's GPU fans are trying to hit 200,000RPM in New World, that might explain a fried chip or two,
Switch vs. Steam Deck: Gabe Newell reckons 'you're going to know which one is right for you',
A gaming subreddit's harassment campaign peaked when a member faked death threats to themselves,
Leaks suggest AMD's new GPU has 3x the core count of an RX 6900 XT,
Seagate's 8TB external HDD with professional data recovery is just $170 today,
Nvidia GeForce RTX 40-series rumours point to TSMC 5nm, Lovelace, and late 2022 launch,
Final Fantasy 16 is prioritising English voice acting, hasn't even started Japanese dub,
This game will make you nostalgic for the petty crimes you probably never committed in the 90s,
How to link your PlayStation save to PC in Genshin Impact,
Why a 'freedom flag' from Dream's Minecraft server waved over a London anti-vax rally,
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles review,
Orcs Must Die! 3 review,
Minecrafter uses 100 adorable axolotls to annihilate the Ender Dragon,
Assassin's Creed Valhalla's next expansion, The Siege of Paris, arrives on August 12,
AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT and RX 6600 prices leak,
Need a frame rate boost? Maybe you should be gaming at 128x72 resolution,
Nanometer no more: Intel changes its process names to match TSMC,
Former World of Warcraft designer apologizes for the cringeworthy, sexist stuff they said at BlizzCon 2010,
More than 1,500 Activision Blizzard employees condemn company leadership, call for 'compassion for victims',
11-year-old discovers loophole in Newegg's lottery system, buys RTX 3090,
Intel announces Amazon and Qualcomm as its first foundry customers,
Emulator developers see tons of potential in the Steam Deck,
Splitgate's final release is delayed while studio revamps server infrastructure
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Amazon's MMO New World hit 200,000 concurrent players over the weekend,
People are speedrunning the Tokyo Olympics Google Doodle game,
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles review: classic Phoenix Wright,
Exclusive: Tribes Of Midgard has a sword that summons lightning, and other shiny Epic Gear,
Planet Zoo's ghastly hedge fund man actually seems quite reasonable, if I'm honest,
The "cut off their limbs" bit of Dead Space is the best bit, so just remake that pls,
HighFleet review: a brilliant strategy game buried under frustrations,
Steam Deck at 30fps is the minimum that Valve will "consider playable",
Where was the Steam Deck during my 60 hours of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles?,
Final Fantasy 16 will record English voice over first, Japanese later,
Assassin's Creed Valhalla's The Siege of Paris expansion launches August 12,
Build your own 10 game bundle for £4.29 / $4.99 at Fanatical,
Get a warmly-reviewed HP 144Hz gaming monitor for just £129, some £60 off its regular price,
Halo plus portals FPS Splitgate delays launch after surprisingly popular beta,
The Sims 4 players are flooding their homes with the new pond tool

July 25
PC Gamer posted Chris Metzen is the latest ex-Blizzard dev to speak up: 'There is no excuse',
Do you listen to dialogue, or read it and skip ahead?,
This week in PC Gaming: The Ascent, The Forgotten City, and cyberpunk kitties,
Genshin Impact is finally becoming a real game by adding fishing in 2.1,
This mod is becoming the fantasy grand strategy game you can't get elsewhere,
Try to save your crumbling sci-fi empire in the Alliance of the Sacred Suns demo,
Watch a trailer for King's Bounty 2's second playable character, Katharine
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted The Sunday Papers

July 24
PC Gamer posted Activision Blizzard employees denounce corporate statements: 'We are here, angry, and not so easily silenced',
Crapshoot: Cool Yoda Stories, bro,
Former Blizzard head Mike Morhaime: 'I am extremely sorry that I failed you',
Spate of odd ghost horse incidents plague Red Dead Online
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted What are we all playing this weekend?,
Blizzard employees publicly criticise corporate response to abuse allegations,
You could be playing Halo Infinite next weekend,
Max Payne's face and voice actor recorded a birthday message for the 20-year-old game,
Horizon: Zero Dawn's Aloy is joining Genshin Impact,
Battlefield 1 and all its DLC are free to play on Steam this weekend

July 23
PC Gamer posted Dice are also people in this unusual city builder I've been obsessively playing,
Scavengers is a PvPvE shooter with big personality, and it's free to play,
Google's latest doodle is a surprisingly packed Olympics RPG,
The Witcher mobile game makes the real world less fun,
Popular Fortnite mapper suspended then reinstated over homophobic comments,
Knockout City season 2 launches next week, new maps and balls detailed,
Star Wars Galaxies devs discuss why it died,
The next generation of beloved D&D characters will be crafted live on Twitch,
20 years on, Max Payne is still an action masterpiece,
Overwatch may have pulled planned map reveal amid this week's abuse allegations,
EVGA confirms it's replacing all its RTX 3090s killed by Amazon's New World MMO,
Razer Barracuda X gaming headset review,
The mind-boggling work that went into Red Dead 2's incredibly lifelike horses,
Sports Interactive announces multi-year project to bring women's football to Football Manager,
The first totally modular Intel laptop is now shipping, and I really hope it's a success,
Ashes of Creation looks promising, but the MMO's vision is unclear in alpha,
Gigabyte’s gorgeous Aero 15 OLED gaming laptop delivers an RTX 3060 with a chunky discount,
The Tokyo Olympics kicked off with a load of videogame bangers,
This Cooler Master mechanical keyboard is just $48 right now,
Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB SSD review,
Valve explains how removable Steam Libraries will work on Steam Deck,
Activision Blizzard heads promise change following reports of widespread abuse,
Valve is targeting 30 fps for Steam Deck games at native res,
Aloy in Genshin Impact: Everything we know,
Max Payne's original face and voice team up to prove that 20 years later, he's still got it,
Gigabyte Aorus 17X YD gaming laptop review,
How to beat the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Cold War,
Enjoy Endless Orc-Slaying Mayhem in Orcs Must Die! 3,
This $699 Lenovo laptop somehow has a 120Hz screen and Ryzen 4600H CPU,
Activision Blizzard executives can't decide whether allegations of abuse are 'disturbing' or 'meritless',
Battlefield 1 is free for the weekend on Steam,
Original Dead Space co-creator says he's 'excited' by the remake,
The Splitgate crossplay beta is so popular the developers had to take it offline
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Costs and poor leadership were why Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 reboot bombed,
Mystery Steam Reviews is all about virtual pals this week,
Tokyo Olympic athletes are marching out to iconic video game music,
Diegetic war wager Carrier Command 2 will have a VR mode,
The Tokyo Olympics Google Doodle is a better sports game than every official Olympics game,
Happy 20th birthday to the original bullet time superstar Max Payne,
Last Stop was almost a spiritual successor to Virginia,
Football Manager will incorporate women’s soccer into the game,
What will you do with a Steam Deck?,
Demon battling Slavic myth RPG Black Book has summoned a release date,
WoW players hosted a virtual sit-in to protest Activision Blizzard due to harassment lawsuit,
EVGA are replacing Nvidia RTX 3090 GPUs bricked while playing New World,
Orcs Must Die! 3 has now launched on things that aren't Stadia,
Path Of Exile: Expedition has just launched its explosive challenge league

July 22
PC Gamer posted PUBG Mobile's latest skin sure looks a whole lot like Hypnospace Outlaw,
How to mark an alien egg in Fortnite,
Cris Tales review,
Where to find a Ferrari in Fortnite,
Looks like your Steam Deck could arrive sooner rather than later,
Ubisoft Singapore employees face a 'French ceiling,' report says,
Activision Blizzard lawsuit alleges discrimination, sexual harassment, and 'frat boy' culture,
Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector review,
Hades wins GDC Game of the Year, Umurangi Generation wins IGF Grand Prize,
Discord is adding Slack-style conversation threads,
PC Gamer UK September issue: Company of Heroes 3,
Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 are being given away on Amazon Prime,
Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offering guide,
Microsoft says it's fixed an issue in Windows 10 Game Mode that 'results in lower frame rates',
Modder adds AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution to Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 VR, and more,
You'll do well to find another QHD 144Hz gaming monitor for $200,
Final Fantasy 14 director says the new AFK timer shouldn't ruin the fun,
Stardew Valley did not prepare me for the agricultural bootcamp of Real Farm,
Genshin Impact is getting a Horizon Zero Dawn crossover,
Mismanagement and cut costs doomed Warcraft 3: Reforged, a new report finds,
Heist Simulator lets you design and share your own devious heist levels,
Battlefield Portal details leak before today's reveal,
The hyper-intelligent precursor races which somehow still ballsed up the whole galaxy: Ranked,
Steam is down, Epic Store, PSN, and more also knocked offline,
Apex Legends reveals Seer's powerful tracking abilities,
Grid Legends promises to blend high-speed racing with behind-the-scenes drama,
World of Warcraft players call for removal of references to Blizzard ex-employee named in harassment lawsuit,
Dark fairytale adventure Lost in Random rolls up this September,
Dead Space remake confirmed: here's our first look,
Battlefield Portal is instantly the most exciting part of Battlefield 2042,
Valve says it hasn't found a game Steam Deck can't handle,
Apex Legends pro league will pit PC players against aim-assisted console foes,
Here are the classic Battlefield maps, guns, and vehicles in Battlefield Portal,
7 top Borderlands 3 developers have reportedly left Gearbox,
World of Warcraft players are staging in-game protests against Activision Blizzard,
Respawn is hiring for a 'brand new singleplayer adventure',
Bungie promises 'zero-tolerance' for harassment following Activision allegations
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted New World's crafting is great because I had no choice but to use it,
Umurangi Generation and Hades are officially ‘the best’ at the IGF and GDC 2021 awards,
Nvidia’s DLSS is now freely available to any developer who wants it,
Legion War is the perfect summer wargame,
The Crucial X8 1TB portable SSD is down to £95 at Amazon UK,
Activision Blizzard sued by California over alleged culture of sexual harassment and discrimination,
Send cows to heaven with this Minecraft physics mod,
EWS podcast episode 148: the best heat special,
Oco is a colourful puzzler that looks a bit like Super Hexagon,
Watch EA Play live with us here today,
Heist Simulator lets you craft your own capers and share them with the world,
Battlefield 2042 will let you build new game modes in classic Battlefield maps,
Apex Legends new character Seer is a tracker like Bloodhound (kind of),
Codemasters have announced Grid Legends,
It's official: Dead Space is getting a remake,
Valparaiso, the best Battlefield map, is in Battlefield 2042,
Lost In Random's Dicey has big Elden Ring pot boy energy and I'm here for it,
Our best ultrawide gaming monitor is nearly 40% off today in the UK,
Grid Legends and Forza Horizon 5 are gunning for my heart,
Lost In Random will roll stop motion-inspired dice on September 10th,
Evertried is a little bit Into The Breach, a little bit Hoplite,
Dead Space won't have microtransactions, say devs

July 21
PC Gamer posted Playing difficult games is like eating spicy food, says Spelunky creator,
Final Fantasy 14 player who ate 999 eggs now eating more than 138,000 eggs,
A whole Xbox 360 character fits in the eyelashes of an Unreal Engine 5 character,
Steam Next Fest drops another payload of demos this October,
Steam's Big Picture mode will be replaced by Steam Deck's UI,
Skull and Bones is "too big to fail", despite eight years of tortured development,
Nothing beats the feeling of cracking skulls with my big hammer in Monster Hunter: World,
Turn up the difficulty and Wildermyth becomes XCOM with magic,
Amazon's New World MMO is reportedly killing $1,500 Nvidia GPUs,
PES is dead, replaced by the F2P 'football platform' eFootball,
Bitcoin and Ethereum take a hit after EU proposes anti-terror cryptocurrency regs,
Leaked Intel Alder Lake numbers place it up to 28% quicker than AMD's finest Ryzen,
How to get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact,
Play a free, broken twist on Tetris every Tuesday,
First RAM under Kingston's own Fury brand is a Beast (and a Renegade),
Google updates Chrome to detect phishing attempts ’50 times faster’,
Stardew Valley creator shares a game-changing tip hardly anyone noticed,
Last Stop review,
Aliens: Fireteam Elite is Left 4 Dead with xenomorphs and more fun than I expected,
GTA: San Andreas cheats – every vehicle, weapon and stat boost code,
Gnarly concept art from The Thing's cancelled sequel game emerges online,
Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom locations guide,
Space Punks is an isometric Borderlands that's left me lonely, bored and frustrated,
Games Workshop is trying to shut down fan animations,
Fortnite taps Ferrari for its first licensed car,
Where to construct a wooden hatchery in Fortnite,
How to make a pizza in Genshin Impact,
Valve kicks off $1 million art contest for new Counter-Strike skins,
Get ready for marbles to be the next big esport,
Ubisoft wins $150,000 lawsuit against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS operation,
New World beta hits 190,000 concurrent players on Steam,
Action MMO SoulWorker is introducing Lee Nabi the Sniper, its longest-distance fighter yet,
3 ways to enhance your Alienware setup,
The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf trailer puts Vesemir in the tub,
Tom Clancy's Elite Squad, the mobile game that co-opted BLM imagery, is closing,
Since you already play games while on Zoom calls, Zoom is getting games,
Where to collect records from Pleasant Park or Craggy Cliffs in Fortnite
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted The running animations in Final Fantasy XIV are my everything,
Last Stop review: half a really good Doctor Who episode,
The 25 best FPS games on PC,
The Summer Games 2021 have kicked off in Overwatch,
Last Stop nearly had a fourth story influenced by Junji Ito,
Steam’s Big Picture Mode is being replaced by Steam Deck OS,
Does video game box art matter anymore?,
Ubisoft's Skull & Bones has suffered eight years of troubled development,
New Agatha Christie game stars a young Hercule Poirot who is unnecessarily hot,
The 25 best horror games on PC to play in 2021,
Fallout 76’s custom worlds will let you turn private servers into a playground,
Sheath your keyboards, Netflix are focusing on mobile games first,
The Witcher animated film's full trailer reveals yeah, Vesemir was also hot once,
The next PES will be called eFootball and free-to-play,
Valve are running a $1 million CS:GO weapon skin design contest,
New World is reportedly overheating and killing RTX 3090 graphics cards,
You can pick up a curved 1440p 165Hz Asus monitor for £289,
The next Steam Next Fest is scaring up hundreds more demos in October,
Good deal: Samsung's 3500MB/s 980 SSD is going cheap in the UK

July 20
PC Gamer posted Here's all of Half-Life 2 loaded at once in someone's browser,
Overwatch League is bringing back live events in September,
Crowfall review,
Resident Evil Village gives you two chances for higher frame rates in one little patch,
All the new cars in the GTA Los Santos Tuners update,
This excellent Cooler Master mouse is selling for just over ten bucks,
Final Fantasy 14 director hates that people think his game has 'beat' World of Warcraft,
Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Naruto are coming to Fortnite,
Turns out the Steam Deck's final spec is now more impressive than Valve first listed,
How to find Cypress Flats in GTA Online,
Nvidia's frame rate boosting DLSS tech is now a simple download for any game developer,
Finally, something good has come out of cryptocurrency: better SSDs,
Back 4 Blood finally gets a trailer that makes it look awesome,
LucasArts' best game, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, somehow works amazingly well as an FPS,
Missed early Steam Deck reservations? These are the best handheld PC gaming alternatives,
Snoop Dogg's stream has been muted for a week and his fans can't tell him,
All the GTA Online media stick locations,
Swords of Legends Online review,
How to buy an Auto Shop in GTA Online,
District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is making a game now,
You can't escape inflated GPU prices even on MSI's own new store,
Solve a posh murder as a young Hercule Poirot this September,
Death's Door review,
After more than ten years it's still 'too soon' to say when Beyond Good and Evil 2 might be out,
The internet reacts to XDefiant,
Hearthstone's next expansion has a Priest card that straight up kills opponents on the spot,
Humankind drops Denuvo ahead of launch to avoid performance problems,
XDefiant will be exclusive to Ubisoft's PC store at launch,
Fallout 76 adding customizable private servers for Fallout 1st subscribers,
Netflix's push into games will 'primarily' be mobile for now,
Castlevania anime showrunner is now adapting PUBG for screen
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Mystery Steam Reviews embraces brevity this week,
Was Total War: Warhammer 2's Silence & The Fury DLC designed by actual Beastmen?,
All the games in Valve's Steam Deck reveal were running off the SD card,
Applications for Round 3 of RPS's work experience programme for ethnic minorities are now open!,
Icarus has a mighty skill tree with over 250 talents to pick from,
Death's Door review: a sturdy and often funny fable about death,
NIMBY Rails has made me a train person,
The Steam Deck will let me lie down to play PC games, therefore I love it,
Tencent have bought another game developer, so let's see how big their collection is now,
Back 4 Blood’s PC settings trailer reveals Nvidia DLSS, ultrawide support and more,
Ubisoft will bring games to Steam Deck "if it is big",
The Weekspot podcast #047: the Gabe Gear is real,
District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is making a multiplayer online shooter,
RimWorld's Ideology expansion and 1.3 update are out now,
Valve are taking no risks on the Steam Deck and stick drift,
Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still coming, Ubisoft say - but who knows when,
This 240Hz Asus laptop is down from £1499 to £999 at Scan UK,
Get this powerful RTX 3070 Ryzen 5600X gaming PC for £290 off

July 19
PC Gamer posted Fortnite world champ Bugha gets his Icon Series skin,
The new XCOM is a free-to-play mobile game,
Early samples of Intel's next-gen Alder Lake CPUs are already selling in China,
You might be able to upgrade a Steam Deck's SSD, but Valve says not to,
Five new Steam games you probably missed (July 19, 2021),
After 30 years, Japanese tactics series Super Robot Wars is finally coming West,
No Skate at EA Play Live, but 'a little something' is coming tomorrow,
Microsoft vows to 'keep supporting' 1.3 billion Windows 10 users,
Windows 11's best gaming feature now being enabled in Windows 10,
EA doesn't want to exclude some of FIFA 22's PC players, so it's excluding all of them,
Call of Duty: Warzone banned 50,000 more cheaters last week,
Solve a murder by flicking through a fake future Wikipedia,
Intel interested in buying ex-AMD fab and Ryzen chip maker, GlobalFoundries,
The Nvidia Arm race has just put Microsoft, AMD, and Intel on notice,
Tencent to acquire Sumo Digital for $1.27 billion,
Fall Guys turns Spelunky Guy into a terrifying bean tomorrow,
King's Bounty 2 has tricky tactical battles, but not enough whimsy,
This HP gaming laptop with a GTX 1650 is now cheaper than a Steam Deck,
Save $100 on this ultra high-end Wi-Fi 6 gaming router from Asus,
Apex Legends' next character is a cursed moth-man with an army of drones,
Final Fantasy 14 is desperately trying to fix its housing crisis,
Turn-based strategy FPS Lemnis Gate is letting operatives trial its time-bending matches in a July beta,
GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update: Everything we know,
Monster Hunter Stories 2 gene guide,
Gaming chair maker Vertagear apologizes after backlash to sexist tweet,
XDefiant is Ubisoft's free-to-play answer to Call of Duty multiplayer,
A 60-year-old man died of a heart attack after being swatted over his Twitter handle,
You should take this free open world snowmobiling game for a spin,
Best Buy will sell RTX 30-series cards in stores early Tuesday morning,
US and its NATO allies officially accuse China of Microsoft Exchange Server hack,
Everything we know about XDefiant: Ubisoft's Tom Clancy crossover FPS,
Call of Duty: Warzone's red doors are turning players invisible,
A few Skate features have been confirmed, but we're vexed by a remark about the 'future',
The best Sims 4 mods
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Skate won't be at EA Play Live,
Watch the new Tom Clancy game reveal here today,
Company Of Heroes 3 devs talk janky tanks, motorbikes, and a mysterious super-heavy oddball,
Mini Motorways review: life in the fast lane,
Amazon's MMO New World has as much in common with Valheim as it does World Of Warcraft,
FFX and its infamous laughing scene are 20 years old today,
Fall Guys season 5 brings squad modes and jungle themed levels tomorrow,
Apex Legends' next character Seer is cursed with a deadly gaze,
Ubisoft reveal Tom Clancy's XDefiant, upcoming free to play team FPS,
Final Fantasy's ATB battle system was originally inspired by race cars,
Cris Tales review: a beautiful JRPG that's full of heart,
Check out every Half-Life 2 level lined up together as one mega map,
Nvidia RTX 30-series graphics cards go on sale at Best Buy bricks-and-mortar stores tomorrow,
Samsung's fast T5 portable SSD is down to £55 for 500GB, a historic low price

July 18
PC Gamer posted Take-Two has been issuing takedowns for GTA mods,
Magic: The Gathering's wizard school Strixhaven is coming to D&D,
Grab a shotgun, demon slaying tactical roguelike Jupiter Hell has a release date
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted The Sunday Papers

July 17
PC Gamer posted Do you think the Steam Deck will be a success?,
The 5 coolest moments from Warframe TennoCon 2021,
Warframe is getting crossplay and cross-save across all platforms, is coming to mobile,
Warframe's The New War expansion revealed in an explosive 30-minute gameplay trailer,
French game workers union sues Ubisoft for 'institutional sexual harassment',
Crapshoot: Sega's awful holographic arcade game,
Warframe live event shatters concurrent user record, crashes servers,
How to watch Warframe's TennoCon 2021,
Steam Deck is Switch without the magic,
Valve has done "a ton" to avoid stick drift, increase reliability on Steam Deck
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted What are we all playing this weekend?,
Warframe's The New War expansion gets 30-minute trailer at Tennocon,
War Thunder player posts classified document to prove tank is inaccurate,
Ubisoft sued in French court for "institutional harassment",
KDice is multiplayer Dice Wars, and as moreish as the original

July 16
PC Gamer posted How to get into Final Fantasy,
The best Fortnite skins,
This week's Epic Games Store freebies are Obduction and Offworld Trading Company,
Steam Deck pros and cons: Is a big handheld what PC gaming needs?,
There won't be new Star Wars games at EA Play Live,
The internet reacts to the Steam Deck,
Unless something changes, Steam Deck won't run Destiny, Apex, PUBG or Siege,
Call of Duty: Warzone adds then immediately removes useful loadout feature,
AMD's most affordable Zen 3 CPU, the Ryzen 5 5600X, is down to $280,
AMD's new GPU driver promises a massive performance boost in F1 2021,
Quakecon 2021 is virtual but still wants you to 'bring your own PC',
Gabe wants other PC makers to create their own Steam Decks,
Heads up, $5 Steam Deck reservations go live later today,
Chernobylite devs spent days at a time scanning the real Exclusion Zone,
How Apex Legends put its story in the hands of fans,
Steam Deck: what sort of gaming performance can we expect from Valve's handheld PC?,
Netflix's new Monster Hunter film gives a popular NPC the spotlight,
Genshin Impact map: Everything we know about Inazuma,
A warning for the Steam Deck: Remember the Steam Machines,
The best settings for Call of Duty: Warzone,
Everything we know about Sayu in Genshin Impact,
Ubisoft delays Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic,
Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a better Pokémon game than Pokémon,
Steam servers buckle as Steam Deck reservations go live,
After more than 1,600 attempts, a player has soloed Destiny 2's latest raid boss,
Hunt: Showdown's new map is everything I've been waiting for,
Going back to PUBG in 2021 was a mistake,
War Thunder fan says tank is inaccurate, leaks classified military documents to prove it,
In city-builder Dice Legacy, your dice eat, drink, and have sex on a medieval ringworld,
Watch 1,000 illegal bitcoin PCs get literally steamrolled, experience justice,
Call of Duty: Cold War PC now supports PS5 haptic triggers, but you should probably turn it off,
Steam Deck reservations are already selling on eBay for absolutely stupid prices
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Have You Played... Moto Racer?,
Valve are taking measures to stop scalpers nabbing Steam Decks,
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution added to Unity and Unreal engines,
The Steam Deck means we finally have a handheld that supports mods,
Path Of Exile's battle royale mode is back as a weekendly treat,
Jupiter Hell celebrates its impending early access exit with a surprising new trailer,
Steam Deck could be a very expensive paperweight for Apex and Fortnite players,
Lab Rat is a block-pushing puzzler that looks like Portal, but doesn't act like it,
Ultimate Audio Bang #10: into the depths of dark lore,
Our favourite games of 2021 so far,
8 things I want to do with the Steam Deck,
Yup, Steam Deck pre-orders sure crashed the Steam store,
New World's closed beta will be worth watching before launch in August,
Ubisoft delays both Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic

July 15
PC Gamer posted Telstra has knocked AU$40 off its NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans for new users,
Netflix makes a big hire as it expands into game development,
Xbox gamepad may get some DualSense features down the line, Phil Spencer says,
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has been delayed into next year,
Townscaper is a pleasant city builder without all the fuss,
That Assassins' Creed Valhalla dice game is real now,
The Ramp makes faceplanting down a wooden cliff look utterly serene,
Teamgroup Cardea A440 2TB SSD Review,
Valve announces Steam Deck handheld, starts at $400,
Everything we know about Yoimiya in Genshin Impact,
NZXT will ship you a new gaming PC in 2 days, including RTX 30-series GPU,
Friday Night Funkin' is the DDR beatboxing game driving players back to Newgrounds,
What's changed with Assault Rifle Bravo in Warzone?,
Quick! There's an Asus ROG gaming PC with a GeForce RTX 3070 for $1,600,
How to watch the Elgato 'future of content creation' stream today: new streaming gear incoming,
Company of Heroes 3's tactical pause system is a game-changer for real-time strategy,
The next big leap in PC gaming performance isn't just about bigger, faster graphics cards,
Call of Duty Black Ops and Warzone's huge season four is live and here's everything in it,
Resident Evil spin-off Re:Verse has been delayed yet again, and Capcom won't commit to anything beyond '2022',
Steam Deck's controls look ridiculous, but Valve says the trackpads are good this time,
Former FaZe member threatens legal action against YouTubers who exposed his crypto scheme,
Bloodborne's retro PC port shows off its brutal first boss fight,
Capcom admits Resident Evil Village's DRM makes it stutter, promises patch,
Get rich quick with these Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord cheats,
AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution world just got a whole lot bigger,
The new Elgato Facecam contains the baseline for all its future webcam developents,
GTA Online's next big update brings the va-va-vroom to Los Santos,
Where to find the Klaus hands on Cold War's new zombies map,
You can install Windows on a Steam Deck and possibly other game storefronts too,
Gabe Newell expects Steam Deck to sell 'millions of units' but the pricing was 'painful' to pick,
Where to plant saplings at Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Food, or FN Radio in Fortnite,
Where to destroy alien trees in Fortnite,
Elgato Facecam webcam review,
DXRacer’s New Air Gaming Chairs Mark Major Step for Comfort,
God of War actor Christopher Judge will voice Black Panther in Marvel's Avengers,
Path of Exile's next expansion has you unearthing ancient relics with dynamite,
Steam Deck: Everything we know about Valve's new handheld gaming device,
Valve has a plan to stop bots and resellers profiting from Steam Deck,
Tim Sweeney: Steam Deck is 'an amazing move by Valve',
Steam Deck: Finally, a handheld PC you might actually buy,
Welp, I don't need my Nintendo Switch anymore,
Hackers begin leaking stolen data after Vice refuses to help them blackmail EA
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Have You Played... Flaschbier?,
Netflix reportedly plan on offering games "within the next year",
HighFleet is just the start of Microprose's retro sim revival,
Evil Genius 2 adds Team Fortress 2's Pyro,
SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator lets you unleash your inner artist in outer space,
Call Of Duty: Warzone adds a new game mode and tonnes of weapon tweaks,
Warzone Update: Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes,
EWS podcast episode 147: the half-arsed gameshow special,
Resident Evil: Re:Verse has slipped all the way into 2022,
Minimalist skateboarding game The Ramp looks like a tea break's worth of fun,
Aragami 2 returns with more slow-burn stealth, but its beefed up shadow powers have great potential,
Valve have announced the very Switch-like Steam Deck,
Baldur's Gate 3's patch 5 lets you nudge the dice,
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide slips into 2022,
Tetris Effect: Connected is coming to Steam this August with crossplay,
Get up to 90% off French games at GOG this week,
The Steam Deck is bad news for the Epic Store no matter what Tim Sweeney says,
AMD's Ryzen 5 5600X hits new price lows in the US and UK

July 14
PC Gamer posted The Amazing American Circus delayed to September,
Forza Horizon 5 will have ray traced audio and much improved engine sounds,
Where to place prepper supplies in Fortnite,
An 'undetectable' and 'unstoppable' cheat was taken down at Activision's request,
Unique action-strategy game Highfleet is coming to Steam this month,
Fall Guys announced its next season with a jigsaw puzzle,
Microsoft threatens to bring back Clippy,
PC Gamer plays: Nier Automata, Trials of Fire, Mundaun, and Elite Dangerous,
Next-gen AMD Ryzen CPUs may not feature extra cores, but there's far more to Zen 4,
Company of Heroes 3 makes destruction an art form,
Chromebooks are selling like gangbusters, but the party could be coming to an end,
AMD's Ryzen 7 5800X is a great gaming CPU and it's on sale for $398,
Final Fantasy 10 director says chances of 10-3 are 'not zero',
As the GPU supply crisis eases it's budget PC gamers who could suffer,
Mafia modder spends 15 years filling the Titanic with mobsters,
How to find Capitale in Red Dead Online,
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War brings its secret nukes to the rest of multiplayer,
Anyone can call in a robot dog, and other new Battlefield 2042 details,
Battlefield 2042 will have crossplay between PC and consoles,
Battlefield 2042's 'server-filling' AI soldiers won't be optional,
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl may be the Smash Bros. killer,
The source code for famed arcade bastard Defender has been posted to Github,
Everything we know about Ayaka in Genshin Impact,
Red Dead Online's latest expansion will once again make you wish it was singleplayer DLC,
Fans can't stop dunking on CDPR's fun Cyberpunk 2077 stats,
World War 3, the 'more hardcore Battlefield,' comes back from the dead,
Where to place decoy cows in Fortnite,
The cracked version of Resident Evil Village runs better, testing confirms,
Priest and Druid get the shaft in the latest round of Hearthstone nerfs,
I didn't know 'maze detective' was a job, but right now it's the only job I want,
Phil Spencer says he worries about the loss of videogame history,
Hit the open road with your friends in American Truck Simulator's new 'Convoy' mode,
Syberia 1 and 2 are free to keep on GOG
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Have You Played... Monster Hunter: World?,
Apex Legends latest event adds a hot new Arenas map,
Red Dead Redemption 2 DLSS update spurs a 45% performance boost at 4K,
GTA 2-inspired Glitchpunk has early access in its sights,
This titanic 49-in Samsung gaming monitor is £277 off today,
Minecraft’s mega performance mod now supports shaders,
Battlefield 2042 devs are surprised you loved the penguins so much,
Battlefield 2042 will let you do monstrous things with your robodog,
I could replay Forza Horizon 4's intro forever,
Watch the RPS Indies Uncovered stream at PAX East / EGX Rezzed 2021,
The fixes are in after Diablo 2: Resurrected's technical alpha,
The demo for Id Software's Mario 3 PC port is now in a museum,
Minecraft is generating incredible caves in the version 1.18 snapshot,
Dell's Black Friday in July sale proves words mean nothing,
Death's Door shows off more of its Zelda-inspired crow adventures,
World War 3 reemerges from the trenches with a development update

July 13
PC Gamer posted Work on Apex Legends cross-progression slowed down by recent hacks,
SteelSeries Rival 5 gaming mouse review,
GTA 2-inspired cyberpunk action game Glitchpunk hits Early Access on August 11,
Atlus announces Persona has sold 15 million, offers merch hinting at Persona 6,
Warner Bros denies report that NetherRealm and TT Games are for sale,
A new Company of Heroes game might be revealed tomorrow,
How Reflections progressed from GTA rival to Ubisoft's in-house car collision specialists,
Shrek's house has been found on Hunt: Showdown's new map,
This retro horror demo has some of the best first-person platforming around,
Watch out for your email inbox because one of the biggest ransomware botnets is back,
The pets of PC Gamer,
Esports team CLG tells players they're getting dropped on camera, sponsored by Bud Light,
EVGA's first-ever motherboard for AMD Ryzen CPUs comes into view,
These tiny Cooler Master PSUs deliver an extreme gaming PC's worth of power,
So that's what gaming chairs were missing: Swarovski Crystals,
Overshoot your power needs with this 1000W PSU for $190,
How to get the Inflate-a-Bull in Fortnite,
Company of Heroes 3 is a World War 2 sandbox with the scale of Total War,
Company of Heroes 3 is coming next year, but you can play a demo right now,
Corsair's weird new pump/reservoir comes disguised as set of fans,
Trackmania dev analyses 15 years' worth of records to root out the cheaters,
Hell yeah, Nier: Automata's official Steam fix is finally dropping,
Genshin Impact 2.0: Everything we know,
Everything we know about Company of Heroes 3,
Seal your place in history with this Old World beginners guide,
PC gaming's coolest cockpits,
Company of Heroes 3 is coming,
Fans have been playing Company of Heroes 3 for years,
Oh good, someone's opening a nuclear-powered crypto mining facility,
Ghostwire: Tokyo is delayed into early 2022,
Henry Cavill can't stop thinking about Warhammer, even on The Witcher set,
In an era obsessed with 'the meta,' Chivalry 2's shuffle mode is a godsend,
Despite Sony's warning, Cyberpunk 2077 is still massively popular on the PlayStation 4,
Red Dead Redemption 2 DLSS update brings 'up to' 45 percent performance boost today,
id Software's Mario PC port found in a stack of discs submitted to a museum
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted The Weekspot podcast #046: taking their talents to south beach,
Have You Played... Loop Hero?,
It looks like Relic are counting down to a new Company of Heroes game,
Kojima doesn't like the Death Stranding "Director's Cut" branding,
King's Bounty 2 is a better tactical battler than it is an RPG,
American Truck Simulator’s multiplayer convoy hits the road,
FIFA 22 on PC will be based on the last-gen console versions,
Company Of Heroes 3 is real and coming to PC in 2022,
Hands on with Company Of Heroes 3 - aka Total War: WW2,
HighFleet will flip its switches on Steam on July 27th,
Minecraft 1.18's new world generation is now available for testing,
Get up to 85% off Japanese games in Humble's Big in Japan sale,
Nier: Automata's Steam version will finally get its major patch this week,
Get Northgard for free in the GamesPlanet strategy sale,
Ghostwire: Tokyo delays its haunting into early 2022,
Atlus tease 7 Persona announcements, probably 6 disappointments

July 12
PC Gamer posted Pirates claim Resident Evil 8 crack fixes performance problems,
Bloober Team shoots down new Silent Hill rumors, but there's still hope,
There are 'one or two' staff at Respawn working on Titanfall's security problems,
Psychonauts 2 will have an invincibility toggle,
Warzone glitch lets player parachute into the gulag while invincible,
Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker system requirements and benchmarking tool released,
Here are the winners in the AU$15,254 2021 Australian PC Awards prize pool,
How a childhood crime movie inspired Driver's notoriously difficult car park tutorial,
Death Stranding: Director's Cut isn't a director's cut, says Hideo Kojima,
Dispute over a PC version of Lost Judgement may see the series come to an abrupt end,
Supercharge your laptop with this liquid-cooled RTX 3080 Ti in a box,
Here's a speedy eight-core Intel Comet Lake CPU for just $240,
Final Fantasy 14 had such a spike in players that Square Enix temporarily ran out of digital copies,
A month after launch, Ninja Gaiden finally has in-game graphics options,
F1 2021 review,
FIFA 22's PC edition will miss out on next-gen features,
Netflix series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is like a terrible cutscene you can't skip,
Our favourite gaming chair, the Secretlab Titan, receives a major redesign,
LeBron James joins Fortnite to promote Space Jam 2 and Taco Tuesday,
This is how you'll kill xenomorphs in Aliens: Fireteam Elite,
Warframe trailer teases its long-awaited new expansion being revealed this weekend,
Logitech G603 wireless gaming mouse now on sale for $45,
Allow this gamer womb to envelop you, if you dare,
Ninja is becoming a playable character in the free-to-play RPG Raid: Shadow Legends,
New Minecraft Dungeons expansion takes the fight to the Endermen
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Have You Played... Penko Park?,
Old World is almost the perfect blend of Civilization and Crusader Kings III,
Final Fantasy 16's probably not going to be at Tokyo Game Show,
The best mods for The Forest,
Going Medieval is a buildier, friendlier Rimworld spinoff,
SGDQ clocked in $2.9 million donations, a personal best for their online events,
What The Golf? is getting a free update with 50 new levels to golf holes in,
The 1440p 144Hz Gigabyte G27Q gaming monitor is $70 off today,
A couple of our favourite 2TB SSDs are real cheap in the UK today,
Warframe is showing off The New War expansion at TennoCon on Saturday,
Study finds that Red Dead Redemption 2 players sure do know their animals,
The next Minecraft Dungeons DLC and Ultimate Edition launch July 28

July 11
PC Gamer posted Exclusive: Chernobylite's survival systems were inspired by research trips to Chernobyl,
Don't hold your breath for Final Fantasy 16 at Tokyo Game Show,
Watch a badass cinematic for the new Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team,
Red Dead Redemption 2 has some unexpected edutainment value, according to academics,
Summer Games Done Quick breaks its online record by raising nearly 3 million dollars,
You can watch FIFA 22's official reveal trailer now,
Five new Steam games you probably missed (July 12, 2021)
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted The Sunday Papers

July 10
PC Gamer posted Advertisers are after our dreams now, because we live in a nightmare world,
Do you have a favorite version of Windows?,
Crapshoot: Kingdom O' Magic, a Tolkien parody with less jokes than Tolkien,
Microsoft shares 'nostalgic' backgrounds including the most nostalgic software, Paint,
Stardew Valley mod makes finding the last fish you need for your bundle much easier
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted What are we all playing this weekend?,
The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf teaser gives first look at anime prequel,
Hunt: Showdown's new map is now available on test servers,
Wonderful puzzler Grindstone gets new levels with free Lost Lair update,
Robert Yang's latest game is a queer crowd sim about gardening,
Bright Memory Infinite is a stunning first-person hack-and-slash shooter

July 09
PC Gamer posted Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's next zombies map arrives next week,
US Defense Department cancels 'JEDI' contract awarded to Microsoft under Donald Trump,
Baldur's Gate 3 will release 'hopefully somewhere in 2022',
It's become impossible to keep up with all these damn 'seasons',
Demon Slayer manga gets a game adaption this October, and it's coming to PC,
Here's how the Hot Wheels Unleashed track editor works,
This Half-Life designer is sharing early prototypes on TikTok,
Changes to how Ethereum is mined will dampen demand for GPUs, but not until 2022,
AMD's Lisa Su says chip supplies will remain 'quite tight' until 2022,
The 'right to repair' bill gains backing from President Biden and Apple co-founder Wozniak,
Co-op Viking ARPG Tribes of Midgard has a refreshing take on boss fights,
Corsair's H115i RGB Platinum is a fantastic CPU cooler and it's just $100,
Ranked Arenas are coming to Apex Legends next season,
Genshin Impact's massive 2.0 update introduces a new Ghibli-inspired island region,
How to get rare eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2,
Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop review,
The Witcher Season 2 is coming to Netflix on December 17,
This Fallout mod aims to be the galaxy's greatest Star Wars game,
Harold Halibut is a 10-year stop-motion project crafted from clay, wood, and metal,
Everything you need to know about dens in Monster Hunter Stories 2,
Playing God of War on PS Now made me rage harder than Kratos,
Minecraft 1.18 update: Everything we know,
The official WitcherCon Geralt hot tub stream is incredibly chill,
Close call: The first Witcher game almost didn't star Geralt,
The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf anime releases on Netflix in August,
The Witcher 3 is getting free new DLC based on the Netflix show,
Here's the full trailer for The Witcher season 2,
Henry Cavill was supposed to use his normal voice for Geralt, but forgot,
Call of Duty: Warzone world record holder denies cheating, goes to absurd lengths to prove it,
Latest Windows 11 update focuses on the taskbar,
Favela was Rainbow Six Siege's most hated map, now it's coming to Ranked,
This $250 Geralt statue sure is a look,
President Biden signs executive order calling for the restoration of net neutrality
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Have You Played... Nioh 2?,
Deathloop's new gameplay trailer looks best in its quietest moments,
Baldur’s Gate 3’s fifth update brings backstories and sneaky dice flicks,
Death Stranding Director's Cut gets new story missions, a cargo catapult and... Mario Kart?,
I really need you to hear this - the new Resident Evil Netflix show is amazing,
Surgeon Simulator 2 is coming to Steam in September,
Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline is better for having proper characters again,
Chicory's soundtrack is my new favourite jam,
Monster Hunter Stories 2 is out now, but don't forget to play the demo first,
This week's Mystery Steam Reviews is all about the height of cinema,
Black Skylands has set sail in early access with open world sky pirating,
Jett: The Far Shore is an immersive sim about scouting an alien world,
Genshin Impact's new area Inazuma and game version 2.0 launch July 21,
The Witcher season 2 premieres on Netflix on December 17,
The Witcher 3's next-gen update will include DLC items inspired by the show,
A former Half-Life designer is showing off prototypes and rejected bloodbaths

July 08
PC Gamer posted Ruin your day with this concept art of a helmet-less Big Daddy,
Job ads suggest a new Ubisoft studio is opening in Australia,
The best Pathfinder: Kingmaker mods,
The best browser games to play right now,
Apex Legends is getting a toasty new arenas map next week,
Chip shortage sees people cling-filming CPUs to their bodies, and millions of dollars' worth of components seized,
Tend and grow a garden full of naked festival-goers,
Upgrading to Windows 11 from Win7 will require a clean install,
Among Us translated into Gaelige in 'a cultural victory for the Irish community',
Mass Effect modder reluctantly returns missing butts to Legendary Edition,
Here's a fully loaded gaming laptop with a GeForce RTX 3080 for $1,870,
Yes, Windows 11 will let you roll back to Windows 10, but you'll have to decide fast,
Mass Effect's telepathic jellyfish needed more nipples, apparently,
Where to find Minerva in Fallout 76,
The best Genshin Impact characters,
Omno releases July 29, has a magic staff that turns into a hoverboard,
Google Maps makes for a shockingly compelling speedrun,
MTG Arena's new Dungeons & Dragons set is brilliantly nerdy and surprisingly fun,
Cybersecurity wakeup call as hackers target school system,
Valheim devs' next project is telling you how to make a fish wrap,
How to find the Out of the Blue codes in Fallout 76,
How to complete Strength to Weakness in Shadowlands,
AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT rumored to launch in August for $399,
Epic makes two oddball genre mashups free for the week,
How to watch WitcherCon on Friday,
Bethesda and Xbox donate $10,000 to the Humane Society in honor of Dogmeat,
Resident Evil Village mod replaces Sturm with a 'copyright-free' floor fan,
Splitgate's newest map is an homage to the Unreal Tournament classic Facing Worlds,
World of Warcraft's latest cinematic is a narrative disaster and players hate it,
Sifu pushed to early 2022, guy pushed down stairs in new trailer,
Deathloop's new video teases something going on between Colt and Julianna,
Death Stranding: Director's Cut adds cargo catapults and racing,
Here's the first gameplay for Superbrothers' ultra pacifist space sim Jett: The Far Shore
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Windows 11 runs on phones, so phones now run Crysis,
Dota 2’s Championship will be now be held in Romania this October,
Baldur’s Gate 3’s next update will be revealed by a group of LARPers, here's how to watch,
EWS podcast episode 146: the best hub areas in games special,
Boomerang X is the DOOM game I've always wanted,
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is the perfect place for newcomers to take a vampiric leap into the series,
Beware's new trailer shows a long, slow drive into Hell,
Get a great 27-in 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor for £300 today - or even less,
Logitech's G203 mouse is super cheap at Currys right now

July 07
PC Gamer posted Blood Bowl 3 will have transforming pitches, gross burgers,
Minecraft is now an R-rated game in South Korea,
Counter-Strike's latest patch says don't cheat please,
The latest WoW raid gives closure to the Sylvanas saga,
Adata XPG Gammix S70 2TB SSD review,
You can now play World of Warships on an actual warship,
Massive Session update adds two new neighbourhoods to shred,
Microsoft fixes PrintNightmare vulnerability but leaves it open to local attacks,
Nvidia's new healthcare supercomputer looks like something out of a sci-fi movie,
A new skin in Windows 11 is not going to suddenly make me use the Microsoft Store,
Newegg will now build you a gaming PC with your own choice of parts for $99,
Guilty Gear Strive mod restores references to Taiwan, Tibet, and Uyghurs,
Valorant's League of Legends tie-in adds a mammoth spectral sword,
A Curb Your Enthusiasm short too spicy for Apple has leaked,
Gigabyte's G27Q is our favorite 1440p FreeSync monitor and it's on sale for $260,
How to unlock The Last Sigil in WoW Shadowlands,
Where to interact with a CB radio in Fortnite,
Fortnite: Where to place welcome gifts in Holly Hatchery,
Red Dead Online's Blood Money update adds 'a series of daring robberies' next week,
Awesome Yakuza spin-off Judgment deserves a PC release,
Bungie will reveal Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion next month,
Assassin's Creed Infinity will turn the series into a live-service game with multiple historical settings,
Monster Hunter Stories 2 review,
Asus ROG Delta S gaming headset review,
Guild Wars 2's best boss battle returns next week after a 7 year absence,
Fantasy RPG Wildermyth has all the adventure and humour of a D&D homebrew,
Asus ROG Strix XG43UQ gaming monitor review,
Fallout 76: Steel Reign releases today with legendary crafting and Brotherhood of Steel story finale,
Nvidia DLSS support is finally coming to Red Dead Redemption 2 next week,
Battlefield 2042 co-developer DICE LA is now Ripple Effect, and it's making something new,
Tencent is now using facial recognition to stop children in China from gaming all night,
How to deploy alien nanites in Fortnite,
CS:GO player count dips after Valve starts charging $15 for Ranked,
The International 10 moves to Romania,
Try the stylish high-speed shooter Severed Steel for free next week,
Turn-based FPS Lemnis Gate begins beta testing on July 22,
Driving horror game Beware shows off a spooky map and killer trucks
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Nacon's new Life sim series makes my career goals feel woefully inadequate,
The new Lord of the Rings: Gollum trailer takes its collars very seriously,
Aiden Pearce is my best dress-up doll in the Watch Dogs Legion DLC,
Assassin’s Creed Infinity will be a live service connecting all future games,
The Rally Point: Don't krai for me in Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic,
Monster Hunter Stories 2 review: an average time lifted by excellent combat,
Assassin's Creed becoming a live service means my game mum doesn't love me anymore,
Red Dead Online is adding new Crime and Opportunity missions this month,
Robocop: Rogue City better be good or there will be trouble,
I can't stop watching people play rally games beautifully,
Get our game of the year, Paradise Killer, and 11 more for £8 / $12 in this month's Humble Choice,
Fallout 76's Steel Reign update has arrived to cap off its Brotherhood story,
This RTX 3060 is £550 with a 700W EVGA power supply at Scan,
Atari are shifting focus to "premium games" on PC and consoles,
Destiny 2 likely revealing more on The Witch Queen expansion in August,
Roguebook's first free game update will add new cards in the Gem Mines

July 06
PC Gamer posted Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown hits the streets of Hong Kong in September,
RoboCop: Rogue City is an 'all-new' story based on the original film trilogy,
Xgimi Halo portable projector review,
Styx speedrunner uses literal in-game flowcharts to cut through levels,
Darkest Dungeon 2 charts a new path through terror in a roguelike road trip to save humanity,
Finally a safe place to download alternative DLSS versions,
Project HP is a gorgeous medieval PvP brawler that will melt your rig,
Intel erased all the market share gains AMD CPUs made this year,
Our dream machine case, Corsair's 5000D, is down to just $99 right now,
PowerColor briefly lists Radeon RX 6600 and 6600 XT on its website,
The best Discord themes and plugins,
Apex Legends' train deserves a permanent comeback,
Microsoft is working on game upscaling technology powered by AI,
Owner of ROM site nuked by Nintendo wants to bring it back,
Atari wants to make 'premium' PC games again,
Gigabyte Aorus Upgrade Pack Terms & Conditions,
AORUS and AFL partner to produce a gaming PC for a legend of the game,
Netflix prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin casts Michelle Yeoh,
God of War is coming to PlayStation Now on PC today,
The most underrated FPS games of the last 5 years,
Bizarre brawler Zeno Clash is coming back in Clash: Artifacts of Chaos,
Spiders' sci-fi take on the French Revolution gets its first gameplay reveal,
Streets of Rage 4’s first major DLC arrives July 15, lets you whack goons with a swordfish,
Rogue Lords, the roguelite about helping the Devil reclaim Earth, arrives in September,
Good news: official Mass Effect body pillows are back in stock,
The Horde is so popular in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic that it's beginning to ruin the game,
Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong delayed to February 2022,
Nintendo's OLED Switch is going to force handheld PCs makers to step up their game,
Apex Legends hackers 'achieved nothing of value,' Respawn dev says,
Solasta: Crown of the Magister to get sorcerers and more in first big update
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Have You Played... Two Point Hospital?,
Your favourite gaming mouse is down to $38 at Amazon,
This new System Shock footage shows that its chill out there in space,
League Of Legends' lo-fi album is surprisingly good,
Co-op shooter Space Punks looks like a top-down Borderlands,
The Weekspot podcast #045: OOPs, they're doing it again,
TIE Fighter: Total Conversion is a stunning mod remake of the classic Star Wars shooter,
Assassin's Creed Valhalla now has the PS5's Dualsense controller tricks on PC,
This RTX 3070 gaming PC costs just £1130, down from £1478,
The world of Zeno Clash returns with Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos,
Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is set in Hong Kong,
SteelRising gets a new trailer to show its French Revolution robot combat,
The boring iconic hat man is now in Watch Dogs: Legion
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