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July 02
PC Gamer posted Here's the big preview of Genshin Impact 2.8,
Square Enix puts their spin on the farm and fantasy life sim with Harvestella,
POV: This cowboy falls out of the sky with a double-barreled shotgun pointed at you. What do you do?,
Today's Wordle answer #378: Saturday, July 2
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Blade Runner's superior ScummVM version is available directly via GOG again,
Final Fantasy XIV's next update will add a slice of Stardew,
EA tweeted about single-player games and even their own devs were annoyed,
What are we all playing this weekend?,
Ubisoft to turn off online features for some old games, meaning players lose access to their DLC

July 01
PC Gamer posted How to find Goldlite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
How to get the Divine Relic in Cuphead,
The best Minecraft skins,
Rhythm roguelike Crypt of the Necrodancer gets massive update after 5-year hiatus,
This Fallout 4 mod looks so good Bethesda just hired one of its designers,
Sucker Punch breaks the bad news to Sly Cooper and Infamous fans,
And now, an adventure game about, uh, getting a divorce,
No one likes EA's joke about singleplayer games, even EA,
9 things you probably don't know about Elden Ring,
Best games for the Steam Deck,
Capcom putting this monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is an unforgivable insult to me personally,
Someone got Doom running in a McDonald's,
Junker Queen is a reminder that nobody does heroes like Overwatch,
Outriders video shows a frosty new world in Worldslayer expansion,
A new version of DRM software Denuvo is coming to squat on your games,
The best gaming TV in 2022,
Today's Wordle answer #377: Friday, July 1,
What to do with the Broken Relic in Cuphead,
Overwatch 2 removed hostile architecture from new map at fan request,
Everything we know about WoW Shadowlands Season 4,
The Messenger's retro RPG prequel Sea of Stars has been delayed into 2023,
World of Warcraft is changing how the auction house works to benefit smaller servers,
Sega wants to make live-action adaptations of Persona and Catherine,
How to get Supple Piel in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
Minecraft youtuber Technoblade dies at the age of 23,
How to get Centuria Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
The 'Missing Cryptoqueen' makes the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list,
Nitro Kid is a retro nostalgia-inducing game in all the right ways,
The best Minecraft servers,
Where to find Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
How to get Sapphiron Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
Corsair TC200 gaming chair,
Final Fantasy 14 is getting an ultra-difficult dungeon for those endgame masochists
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted I'm riding bikes in games to celebrate the Tour De France, starting with the official game,
The arrival of Halo Infinite's co-op campaign preview test means I might finally play it,
Get a brand new AMD Ryzen 5 5600X for $176 with this Ebay code,
The Sims 4 is going back to school this month with the High School Years expansion pack,
Get the PowerColor RX 6700 XT Red Devil for $470 after a $50 discount,
Watch ragdoll skaters eat asphalt in EA’s ‘pre-pre-pre-alpha’ Skate gameplay video,
WH40K: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters' devs are still "trying to perfect" their powerful Space Marines,
Disco Elysium has added dyslexia-friendly fonts for those million words,
No Man's Sky players have created an in-game cryptocurrency that works because it has no value,
PAX Rising Showcase 2022 Round-up,
Everyone needs to witness Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak's live action music video,
DLSS arrives in Monster Hunter Rise, but shaves off everyone's fur,
The 10 best cats in games,
Best early Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals 2022,
Sanabi's grappling hook revenge plot elevates a classic formula

June 30
PC Gamer posted World of Warcraft's Silvermoon City is being recreated in Minecraft,
Govee DreamView G1 Pro gaming light,
No, you don't need a Stream Deck,
Best PCIe 4.0 SSD for gaming in 2022,
Samsung beats Intel and TSMC to major chipmaking tech that'll one day power our gaming PCs,
Bungie's absurd $185 Nerf Gjallarhorn reloads like the in-game weapon,
The latest Sims 4 expansion wants me to relive the worst years of my life,
Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course review,
Lab denies opening portals into parallel universes despite everyone thinking so,
Halo Infinite's co-op beta is finally coming on July 11,
EA reveals 'pre-pre-pre-alpha' Skate gameplay, closed beta signups are now open,
The XIII remake is getting a remake,
Redfall: Everything we know about Arkane’s co-op vampire shooter,
Skull and Bones leak points to a November release,
Cats are better than dogs (as videogame protagonists),
Desecrated corpse of failed electronics retailer Radioshack brought back from the dead as a shambling crypto-meme zombie,
The next Hunt: Showdown update is pretty big,
Twitch streamers may soon be able to share banlists with other channels,
Major cryptocurrency exchange signs $1.4 million deal to help ICE track crypto trades,
Best power supply for PC gaming,
Owner of accuses newly launched alternative of theft,
Where to find the Monksnail in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
How to get the new Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
7 things to know before starting Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
Where to find the three Elgado Cohoots in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
How to unlock secret armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
Every new monster in Sunbreak and when you can fight them,
Photographer uses DALL-E 2 AI to automatically edit images better than Photoshop,
Asrock's 600-series motherboards officially support 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs after a BIOS update,
Check out these Hackaday Reuse, Recycle, Revamp finalist projects,
Monkey Island creator says he's done sharing the new game after 'personal attack comments',
Unity lays off hundreds of employees to 'realign' resources,
Today's Wordle answer #376: Thursday, June 30,
AMD's preposterous Threadripper Pro price tag holds its 128-thread monster back from greatness,
Id won't do it, so hobbyists ported Carmack's final Doom game to PC,
Gaming laptops could learn a lot from this adorable open source mini laptop,
Stranger of Paradise announces first DLC with a rickroll
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Crypto copycat store duplicates, gets slapped down by founder,
Dicey Dungeons rolls out its free Reunion update in July,
A brief history of Sonic The Hedgehog on PC, from musical conspiracies to not-really-3D 3D games,
Cult Of The Lamb is like The Binding Of Isaac had a cute colony sim, but with more Satan,
Valve halve Steam Deck SSD bandwidth on some models, say games performance is unaffected,
Much-delayed expansion Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is finally out today,
Our favourite games of 2022 so far,
This parody of The Witness is funny, fun, and free,
Ron Gilbert doesn’t want to talk about Return To Monkey Island anymore,
Occupy White Walls review: create and curate your own personal art gallery,
Untangling minimalist puzzles in Hook 2 is catchy
ptitdo added Geneforge 1 - Mutagen, Hood: Outlaws & Legends, and Iratus: Lord of the Dead to the backlog

June 29
PC Gamer posted We spoke to Dr. Wasteland, the heroic healer who became a legend in DayZ's early days,
This 3D printer mod on Kickstarter can automatically swap your filament mid-print,
Overclocker pointlessly delids a Ryzen 7 5800X3D,
Total War: Warhammer 3 is shaking things up with the Immortal Empires map and starting positions,
Arm's new flagship GPU will include hardware ray tracing support. Yeah, ray-traced phones,
AOKZOE AI is the next Steam Deck competitor powered by AMD 6800U,
Lost Ark Twitch drops: what they are and how to get them,
Intel's 12th-gen laptop CPUs usher in a new gaming era,
Wizard royale Spellbreak is shutting down next year,
Today's Wordle answer #375: Wednesday, June 29,
The best HDMI cable for PC gaming,
AMD hack due to some of its passwords being just "password",
AMD-powered Frontier supercomputer is now the world's first 'true exascale machine',
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak review,
AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative review,
Overwatch fans are mourning Symmetra as Blizzard nerfs her into the ground,
Chivalry 2’s limited time 'Midsommar Event' brings a new map and new ways to smash your opponents,
Blizzard acquires Spellbreak developer as it closes doors on the battle royale,
Here's when Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak unlocks in your timezone on PC,
How to get fishing bait in Raft,
2021's best RPG improves a key feature alongside fixing 'wonky barber jobs',
The best FreeSync monitors in 2022,
How to start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak,
Gaming PC build guide,
Valve has quietly downgraded the Steam Deck SSD on some 256GB and 512GB models,
Monster Hunter Rise's latest update is great even if you don't own Sunbreak,
Archery in games is bad: here's how to make it better,
Windows Defender is reportedly hindering performance on Intel CPUs,
Return to Monkey Island shows off a bold new look in its debut gameplay trailer,
Best SSD for gaming in 2022,
Halo Infinite's desync problem is on hold because developers are busy with other things,
Xbox Game Studios boss says there's no more crunching at Bethesda,
Wild West Dynasty looks like any other survival game until it turns into a city builder,
Kyle MacLachlan joins Amazon's Fallout TV series,
Valve says Steam Deck's SSD change impacts performance only in 'extremely uncommon cases'
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Sony return to PC hardware with premium gaming monitors and headsets,
Pop-punk coming-of-age rhythm game Loud looks cute,
The Fallout TV show has cast David Lynch's muse Kyle MacLachlan as a regular,
Devs behind Steam wishlist hit The Day Before defend use of unpaid volunteers,
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review: A delightfully difficult expansion that doesn't disappoint,
Hell Is Us wants to make its action-adventuring more "old school" than Elden Ring,
Dead By Daylight devs are plotting to end the game’s grind, permanently,
Blizzard acquire Spellbreak studio to focus on World Of Warcraft expansions,
Get a Kingston Fury Renegade 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for £110,
Street Fighter 6's modern control scheme is an absolute game-changer,
What's better: boss battles as skill checks, or secrets behind waterfalls?,
Is 16TB enough hard drive for you? This refurb is down to $200
Cabeza2000 rated Halfway as Meh
+ rated Shutshimi and Tower 57 as Bad
+ rated Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon and Pixel Piracy as Very Bad

June 28
PC Gamer posted Nvidia is set to halt production of the RTX 3080 12GB,
Stadia may be getting an Nvidia GPU upgrade,
Today's Wordle answer #374: Tuesday, June 28,
Intel's Arc GPUs will officially support AMD SmartAccess Memory when they finally hit the DIY market,
How to get Trash Cubes in Raft,
Jane Foster's Mighty Thor is now playable in Marvel's Avengers,
Where to find every Calus Automaton in Destiny 2,
Ludicrous Skyrim mod gives dragons 16K textures,
How to make a Recycler in Raft,
Intel's official Arc A380 gaming benchmarks confirm it's on average 15% slower than a 3 year-old GPU,
This is the saddest GPU launch in history and for once I'm not talking about the Intel Arc A380,
Microsoft forcing Windows 11 on you? Here's how to stop it, permanently,
What Townscaper needed, apparently, was delightfully tiny trains,
Raft Juicer recipes list and where to find them,
Cyberpunk 2077's clever AMD FSR 2.0 mod can double performance but is definitely a work in progress,
All Windows 11's worst install pain points can now be bypassed using this genius app,
Some baller used a Raspberry Pi to play YouTube on the Commodore PET,
Ray tracing in F1 22 is not worth the penalty to performance,
Persona fanzine saved by donations after founder spent $21K budget on Genshin Impact, rent, and plushies,
Disney Dreamlight Valley gameplay trailer reveals a surprisingly grim magic kingdom,
Super Animal Royale is the cutest battle royale game you’ve ever seen,
Origin EVO17-S (2022) review,
Best curved monitors for gaming,
Sony Inzone M9 gaming monitor review,
These Phasmophobia speedrunners are scarier than the ghosts they're hunting,
Small streamers protest Blizzard's 'Support a Streamer' Twitch event,
'I will stream while you cook for me,' says banned Twitch streamer in bizarre sexist rant,
How to get the Rivers of Blood katana in Elden Ring,
Steam's most-wishlisted game admits to using some 'volunteer' workers,
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide—gameplay, trailers and everything we know
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Valve are “more than doubling” weekly Steam Deck shipments,
Valve designer: No, seriously, don’t make this Steam Deck SSD mod,
RPS Time Capsule: the games worth saving from 2005,
Hearthstone’s next expansion invites us to a murder mystery party in August,
Sonic Frontiers' Cyberspace stages are refreshing blasts of classic Sonic,
Overwatch 2's second closed beta kicks off today,
Minecraft Legends new gameplay trailer has big Dragon Quest Builders energy,
Take a piratical peek at the first Return To Monkey Island gameplay,
Harvestella looks like Square Enix's take on Stardew Valley,
Sayonara Wild Hearts devs are making a similarly stylish murder mystery,
Islands & Trains looks like Townscaper but with trains - and that's perfect,
Disney Dreamlight Valley will launch in early access this September,
Get a 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for $185 with this discount code,
The legendary HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset is down to $60 from HP after a $40 discount

June 27
PC Gamer posted This year's strategy RPG hotness might just be Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga,
Innosilicon's low power LPDDR5X memory hits a stunning 10,000 Mbps,
AMD's next gen cards will come with higher power levels, but not as high as Nvidia's,
Microsoft's Edge browser gets a game streaming upgrade,
Today's Wordle answer #373: Monday, June 27,
Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition updated with the un-enhanced edition on Steam after awful reception,
I used AI to help Nvidia design an 800W version of the RTX 4090,
Sonic Origins co-developer is 'very unhappy' about the state of it,
Reptilian Rising is the '80s tabletop mashup you never knew you needed,
Persona 5 Royal's PC port will be bundled with all DLC,
How to find the Raft Temperance code,
AMD has released new drivers for GPUs it no longer supports,
Endless Dungeon is an unexpected roguelike sequel with a dash of Overwatch,
How do you train an AI to play Minecraft? Feed it 70,000 hours of YouTube gameplay,
Nethack is now in the Museum of Modern Art,
How to complete the Empty Grief challenge in Destiny 2,
F1 22 review,
CLX Set Scarab Gaming PC,
Hearthstone's next expansion will ask the players whodunnit,
Where to find the Calus bobbleheads in Destiny 2,
Neon White review,
New Fallout: London trailer shows bike-riding and weaponized elephants,
Valve is ramping up Steam Deck production as Q3 reservation emails go out this week,
Skull and Bones ESRB listing appears, this thing might actually be happening,
Best MSI gaming laptop deals,
Extreme gaming PC build 2022,
The best UPS battery backup for PC gaming in 2022,
Best 4K gaming monitors in 2022,
The Boys showrunner wants to team up with Hideo Kojima to make a game,
How to help the fight for reproductive rights,
Diablo Immortal player uses premium currency shenanigans to turn old WoW tokens into a whale-killing Necromancer,
Fall Guys pushes the Epic Games Store to a new record player count
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Summer Games Done Quick is back for 2022 with plenty of PC speedruns,
Screenshot Saturday Mondays: trains, ghosts, and cyberpunks,
Sonic Origins developer isn't happy with the way Sega handled its release,
Endless Dungeon is a rigorous blend of tower defence and tactical roguelite action,
Steam’s most wishlisted game seems to be worked on entirely by volunteers,
Nvidia DLAA: How it works, supported games and performance vs DLSS,
Please welcome our new reviews editor, Rachel Watts,
The Fallout: London mod is bringing nuclear war elephants to the UK in 2023,
Pick up a 27-in 1440p 165Hz Lenovo monitor for £200,
This Dell G15 gaming laptop is £532 with an RTX 3050 Ti, Core i5 and 512GB SSD

June 26
PC Gamer posted Today's Wordle answer #372: Sunday, June 26,
Sovietcore FPS Hrot launches second episode, 'The Degustation',
Microphones are the new gaming status symbol,
Steam Deck designer says SSD mod 'will significantly shorten the life of your Deck',
The Steam Summer Sale has everything—except 2022's biggest game
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted The Sunday Papers
Cabeza2000 rated Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine as Kinda Bad
+ rated Potatoman Seeks the Troof and Stealth Bastard Deluxe as Bad
+ rated Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge as Very Bad

June 25
GamesGraph has been updated, check the Maintenance update changelog!
PC Gamer posted Today's Wordle answer #371: Saturday, June 25,
Valorant will start listening to your voice chat in July
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted What are we all playing this weekend?,
Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition on Steam now includes the better ScummVM release,
Total War: Three Kingdoms and FIFA 22 lead June's new Xbox Game Pass games,
Space Bob Vs. The Replicons looks like a 2D No Man's Sky
BlueThunder796 rated Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince as Very Good
Cabeza2000 rated The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante as Good
+ rated The First Templar - Steam Special Edition as Kinda Good
+ rated Dungeon Siege and FORCED: Slightly Better Edition as Bad
+ rated Viking: Battle for Asgard as Very Bad
+ added ARK: Survival Of The Fittest, Princess Maker 2 Refine, Noita, Subnautica: Below Zero, Skul: The Hero Slayer, Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show, Rift Wizard, and Road 96 🛣️ to the backlog
+ wishlisted The Way of Wrath, Starship Troopers - Terran Command, Terra Invicta, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story™, FAR: Changing Tides, and Darkest Dungeon® II
ptitdo added Black Mesa to the backlog

June 24
PC Gamer posted The latest Windows 11 update fixes game crash woes for some users,
I can't stop solving these clever little road puzzles because the payoff is so darn good,
Shadowrun: Hong Kong is a perfect portrait of a cyberpunk city fighting for revolution,
The best free PC games in 2022,
The best milsim FPS just got its biggest update ever,
Elden Ring studio FromSoftware has a new game in the 'final stages' of development,
This mod turns Stellaris into the Mass Effect strategy game you've dreamed of,
Bungie, Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA, and others speak out in support of abortion rights in the US,
This Japanese open air, all-in-one PC case is as impractical as it is cool,
ESA is finally updating Mars Express Windows 98-based software,
Footage of cancelled Scarface sequel includes Elvis impersonator, Vegas and lots of f-bombs,
Microtransactions may be coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection,
Dragon's Dogma is dirt cheap following the sequel announcement,
Look out, used mining GPUs are turning up with dead memory chips,
How to find Golden Keycards to access Mercenary Vaults in Warzone,
Stardew Valley is getting a 1.6 update, but don't expect it to be a big one,
The best wireless gaming keyboard in 2022,
Blade Runner Enhanced Edition is a disaster, not a remaster,
New Warzone map: What to know about Fortune's Keep,
Drunk employee passes out on the street, losing 2 USB sticks holding the personal data of an entire city,
MSI Radeon RX 6650 XT Gaming X,
Epic Games Store introduces rating system designed to stop review-bombing,
Gigabyte Radeon RX 6950 XT Gaming OC,
Asus Radeon RX 6750 XT Strix OC,
Vertagear SL5000 gaming chair,
Bungie condemns Roe v Wade decision, will pay for employees to access essential healthcare,
The best graphics cards in 2022,
AMD suggests a Ryzen-like chiplet design for RDNA 3 GPUs would be 'a reasonable inference',
Turns out a simple Steam Deck mod means you can install a larger NVMe SSD,
AMD 7000 series V-Cache CPUs to fight an Intel 13th Gen CPU that could hit 6GHz,
Today's Wordle answer #370: Friday, June 24
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Buy 2357 bees for £3 then find them in these new hidden object games,
Starfield's big reveal helped suppress my inner skeptic,
An extremely thorough grading of the best rain in video games,
Extraneum is a bit Doom, a tiny bit System Shock, and a huge bit fun
BlueThunder796 rated Sniper Elite 5 as Masterpiece
+ added The Council, Manifold Garden, Stationeers, Dude, Stop, Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up, Lumberhill, Timberborn, Monster Train, Poly Bridge 2, Chorus, Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk, Capcom Arcade Stadium, Recursive Ruin, and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands to the backlog
Log_From_BLAMMO rated Prey as Best
+ rated Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™, Descent 2, and Descent as Masterpiece
+ rated Neon White and Psychonauts as Very Good
+ rated Cruelty Squad as Good
ptitdo added VirtuaVerse to the backlog

June 23
PC Gamer posted Wrath of the Lich King is where WoW Classic starts diverging from WoW,
Best Acer gaming laptop deals,
Sonic creator confirms Michael Jackson's long-rumoured involvement in Sonic 3,
Where to find the Fjordur wyvern eggs in Ark: Survival Evolved,
The Steam Summer Sale has begun, and it's a little weird this year,
The Japanese PC that ran the original Metal Gear is coming back after 30 years of extinction,
Evil Dead: The Game review,
Miners are dumping GPUs via livestreamed auctions,
Intel's 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs will continue to support DDR4,
Today's Wordle answer guide #369: Thursday, June 23,
MIT robotics engineers are accelerating robot learning across the board,
Steam sale dates: When is the next Steam sale?,
Bungie slaps YouTube takedown impersonator with $7.6M lawsuit,
Zombie shooter Killing Floor 2 gets first big update of 2022,
Open your Overwatch loot boxes or Blizzard will do it for you,
Overwatch 2 is getting a guild system, apparently,
Best wireless gaming mouse,
The best deals in the 2022 Steam Summer Sale,
'Gaming features enabled by HDMI technology fuel shift to TVs for display', HDMI LA CTO says,
Into the Breach is getting a free Advanced Edition expansion,
Once Overwatch 2 arrives, you'll never be able to play Overwatch 1 again,
Escape Academy does an impressive job of recreating the escape room experience,
Warzone Season 4 players agree: great new map, jury's still out on balance changes,
I still don't know what the metaverse is, but it has a 'Standards Forum' now,
The best USB Wi-Fi adapter in 2022,
Microsoft's released a quick check to see whether your PC is ready for DirectStorage and next-gen gaming,
AMD's epic new FSR 2.0 upscaling just took a big step toward wider use
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Get the HP Reverb G2 VR headset for $399 after a $200 discount,
Get a Gigabyte RTX 3060 graphics card for £330 (was £390),
The Rally Point: The Heroic Legend Of Eagarlnia is a sort of light grand strategy, somehow,
The Blade Runner game's new remaster looks worse,
The Steam Summer Sale begins today with a fortnight of PC gaming deals,
This 850W ThermalTake power supply is down to £60 at AWD-IT,
Assassin's Creed developer reveals horses were people,
The Electronic Wireless Show episode 192: the best weather in games special,
There’s a flood of cheap ex-mining GPUs, but you probably shouldn’t buy one,
A Plague Tale: Requiem reveals October 18th release date in grim new trailer,
The best indies from the Summer Games Fest show floor in LA,
World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight aiming to launch in 2022,
Get a good CPU + motherboard combo for less than £180 with these deals,
Sega's new space-pirate shooter Hyenas is getting the sass to Mars,
The Sims 4 Werewolves is the best supernatural add-on pack yet,
Sonic creator fuels rumours of Michael Jackson's involvement with Sonic 3,
Into The Breach: Advanced Edition adds new mechs, missions and enemies next month
ptitdo added A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition and Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 to the backlog

June 22
PC Gamer posted Here's how Jane Foster's Mighty Thor joins Marvel's Avengers,
Here's when Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 unlocks in your timezone,
DICE is 'only focusing' on Battlefield 2042, has no time for other projects right now,
How to get Mjolnir in Ark: Survival Evolved,
The new game from Saber Interactive looks like Darkest Dungeon at a steampunk circus,
Following Intel's graphics card misadventures is like watching a slow motion freeway pile-up,
The best VR headset in 2022,
Enhanced edition of one of the greatest licensed games ever made out tomorrow,
The best RGB lighting kit,
Twitch tests new category layout and viewers have strong feelings on autoplaying video,
The best microphone for streaming, gaming, and podcasting,
Team Fortress 2 update fixes ancient bugs but doesn't really address the bot problem,
Alien: Isolation studio Creative Assembly reveals its zero-G shooter, Hyenas,
Meet the Fuel Rats, the fearless space paramedics of Elite Dangerous,
Final Fantasy 16 isn't open world so it can have a 'global scale', according to producer,
Fall Guys' Steam player count skyrockets a day after it becomes an Epic exclusive,
Red Bull suspends Formula 2 driver after he drops a racist slur during a Warzone stream,
Steam reviewers love Neon White despite its horny anime nonsense, or very much because of it,
The next wave of city builders will let us build in some amazing places,
PCIe 7.0 to quadruple the bandwidth of PCIe 5.0, coming in 2025,
These Commodore 64 PC prebuilds are pricy, but the case looks great for DIY,
Tabs are coming to Windows 11 Explorer, and they're saving your RAM,
Cherry MX low profile switches now come with stealth options,
Today's Wordle answer guide #368: Wednesday, June 22,
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands rolls a crit on Steam tomorrow
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick is re-elected to the board for another year,
The Cycle: Frontier greets the launch of season one with a smile and a bullet today,
Valve update Team Fortress 2 in reaction to grassroots #saveTF2 campaign,
What's better: air control, or an AI-controlled friend just running about helping me fight?,
The Cycle: Frontier system requirements, PC performance and best settings to use,
Oxenfree II is even more spooky if you're a tired millennial
Cabeza2000 rated X-COM: Terror From the Deep as Masterpiece
+ rated Red Johnson's Chronicles - 1+2 - Steam Special Edition and Knights of Honor as Meh
+ rated Frontline : Road to Moscow as Kinda Bad
+ rated Montague's Mount, Supreme Ruler Ultimate, Squarelands, and Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies as Bad

June 21
PC Gamer posted More Tony Hawk remakes were planned, but then shelved,
Today's Wordle answer guide #367: Tuesday, June 21,
Gigabyte Aorus 17 XE4 gaming laptop,
Microsoft appears to have blocked Windows downloads in Russia,
Watch this streamer literally punch his way through Sifu with fist-powered motion controllers,
Modder builds the world's first PS5 slim,
The best Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu builds,
Fall Guys now free on Epic but de-listed from Steam,
Intel really just asked the EU for $624M to pay it back for overturned anti-AMD fine,
Valve could cut the cord for future VR headset suggests new patent,
This 1.5TB microSD is surely witchcraft,
Ted Cruz says he's 'interested' in talking to Asmongold about loot boxes,
The best builds for Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact,
World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will be out later this year,
'Almost half' of The Callisto Protocol's combat will be hand-to-hand (or hand-to-tentacle),
Best Razer gaming laptop deals,
eBay offers a wide selection of gaming laptops for every budget,
The best gaming projectors in 2022,
Activision Blizzard shareholders vote in favor of harassment report, despite board's objections,
Build a Rapture that actually works in this undersea survival city builder
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted No, you won’t need a Core 10th Gen CPU or newer for Intel Arc graphics cards,
Fall Guys goes free to play but exclusive to Epic Games Store from today,
Diablo Immortal’s Chinese release has been postponed for “optimizations”,
Raft sails out of early access after four years with a huge update,
Dune: Spice Wars' multiplayer update has gone live to put some rhythm in your step,
Neon White review: a slick, stylish speedrunner with parkour demon murder,
Badge-farming might be behind some big Steam Next Fest demo player numbers,
SpellForce: Conquest Of Eo is a strategy RPG with 4X DNA and "do or die action",
The trials and terrors of benchmarking The Cycle: Frontier,
Valve's latest patent filing is for a new VR headset,
Call Of The Wild: The Angler is an open world co-op fishing sim,
AMD's blazing-fast Ryzen 9 5900X processor is £342 after a £168 reduction,
Factory management sim Good Company has left early access,
Bo: Path Of The Teal Lotus is a Metroidvania from the people Nintendo stopped making Metroid fangames,
The Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed is down to $80 at Amazon ($150 MSRP)

June 20
PC Gamer posted Five new Steam games you probably missed (June 20, 2022),
TSMC's 2nm chips are coming to a device near you in 2026,
Intel Arc A380 graphics card goes on sale in China,
Today's Wordle answer guide #366: Monday, June 20,
Of course AI NPCs 'can be conscious and can have feelings' says technophilosopher,
Call of Duty now makes cheaters' weapons vanish,
Yeah, you can run Doom on a Lego brick PC now,
Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series Optical-Mechanical gaming keyboard,
Thousands of PC parts go up for auction from the defunct Artesian Builds,
RIP Heroes of Newerth, once LoL's biggest competitor,
How the hero shooter took over competitive FPS design,
Get some Bloodborne in your Elden Ring with this quickstep mod,
Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE wireless gaming mouse,
Researchers find way to hack your CPU via AMD and Intel's frequency boosts,
Legendary Japanese studio Treasure is on the comeback trail,
Dune early access update spices things up with multiplayer,
Makers of The Hunter: Call of the Wild announce new open world fishing game,
These Neon White beginner tips will get you off to a speedy start,
Meta's myriad VR prototypes prove the metaverse is a long way off,
Riot brings back LoL's magical anime troupe, fans go bananas,
Diablo Immortal delayed in China just days ahead of launch,
Flashback is free on GOG,
All that chanting in the Elden Ring soundtrack is gibberish,
This indie strategy game is like a tiny Total War that only takes an hour,
Watery survival hit Raft splashes out of Early Access with its largest update ever,
Alice: Madness Returns is back on Steam again, American McGee says ‘yikes’,
Outriders is free to play on Steam until Thursday,
Crytek warns against using revolver glitch in Hunt: Showdown, says fix is coming soon
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Bungie reach $13.5 million agreement in Destiny 2 cheating lawsuit,
Screenshot Saturday Mondays: rotoscoping, water, and metroidvanias,
Terra Nil's demo takes Steam by storm and then mops up after itself,
Spidersaurs is a run’n’gun platformer that dares to mix the world’s scariest animals,
Fear my tiny undead minions in Necrosmith,
Sonic Frontiers is less Breath Of The Wild and more Super Mario Odyssey,
Dome Keeper is a superbly satisfying wave defence game about fending off aliens with a giant laser,
This Cyberpunk 2077 mod lets you fly hovercars and hoverbikes,
Get five high performance Arctic P12 case fans for £23,
Get an Acer Nitro laptop with RTX 3080 + Ryzen 7 5800H for £1499
Cabeza2000 rated Spate as Good
+ rated How to Survive as Kinda Good
+ rated Invisible Mind as Meh
+ rated Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game and Guncraft as Kinda Bad
+ rated The Egyptian Prophecy: The Fate of Ramses and NORTH as Bad
ptitdo added Flashback to the backlog

June 19
PC Gamer posted Get isometric point-and-click Beautiful Desolation free for a limited time,
Alice: Madness Returns has been taken off Steam again,
Diablo Immortal has apparently earned over $24M in just two weeks,
Great moments in PC gaming: Getting home in Dragon's Dogma,
An easter egg in Unpacking has revealed the developer's next game,
According to a report, The Quarry and High On Life were almost Stadia games,
Today's Wordle answer guide #365: Sunday, June 19,
Deus Ex Randomizer mod also adds bingo, Dark Souls-style online death markers,
Unused Elden Ring quest would have tied an early NPC to the game's darkest secrets,
The Looker is a free puzzle parody of other, much more serious, puzzlers
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted The Sunday Papers
Pilu registered on GamesGraph
+ rated Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Portal, Portal 2, STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy™, BioShock™, Saints Row 2, World of Goo, Fallout: New Vegas, Puzzle Agent, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, LIMBO, Mount & Blade: Warband, VVVVVV, Puzzle Agent 2, Bastion, The Binding of Isaac, Cave Story+, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, Hotline Miami, 10,000,000, Papers, Please, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Silent Storm Gold Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, Hand of Fate, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, You Must Build A Boat, Enter the Gungeon, Yoku's Island Express, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, Hollow Knight, Undertale, Pony Island, BioShock™ Remastered, The Curse of Monkey Island, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition, The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt, Stardew Valley, Braid, Cook, Serve, Delicious!, and Psychonauts as Masterpiece
+ rated Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition, Just Cause 2, Red Faction Guerrilla Steam Edition, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition, Mass Effect 2 (2010), Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge™, Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game, FINAL FANTASY VII, Machinarium, Magicka, Sniper Elite V2, Jamestown, Dungeons of Dredmor, Terraria, Space Pirates and Zombies, Crusader Kings II, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Dishonored, To the Moon, FTL: Faster Than Light, Little Inferno, Company of Heroes, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Shadow Warrior, Shadowrun Returns, Game Dev Tycoon, Rogue Legacy, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Risk of Rain, Unholy Heights, Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, Chroma Squad, SteamWorld Dig, Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior, Ori and the Blind Forest, Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Kitty Powers' Matchmaker, Mini Metro, Grim Fandango Remastered, SteamWorld Heist, Victor Vran ARPG, DOOM, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, Hand of Fate 2, SteamWorld Dig 2, Cat Quest, Moonlighter, Dicey Dungeons, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout - Anniversary Edition, Grim Dawn, and Borderlands 2 as Very Good
+ rated Day of Defeat: Source, Evil Genius, Rome: Total War™ - Collection, Shank, Borderlands Game of the Year, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, Bully: Scholarship Edition, Mass Effect (2007), The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, Mount & Blade, Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition, Trine Enchanted Edition, Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game, Super Meat Boy, Torchlight, Spec Ops: The Line, Darksiders™, Saints Row: The Third, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Orcs Must Die!, Shank 2, Owlboy, Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, Max Payne 3, Gunpoint, Apotheon, DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die™ Edition, South Park™: The Stick of Truth™, Mark of the Ninja, Age of Empires II (2013), Reus, War for the Overworld, The Swapper, LUFTRAUSERS, Prison Architect, Europa Universalis IV, Sniper Elite 3, Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™, Lethal League, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, RollerCoaster Tycoon®: Deluxe, RollerCoaster Tycoon® 2: Triple Thrill Pack, Deponia: The Complete Journey, Titan Souls, Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut, Hard West, Super Trench Attack!, Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, AdVenture Capitalist, Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition, Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™, DEADBOLT, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut, Deponia Doomsday, VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, Overcooked, Beat Cop, Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Reigns, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, Mr. Shifty, Rakuen, Valfaris, Paradigm, The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia, The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Gato Roboto, Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, Metro 2033, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Nuclear Throne, Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition, Mafia II (Classic), and Offspring Fling! as Good
+ rated Grand Theft Auto III, Mirror's Edge™, Assassin's Creed 2, Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Hammerfight, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Orcs Must Die! 2, Far Cry 3, The Stanley Parable, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, XCOM® 2, Broforce, Metro 2033 Redux, Ziggurat, FRAMED Collection, SUPERHOT, Death Skid Marks, JumpJet Rex, Evoland 2, Clicker Heroes, Epistory - Typing Chronicles, 12 is Better Than 6, Blood and Gold: Caribbean!, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, The Final Station, Figment, Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2, Healer's Quest, JYDGE, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Grand Theft Auto V, and Trine 2: Complete Story as Kinda Good
+ rated Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, BioShock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition, Worms Reloaded, SPORE™ Galactic Adventures, Revenge of the Titans, Alan Wake, L.A. Noire, Call of Duty®: Black Ops II, Saints Row IV, Call of Duty®: Ghosts, The Witness, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Don't Starve, Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes, Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons, Just Cause™ 3, Desktop Dungeons, DLC Quest, DARK SOULS™ II, Path of Exile, Darkest Dungeon®, Girls Like Robots, Subnautica, GemCraft - Chasing Shadows, Impossible Creatures Steam Edition, Deep Dungeons of Doom, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Please, Don’t Touch Anything, STAR WARS™ Galactic Battlegrounds Saga, Downwell, Poly Bridge, Human Resource Machine, Clustertruck, Drawful 2, MANDAGON, Beholder, Quest Hunter, Yono and the Celestial Elephants, Regions Of Ruin, and Evoland Legendary Edition as Meh
+ rated Sid Meier's Pirates!, RAGE, SPORE™, Serious Sam 3: BFE, Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword, Torchlight II, Omerta - City of Gangsters, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Brutal Legend, Company of Heroes 2, Spelunky, Mushroom 11, RUNNING WITH RIFLES, Tooth and Tail, Luna's Wandering Stars, Party Hard, Void Bastards, and Undead Horde as Kinda Bad
+ rated Duke Nukem Forever, Starbound, Surgeon Simulator, Craft The World, Pixel Piracy, Goat Simulator, Action Henk, Don't Starve Together, and Bayonetta as Bad
+ rated And Yet It Moves and Bulb Boy as Very Bad
+ rated Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money as Atrocious
+ added Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat, Deathmatch Classic, Ricochet, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, Half-Life Deathmatch: Source, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Alien Swarm, Darwinia, Uplink, DEFCON, Multiwinia, The Ship: Murder Party, The Ship: Single Player, King's Bounty: Armored Princess, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, Company of Heroes - Legacy Edition, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Blood Money, Hitman: Codename 47, X-COM: Terror From the Deep, X-COM: Apocalypse, X-COM: Interceptor, X-COM: UFO Defense, X-COM: Enforcer, BioShock® 2, Gish, Total War: EMPIRE – Definitive Edition, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto 2, AudioSurf, Beyond Good and Evil™, SPORE™ Creepy & Cute Parts Pack, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, Overgrowth, King's Bounty: The Legend, Cogs, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!™, Tales of Monkey Island: Complete Season, Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack: Chapter 2 - The Siege of Spinner Cay, Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack: Chapter 3 - Lair of the Leviathan, Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack: Chapter 4 - The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood, Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack: Chapter 5 - Rise of the Pirate God, STAR WARS™ - Knights of the Old Republic™, LEGO® Star Wars™ - The Complete Saga, The Void, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, AI War: Fleet Command, Stronghold Crusader HD, Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter, Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Gratuitous Space Battles, Beat Hazard, Tropico 4, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, King's Bounty: Crossworlds, Dustforce DX, Dungeon Defenders, The Darkness II, Closure, NightSky, Serious Sam Double D XXL, Blocks That Matter, Total War: SHOGUN 2, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Hitman: Absolution™, King's Bounty: Warriors of the North, Fable - The Lost Chapters, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Snapshot, Serious Sam 2, Indie Game: The Movie, Legend of Grimrock, A Virus Named TOM, ENDLESS™ Space - Definitive Edition, STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II - The Sith Lords™, Batman™: Arkham Knight, Guns of Icarus Online, Cortex Command, Spirits, Thirty Flights of Loving, Space Rangers HD: A War Apart, The Basement Collection, Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, Karateka, King Arthur's Gold, Super Hexagon, Xenonauts, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Monster Loves You!, Age of Wonders III, Waking Mars, Serious Sam Classics: Revolution, The Age of Decadence, N++ (NPLUSPLUS), Kentucky Route Zero: PC Edition, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded, Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition, Receiver, Teleglitch: Die More Edition, Expeditions: Conquistador, System Shock 2, 7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat, Hammerwatch, Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut, Wasteland 2: Director's Cut, Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming, Styx: Master of Shadows, Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Banished, Invisible, Inc., Tropico 5, Secrets of Rætikon, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Door Kickers, Dungeon of the ENDLESS™, Assault Android Cactus+, The Last Express Gold Edition, Streamline, Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora, Project Nimbus: Complete Edition, The Talos Principle, Valiant Hearts: The Great War™ / Soldats Inconnus : Mémoires de la Grande Guerre™, 1001 Spikes, Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, Vanguard Princess, Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse, Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage, LYNE, Tower of Guns, One Way Heroics, Satellite Reign, Quest of Dungeons, Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, Jones On Fire, Diehard Dungeon, A Story About My Uncle, Soul Axiom, Aragami, This War of Mine, SOMA, Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition, Sanitarium, Metro: Last Light Redux, ENDLESS™ Legend, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS, Retro Game Crunch, Rebel Galaxy, Armello, Pillars of Eternity, Crawl, The Escapists, Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom, City of Brass, Team Indie, Crookz - The Big Heist, Deathtrap, Sproggiwood, Rain World, Double Dragon Trilogy, Ninja Pizza Girl, Moon Hunters, Absolute Drift, Primal Carnage: Extinction, Windward, I Am Bread, Potatoman Seeks the Troof, 2064: Read Only Memories, GRAV, Shutshimi, Raptor: Call of The Shadows - 2015 Edition, The Technomancer, TIMEframe, Tallowmere, RIOT: Civil Unrest, Streets of Fury EX, Snakebird, Rituals, Yooka-Laylee, Hacknet, No Time To Explain Remastered, Kathy Rain, Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander, Planetary Annihilation: TITANS, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, ENDLESS™ Space 2, The Adventure Pals, Twinsen's Little Big Adventure Classic, Twinsen's Little Big Adventure 2 Classic, Game Corp DX, Hob, Flat Kingdom Paper's Cut Edition, Refunct, Raiden Legacy - Steam Edition, Message Quest, Syndrome, BioShock™ 2 Remastered, System Shock: Enhanced Edition, Pang Adventures, Starpoint Gemini Warlords, Little Nightmares, Shadwen, Slime Rancher, Neon Drive, Bit Blaster XL, Caveblazers, Song of the Deep, Vanquish, AdVenture Communist, Surviving Mars, Death Squared, BUTCHER, Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You, Dungeons 3, Kingdom: New Lands, 911 Operator, Railway Empire, Unexplored, Unbox: Newbie's Adventure, Ellipsis, Redout: Enhanced Edition, Ballistick, SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising, Rusty Lake: Roots, Domina, Bomber Crew, Snake Pass, Feather, Detention, Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta), Think of the Children, Blazing Beaks, The Gardens Between, Rec Center Tycoon - Management Simulator, Chicago 1930 : The Prohibition, The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game, Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander (LIGHTSPEED EDITION), Do Not Feed the Monkeys, Regular Human Basketball, My Time At Portia, Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered, SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, PAPER FIRE ROOKIE (Formerly Paperville Panic), Beholder 2, Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders, The Stillness of the Wind, Hypnospace Outlaw, The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Paperbark, Felix The Reaper, Bloons TD 6, Kingdom: Classic, Crown Trick, Neon Abyss, Fantasy General II, Talisman: Origins, Blasphemous, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!, Wasteland 3, Super Bit Blaster XL, Kingdom Under Fire 2, Hotshot Racing, Severed Steel, Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Dragon Age II: Ultimate Edition, Morbid: The Seven Acolytes, and Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead to the backlog
+ wishlisted Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition, PuzzleQuest: Challenge of the Warlords, Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition, Nidhogg, Age of Empires® III (2007), Costume Quest, Castle Crashers®, Botanicula, Full Throttle Remastered, Divinity: Original Sin (Classic), La-Mulana, Mad Max, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, Stick it to The Man!, Space Pirates And Zombies 2, Nihilumbra, A Hat in Time, Hyper Light Drifter, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Neighbours from Hell Compilation, Our Darker Purpose, Cuphead, NOT A HERO, Darkwood, No Man's Sky, Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut, Stellaris, Rise of Nations: Extended Edition, SUNLESS SEA, The Long Dark, Sniper Elite 4, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, Wings of Vi, Shadow Warrior 2, Axiom Verge, Besiege, The Silent Age, Stephen's Sausage Roll, Turmoil, Dead Age, Total War: WARHAMMER, Assassin's Creed® Syndicate, Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition, DARK SOULS™ III, FINAL FANTASY IX, Thea: The Awakening, Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider™, Iconoclasts, Punch Club, DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition, Dishonored 2, EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair, Metro Exodus, Furi, The Room Two, Lost Castle / 失落城堡, Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition, This Is the Police, Transport Fever, Book of Demons, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Parkitect, Katana ZERO, Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition, Northgard, Prey, Nioh: Complete Edition, Chicken Assassin: Reloaded, RiME, Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator, Streets of Rogue, Another Brick in The Mall, NieR:Automata™, Guacamelee! 2, Two Point Hospital, Far Cry® 5, Gorogoa, Zup! 2, Thimbleweed Park™, The Outer Worlds, Monster Hunter: World, Assassin's Creed® Origins, Dead Cells, Kindergarten, Into the Breach, West of Loathing, Graveyard Keeper, Startup Company, Desperados III, Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™, PC Building Simulator, HIVESWAP: ACT 1, Risk of Rain 2, Disco Elysium - The Final Cut, They Are Billions, Slay the Spire, Return of the Obra Dinn, UnderMine, Escape from Monkey Island™, Baba Is You, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Forager, Wildermyth, WHAT THE GOLF?, Assassin's Creed® Odyssey, Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice - GOTY Edition, killer7, THE LONGING, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Dying Light, Hollow Knight: Silksong, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Constructor Plus, Baldur's Gate 3, Destroy All Humans!, Psychonauts 2, Evil Genius 2: World Domination, Unpacking, Hades, Not For Broadcast, The Legend of Bum-Bo, Yes, Your Grace, Crusader Kings III, Red Dead Redemption 2, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Taur, Borderlands 3, A Monster's Expedition, DOOM Eternal, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, Rogue Legacy 2, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection, Griftlands, Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition, Neighbours back From Hell, Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, Cyberpunk 2077, It Takes Two, Nobody Saves the World, NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139..., The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, ELDEN RING, God of War, Sniper Elite 5, MONSTER HUNTER RISE, and The Gunk
Cabeza2000 rated Metro 2033 as Good
+ rated Tropico Reloaded and Patrician III as Kinda Good
+ rated Hyperdrive Massacre, Freaky Awesome, Sparkle 2, and Alan Wake's American Nightmare as Meh
+ rated Paganitzu and Luna's Wandering Stars as Kinda Bad
+ rated Sonic Adventure 2 as Bad
+ rated Cloudborn, Yury, Rover Rescue, Murder Miners, Future Wars, and Magicka as Very Bad

June 18
PC Gamer posted Ecstatica was a survival horror game where everyone was made of balls,
Today's Wordle answer guide #364: Saturday, June 18,
Indie publisher Shiro Unlimited has some great new games coming soon,
It's ok; there are still some good-looking games coming out in 2022,
Check out the demo for stylish, dynamic deckbuilder Beneath Oresa,
This collection of old game logos delights the primordial lizard parts of my dumb brain,
Mecha armada stomps kaiju all the way out of Early Access,
Rob the town blind and cheat gods in Dread Delusion's Early Access,
What do we want from Fallout 5?,
The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is going hard on features for the PC port
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted What are we all playing this weekend?,
Agent 64: Spies Never Die's demo is a retro throwback to Rare's GoldenEye,
Ready Or Not is back on Steam after being removed for alleged trademark infringement,
Epic release dev tools to enable crossplay between Steam and Epic Games Store,
The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero is getting a fancy English PC port 12 years later
Cabeza2000 rated Elementary My Dear Majesty!, Geneforge 1, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Anniversary Edition, and Broken Sword: Director's Cut as Meh

June 17
PC Gamer posted Elon Musk is being sued for $258 billion because of Dogecoin,
Zachtronics is making its final game: Last Call BBS,
Marvel's next Midnight Sons comic looks a bit more like the Midnight Suns videogame,
Epic's free multiplayer tools let developers enable Steam crossplay,
Today's Wordle answer guide #363: Friday, June 17,
Halo Infinite issues fixed on Steam Deck with new Windows drivers,
Atari shocks the world with decent-looking game,
Signalis is a brutally stunning slice of sci-fi survival horror,
V Rising shifts 2 million in a month, gives horselords a big 'ol nerf to celebrate,
Everything we know about Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 4,
SpaceX fires at least five employees who criticised 'free speech absolutist' Elon Musk,
How to save Kaitlyn in The Quarry,
How to save Nick in The Quarry,
It took me maybe 10 seconds to fall in love with Schim,
Best CPU air coolers,
Six no-shows we hoped we'd see at this year's not-E3,
Here's how to sign up for Overwatch 2's next beta,
Madcap modders have ported PS2 platformer Jak and Daxter to PC,
I WooHooed an alpha wolf and then betrayed him in The Sims 4 Werewolves,
Lost Japanese adventure game from 1999 resurfaces on Steam, and it's so weird I can't describe it in a headline,
The guy who wrote those Star Wars: X-Wing books is writing an official Dark Souls novel, for some reason,
Dataminer discovers 2 major Elden Ring bosses may have once had their own questlines,
Controversial tactical shooter Ready or Not removed from Steam without explanation,
Instead of Fallout 5, I wish Bethesda would make literally anything else,
Best light gaming mouse in 2022
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Activision Blizzard board says there's “no evidence” they tolerated any "reported" harassment,
Capcom announce Dragon's Dogma 2, at last,
Supporter podcast - The Nate Files episode 11: Phants On Parade,
Steelrising is a surprisingly strong Soulslike with homages to Bloodborne's best bits,
Drift downstream in Naiad's Steam Next Fest demo,
The best in new worlds, shooting and jank from survival games at the Steam Next Fest,
Musical puzzler Sonority blends the logical and intuitive,
Our eight favourite games from not E3 2022,
Shake up Deus Ex with the Randomizer mod,
Musical puzzler Sonority blends the logical and intuitive
Midas added Just Cause™ 3, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, Human Resource Machine, Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition, Opus Magnum, Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Monster Train, Halo Infinite, Lost Ark, ELDEN RING, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel to the backlog
Cabeza2000 rated Realms of the Haunting as Meh
+ rated Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee®, System Shock: Enhanced Edition, and Speedball 2 HD as Kinda Bad
+ rated Hearts of Iron 2 Complete and Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can as Bad
+ rated Ultimate General: Gettysburg, Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic, and Lichdom: Battlemage as Very Bad
ptitdo added BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION to the backlog

June 16
PC Gamer posted Overwatch 2 will get 3 to 4 new heroes and maps in its first year,
Overwatch 2's new tank hero Junker Queen is a bowling ball of carnage,
Elden Ring animation captures the sensation of being constantly ROFLstomped,
Samsung accused of altering TV behavior to look better in benchmarks,
Working in VR is more stressful and lessens productivity. Big surprise,
The best UK Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals are coming,
Win a GOG Summer Sale bundle including Baldur's Gate, No Man's Sky and Frostpunk,
Don't be blinded by GPU price drops, buying an RTX 3080 even at MSRP is a mistake,
Online abuse in Japan can now be punished with up to a year in jail,
Here's Valorant's new underwater map, Pearl,
Valorant is dropping one of its oldest maps,
Original versions of Resident Evil remakes return to Steam after 'overwhelming community response',
Best DDR4 RAM for gaming in 2022,
Amazon is giving away 30 games including Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Prime Day,
Zenless Zone Zero: what's there to know about HoYoverse's next action game?,
The Xbox App will now tell you if the game you're about to buy runs well on similar PCs,
Activision Blizzard finds 'no evidence' of widespread misconduct at Activision Blizzard,
The best audiophile headphones for gaming,
Harpist turns her harp into a controller, plays Elden Ring with it,
Budget gaming PC build guide,
$13.5M settlement puts the cost of one Destiny 2 cheater at $2,000,
Dragon's Dogma 2 finally announced,
Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy continues with Rebirth next year,
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion coming to Steam this year,
The Fallout-style RPG teased by New Blood last week features big names in the classic Fallout scene,
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is coming to Steam tomorrow,
I hope Starfield's four cities are more Vivec and less Diamond City,
Best gaming motherboards in 2022,
Fallout 5 should go back to where it started: California,
AOC unveils a flat ultrawide 34 inch mini LED gaming monitor,
Help 3D print these accessible controller adapters for people in need,
Fallout's Vaults, ranked from worst to best,
Sonos accidentally sent one customer $15,000 worth of audio equipment and charged them for it,
Today's Wordle answer guide #362: Thursday, June 16,
Apex Legends' resident healer opens a new clinic on Olympus next week,
The US to join forces with Japan to produce bleeding-edge 2nm chips by 2025,
OlliOlli World adds skater-abducting aliens
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted You can now roll back Resident 2, 3 and 7 graphical upgrades to make mods work again,
Slime Rancher 2 will serve up familiar and adorable goo this autumn,
Battle expanded gangs and crooked guards in Prison Architect's Gangs DLC,
Valorant is getting a new map in update 5.0, but saying goodbye to an old one,
Final Fantasy VII Remake finally materialises on Steam today,
Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070 Founders Edition graphics cards are in stock in the UK,
Stream, podcast or record with an £85 Blue Yeti microphone,
Retro-styled puzzle compilation Last Call BBS is the final Zachtronics game,
Vampire Survivors meets Newgrounds in this Steam Next Fest demo,
The Electronic Wireless Show episode 191: the best games from Not E3 2022,
Starship Trooper: Terran Command review: a slightly chaotic RTS that needs a bit more flavour,
City-building survival sim Farthest Frontier settles on Early Access in August,
Kicking goofy goons in Anger Foot's demo is amazing,
Aaryn Flynn says Nightingale's a survival game with a "richer set of storylines",
I can't stop trying to go faster in Neon White, even with a record time
Cabeza2000 rated Dungeon Escape and LOVE as Meh
+ rated Anomaly Korea as Kinda Bad
+ rated Enemy Mind, Chompy Chomp Chomp, Knight Squad, and Bob Came in Pieces as Bad
+ rated Army of Tentacles: (Not) A Cthulhu Dating Sim, Lilly Looking Through, and DwarfCorp as Very Bad
ptitdo added Supraland to the backlog

June 15
PC Gamer posted The best armor in Elden Ring,
Forget Starfield's 1,000 planets, I just want the NPCs to be weird af,
It's now 'more cost-effective to turn off the mining rig and buy Ethereum',
Amazon's delivery drones to launch in California this year,
Where to find every Tarot Card in The Quarry,
Here's a stunning orchestral arrangement played by HDDs, floppy drives, and scanners,
The best VPN for gaming in 2022,
Everything we know about World of Warcraft: Dragonflight,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge review,
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is free-to-keep on GOG,
Total War: Warhammer 3's Immortal Empires DLC is coming in August, with big changes,
AMD's RDNA 3 series is rumored to launch sooner than expected,
Chevy's new NFT comes with actual Corvette for winning bidder,
Intel's Arc A380 GPU launches in China for around $150 USD,
Internet Explorer dies today,
Today's Wordle answer guide #361: Wednesday, June 15,
NZXT Streaming PC,
Lollipop Chainsaw is 'back' and please let that mean on PC too,
We're worse off without E3,
Here's every Grapple Glove location in Fortnite,
Newegg's new gaming PC finder wants to make buying a PC easier and it does. Sort of,
Stalker 2 developers continue work as key team members fight for Ukraine,
The best PC cases in 2022,
The Sims 4 adds a cute pocket telescope that can also kinda murder you,
Daggerfall Unity - GOG Cut brings back the Elder Scrolls classic without the headaches, and it's free,
RIP Internet Explorer: Here are 10 things as old as the expired browser,
Starfield doesn't do seamless planetary landings like No Man's Sky, but Todd Howard doesn't think players will care,
Redfall campaign progress stays with the host,
If NFTs are the future of gaming, it's sure weird no one mentioned them at this year's big showcases,
This Sonic the Hedgehog-themed 'gaming kit' has gotta go fast into the trash,
Neil Blomkamp is making a Gran Turismo movie, apparently,
Starfield's space combat is inspired by MechWarrior and FTL, says Todd Howard,
Halo Infinite studio apologies for 'offensive and hurtful' word in Juneteenth cosmetic,
Valheim will have crossplay with the upcoming Xbox version
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Owlcat Games on exploring the Koronus Expanse and going full heretic in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader,
Overwatch 2’s second closed beta fires up tomorrow,
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2's release has understandably been pushed to 2023,
Medieval battler Chivalry 2 charges onto Steam with mounted horseback combat,
This RX 6700 XT graphics card costs just $480 after a $60 Amazon discount,
The first Intel Arc graphics card has arrived… in China,
This Kafkaesque Steam Next Fest demo visits a towering walled city,
V Rising is fiddly, but playable on the Steam Deck following Proton update,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge review: a simple sidescroller that's best with buddies,
Todd Howard confirms Fallout 5 is coming after The Elder Scrolls 6,
Glen Schofield on the gore system and spiky walls of The Callisto Protocol's dangerous world,
What's better: invert mouse, or undo?,
Pick up 16GB of Crucial DDR5-4800 RAM for under £90
RichardDeWashington registered on GamesGraph
Cabeza2000 rated Gothic 1 and Gothic II: Gold Edition as Favorite
+ rated Heroes® of Might & Magic® III - HD Edition as Masterpiece
+ rated FlatOut and SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition as Very Good
+ rated RollerCoaster Tycoon® 2: Triple Thrill Pack and Gothic® 3 as Good
+ rated Syberia and Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders as Meh
+ rated Noitu Love 2: Devolution, Ceville, and Capsized as Bad
+ rated Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction, Chaos Domain, Explodemon, They Bleed Pixels, and Multiwinia as Very Bad
+ rated ONE DAY for Ched and BoxesWithGuns as Atrocious

June 14
PC Gamer posted UK CMA to investigate Apple and Google over possible cloud gaming dominance,
Most detailed map of the Milky Way ever released,
Today's Wordle answer guide #360: Tuesday, June 14,
Cryptocurrency markets collapse to their lowest levels in years, but it's not all good news for gamers,
Where to use the Janitor Key in The Cycle: Frontier,
The best Diablo Immortal builds,
Be Quiet's modular Silent Wings 4 fans want to take over all aspects of your PC's cooling,
Callisto Protocol creator Glen Schofield says: 'We're trying to be even more gross',
Grand Theft Enterprise: You can steal spaceships in Starfield, Pete Hines says,
Photoshop goes free-to-paint on the web,
File Explorer tabs are one step closer to reality on Windows 11,
Dying Light 2 now has a photo mode,
Acer G550 Nitro gaming projector,
Flying a Halo spaceship in Microsoft Flight Sim shouldn't work this well,
Wrath of the Lich King gets 'fresh start' servers for its arrival in WoW Classic,
Skyrim Grandma Shirley Curry wishes Bethesda would 'hurry up' with The Elder Scrolls 6,
The best mini-ITX PC case in 2022,
Sorry, Skatebird: this frog is the best skateboarding critter,
Upcoming Dragon's Dogma celebration video has hopes high for a sequel,
How Amplitude is using OpenDev to develop Endless Dungeon,
Fall Guys gets oddly adorable Halo skins this month,
Minecraft Legends: everything we know about the new strategy spinoff,
Todd Howard says Fallout 5 is coming after The Elder Scrolls 6, if we all live that long,
The winner of Netflix's 'real' Squid Game competition will get millions,
The most exciting games of not-E3 actually coming out this year,
4 months after infamous Super Bowl ad, Coinbase lays off 1,100 staff,
The Cycle: Frontier map: What you need to know to survive,
Assassin's Creed Celebration Stream confirmed for this week,
Cloud gaming will save you money but won't save the planet
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Hack-and-slash puzzler Grindstone finally launches itself at Steam next week,
Killing the framerate is 20 Minutes Till Dawn's secret real win condition,
Persona 5 Royal and Persona 3 Portable are coming to Steam after all,
Chase down a vampire dragon in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo,
Liveblog: Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2022,
Wartime strategy sequel Commandos 3 is getting the HD remaster treatment,
Co-op shooter Outpost's vast robot swarms look janky but impressive in longer footage,
Lightyear Frontier's outer space farmventure gives you high tech tools to get back to nature,
Microsoft Flight Simulator's World Update 10 has made the USA prettier again,
Get a refurbished RTX 2060 graphics card for £189, a crazy-low price,
Get a 27-in 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor for $190 today after a $60 discount,
Hypnospace spin-off Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance is my kind of retro throwback,
Assassin's Creed Valhalla is getting a free, new roguelite-inspired mode,
Valheim is coming to PC Game Pass this autumn
Cabeza2000 rated FAR: Lone Sails as Very Good
+ rated Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers as Bad
+ added ARK: Survival Evolved and State of Mind to the backlog
+ wishlisted Warsim: The Realm of Aslona, Vagrus - The Riven Realms, and Synergy

June 13
PC Gamer posted Get Ark: Survival Evolved for free on Steam for a limited time,
There's no way all 1,000 explorable planets in Starfield are actually interesting,
The Xbox & Bethesda showcase removed the usual hype, but added some uncertainty,
Today's Wordle answer guide #359: Monday, June 13,
Google to pay $118 million over gender wage gap lawsuit,
Have an AMD PC? Update your BIOS to nix some stuttering issues,
Elden Ring will finally let you quit straight to desktop,
The best H4 Blixen loadouts for Warzone Season 3: Reloaded,
MSI reportedly leaks first desktop benchmarks for Intel's Arc GPUs,
Kojima Productions has to clarify it still likes Sony after fanboy implosion,
Soulstice is budget Devil May Cry, but I kind of dig it,
Intel's first chiplet CPUs promise 20% higher frequencies at the same power level as Alder Lake,
Battle royale Super People begins its final closed beta testing in August,
I hope Starfield's 1,000 planets are boring, actually,
AMD hero is giving Return to Castle Wolfenstein a path tracing upgrade,
Hands-on: Warhammer 40K: Darktide absolutely rules,
Yes, Sonic Frontiers is as bad as it looks, but I want more,
Stalker 2 delayed until 2023,
How to make a recovery compass in Minecraft,
Holy crap, it's a good time to be a weeb on PC right now,
Deceive Inc. is a unique take on competitive multiplayer shooters,
Intel's next-gen Raptor Lake doubles cache sizes and matches AMD's Zen 4 thread count,
Project Zomboid mod is Disco Elysium but it's the apocalypse,
This single PCIe 4.0 RAID controller can deliver a ridiculous 28,000 MB/s in SSD bandwidth speeds,
Bethesda confirms your Starfield character will be a silent protagonist,
Blizzard promises Diablo 4 won't be monetized like Diablo Immortal,
I'm psyched for Dragon Age: Absolution, I just hope it doesn't steal Tevinter's thunder,
Frozen Flame is an open-world crafting game that puts exploration first,
New Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn gameplay shows intense Soulslike combat, base building, and more,
Farthest Frontier trailer reminds us that life sucks when you're a medieval peasant,
Serpent worship, space-parents, and other details hidden in the Starfield trailer,
Watch the Capcom showcase here,
Our favorite game, trailer, and absurd claim made by a developer from not-E3,
Embracer CEO defends taking $1B from Saudi Arabia,
The best demos to play during this week's Steam Next Fest,
Resident Evil Village is getting playable Lady D and a third-person mode,
The biggest disappointments of not-E3,
Microsoft reaches 'ground-breaking agreement' with union representing game workers,
Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 just got their ray tracing updates
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted The PC Gaming Show 2022: every new trailer and game reveal,
Summer's Steam Next Fest brings so very many demos to our PCs today,
'Thief with guns' stealth 'em up Gloomwood shoots into early access in August,
Paper Trail's beautiful world-folding puzzles were a standout from Wholesome Direct,
Screenshot Saturday Mondays: chilling out with Sonic the Hedgehog,
Starfield's character creator seems to be inspired by genetic engineering,
Nivalis looks like a cyberpunk Stardew Valley where you can run a bar,
Bethesda could have shown us anything with Starfield and they chose grey rocks again,
Fallout 76's next DLC is heading back to The Pitt, for some reason,
SCP: Secret Files looks like the most ambitious SCP game yet, and there’s a Steam Next Fest demo,
Tinyfolks's charm makes it far more than the sum of its parts,
Pick up a full-size Logitech G915 mechanical keyboard for £120 after a £50 discount,
Get a 280mm MSI AIO liquid cooler for £50 (half-price),
Exoprimal, Capcom's frenzied mechs vs dinosaurs game, is having a closed network test,
Resident Evil Village DLC brings a story expansion and third-person mode in October
BornInShadow rated DYSMANTLE as Good
+ added House of the Dying Sun and Save Room - Organization Puzzle to the backlog
+ wishlisted Nemesis: Lockdown, Sons Of The Forest, Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, and Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise
+ wishlisted Oxygen Not Included - Spaced Out!

June 12
PC Gamer posted Genre defining System Shock is coming back better than ever this year,
Mana is the perfect rewards debit card for gamers,
From ION LANDS and 505 Games comes Nivalis, a beautiful voxel-art cyberpunk life simulator,
Starfield looks like Fallout in space, with a bit of No Man's Sky thrown in,
A Google engineer thinks its AI has become sentient, which seems... fine,
What not-E3 is like: LA heat, unlimited popcorn, and not quite enough games,
Orx is Carcassonne crossed with They Are Billions,
Get Venetica, a Eurojank RPG about Death's daughter, free for a limited time,
Here's 8 minutes of gameplay from Outpost, the game with the bonkers trailer,
Boyfriend Dungeon's getting free DLC with three new dateable weapons,
How to watch today's Xbox and Bethesda showcase,
Today's Wordle answer #358: Sunday, June 12,
Kingdoms Rise developer Flyleap calls it quits, leaving game unfinished,
Chivalry 2 is finally on Steam, and finally has horses,
Hollow Knight: Silksong finally gets a new trailer,
Save humanity from an alien drug cartel in the new game from Justin Roiland's Squanch Games,
Redfall gameplay looks like Left 4 Dead with vampires,
Forza Motorsport boasts an obscene level of realism,
Riot just announced that all League champions and Valorant agents are coming to Game Pass,
Lightyear Frontier is a farming sim with a mech-sized twist,
Overwatch 2 is releasing free-to-play this October,
Here are the official co-streamers of the PC Gaming Show,
New Minecraft RTS game finally gives you control of mobs to fight The Nether,
A Plague Tale: Requiem trailer makes the Middle Ages look rather lovely,
Civilisation meets Crusader Kings in Ara: History Untold,
New trailer for Ark 2 reveals 2023 release,
All my childhood favourites are returning to Microsoft Flight Sim. Oh and the dropship from Halo,
Ark 2 is coming: here's everything we know about it,
Diablo 4 reveals disturbingly creepy Necromancer, confirms 2023 release date,
Starfield gameplay trailer shows you can build, crew, and yes, fly your spaceship,
Oh hell yes, Persona 5 Royal is actually coming to PC,
Hideo Kojima is friends with Xbox now,
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a grim, mythological tale from the creators of Nioh and Dynasty Warriors,
Fallout New Vegas director's new game Pentiment announced, a 'narrative adventure most unexpected',
More Citizen Sleeper is on its way with the first free episode coming next month,
Tales from the Hard Drive: our new documentary series about the tall tales & legends of PC gaming from WoW, Minecraft, EVE Online, Dark Souls, and more,
Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a cyber-stealth game that gives you shady powers,
Cocoon is a ball-juggling worlds-within-worlds adventure,
The Invincible is a Firewatch-style adventure on a dead planet full of killer robots,
Despite the name, Soulstice isn't trying to be a Soulslike,
Play Amplitude's Endless Dungeon early,
Defenestrate Druid Mafiosos as a tacticool witch in Tactical Breach Wizards,
Crossfire: Legion is a promising, if somewhat sparse tactical RTS,
Rotwood is a co-op hack-and-slash from the makers of Don't Starve,
House Flipper studio moves into large-scale demolition and rebuilding with The Constructors,
Nitro Kid is a tiny tactical cop-punching brawler,
Mahokenshi blends magical combat, deckbuilding, and celestial samurai,
Holy Moley, season 4 of Super Animal Royale has you battling some big moles,
Here's a cheat sheet for the Compass Datacenters quiz and a chance to win a $500 Razer gift card,
F1 Manager 22 has turned me into a guy obsessed with tire strategies,
Killing Floor 2 shows off new shrink ray and nautical map in Tidal Terror trailer,
Potion Craft is leaving early access soon, with new quests, ingredients and potions,
In Deceive Inc. you can disguise yourself as anything, and so can your enemies,
Frostpunk creators dive into mind-bending sci-fi with The Alters, a deep-space game of survival,
Explosives experts fight the gods in Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn,
Outriders Worldslayer expansion looks like a different game,
Arma 4 devs reflect on finally leaving behind its 20-year-old engine,
Dune: Spice Wars multiplayer is coming this month,
I Am Future may be one of the cheeriest survival games ever,
Scorn is already shaping up to be a horror classic,
Put on cabarets and fight nightmarish monsters in Decarnation next year,
Demonschool is a game where 3D demons invade the 2D human world,
Jurassic World Evolution 2 is getting Dominion DLC this month,
The makers of Cloudpunk reveal Nivalis, a 'slice of life simulation in a cyberpunk world',
Nightdive reveals a perfect, immortal System Shock trailer at the PC Gaming Show,
Here's the final trailer for Immortality, which Sam Barlow says was written with 'very few f**ks given',
Abyssals is an underwater city builder that only slightly terrifies me,
Summon Jeeps and launch nukes in upcoming battle royale Super People,
Them's Fightin' Herds is a My Little Pony-like brawler and it's getting a big update,
Core Keeper's titanic Sunken Sea update gets a June release date,
Treachery, blood and barbarism await you in the mighty halls of Norland,
Backfirewall_ is an existential comedy puzzler about an outdated OS,
Falling Frontier brings hardcore logistics and granular space combat to the dark future,
Gloomwood finally has an early access release date,
Adorable animal fighting game Them’s Fightin’ Herds gets anticipated 3.0 update,
Get ready for a a new wave of mods: Squid Game season 2 is coming,
Space Marine 2 promises to pit us against 'thousands of tyranids',
Extraterrestrial city-builder Synergy is all about hope and harmony on a new planet,
Here's one of StarCraft 2's key developers talking about upcoming RTS Stormgate,
Deliver Us Mars strands you in space and asks you to save the human race,
Screw over political groups, bully other nations and get filthy rich in Victoria 3 this year,
The free Styx DLC for survival game Icarus doubles the size of the map,
Wishlist games featured in the PC Gaming Show on Steam,
Fantasy survival sandbox Frozen Flame launches this fall,
Laysara: Summit Kingdom dares you to stop a city falling off the side of a mountain,
GoldenEye homage Agent 64 has left me shaken and stirred,
New Half-Life Alyx: Levitation gameplay makes the wait for Half-Life 3 much easier
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Scorn's Gigeresque meat hell will finally envelope you this October,
World-hopping adventure Cocoon is the new game from the lead designer of Limbo,
Citizen Sleeper will get three free DLC story packs starting in July,
Every new trailer from the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022,
First Victoria 3 gameplay shows the strategy game in action as a "deep social simulation",
Microsoft Flight Simulator gets Halo aircraft now, real helicopters later,
Liveblog: Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022,
Liveblog: PC Gaming Show 2022,
Comedy sci-fi FPS High On Life’s talking weapons will chat you up,
Every League Of Legends champion will soon be available via Game Pass,
Hollow Knight: Silksong will be on Game Pass at launch,
Redfall's vampires can't compete with your big tech and magic elevators,
Give Stardew Valley a giant tractor mech and you've got Lightyear Frontier,
Minecraft Legends is an "action strategy" spin-off coming in 2023,
Overwatch 2 coming this October and will be free-to-play,
Survive Lovecraftian Metroidvania The Last Case Of Benedict Fox with help from your inner demon,
Forza Horizon 5 is getting a Hot Wheels expansion in the skies of Mexico,
Hideo Kojima is indeed making a new game of some sort,
ARK 2 is out in 2023 and it’s all about dads, dinos and Vin Diesel,
Bethesda reveal Starfield with 15-minute explain-o-gameplay video,
Diablo 4 is out next year, confirms Necromancer class and makes it sound rad as hell,
Persona 5 Royal and Persona 3 Portable are headed to PC,
A Plague Tale: Requiem brings moralising and lots and lots of rats to southern France,
Ravenlok pulls you through a mystical mirror into a beastly storybook kingdom,
Don't Starve devs Klei announce dungeon crawler Rotwood,
The Constructors is a new construction company sim coming from the House Flipper people,
Obsidian’s new adventure Pentiment is a romp through medieval manuscripts,
The Alters is the new game from the This War Of Mine and Frostpunk devs,
Forza Motorsport will return with shiny cars and classic tracks in 2023,
Grounded’s garden survival co-op is sprouting from early access this September,
You'll finally be able to name and customise your ship in Sea Of Thieves Season Seven
Cabeza2000 rated Team Indie and Clones as Meh
+ rated Vigil: Blood Bitterness™ as Atrocious

June 11
PC Gamer posted Today's Wordle answer #357: Saturday, June 11,
How to watch Wholesome Direct's indie game showcase,
How to watch the Guerrilla Collective 2022 showcase,
The Fridge is Red, and you can try its surreal retro scares with a free demo,
Retro anime horror Signalis emerges from the cold this October,
Ugly is a 'twisted fairytale' puzzle platformer that's actually very pretty,
This PC snowboarding game mixes SSX, Mario Kart, and various small animals,
The Last Worker is a warehouse fulfilment sim at the end of capitalism,
Become a strand of light and save a magic forest in the metaphysical transportation game Witch Strandings,
Encounter dreamy dogboys and aliens in this intergalactic dating sim,
This fluffy life sim aims to be Animal Crossing for PC gamers,
To smash industry and restore nature, all you need is a cute bear with a big axe,
With Street Fighter 6, Capcom is finally ahead of the competition,
Rain World: Downpour introduces us to its weird and wonderful new slugcats,
Here's another look at Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly,
Fold and tear the world itself in this unique paper puzzle game,
Cure ailments with alchemy in Stardew-like town sim Potion Permit,
I'm officially a Moomin guy now,
The gun is a frog in Frogun, a game about a frog who is a gun, and also your best friend,
Oddada is a minimalist music game where you make songs with buildings,
Analyze excrement and develop clever cures as a... fuel station manager?,
This kaiju kissing game makes me believe in the power of love,
Freeride is an action-RPG that's also a secret personality test,
Instead of going 'pew pew' your space gun rewinds time in this sci-fi FPS,
Here's a "cozy" city builder about self-sustenance from the publisher of Boyfriend Dungeon,
Luto is a psychological horror game about trying to get out of your house,
Turbo Golf Racing could be the Rocket League racing game I've always wanted,
Moody RPG Sunday Gold might be the first Disco Elysium-like,
Pikmin-like indie platformer Tinykin arrives this August,
'90s crime scene cleanup caper Serial Cleaners is coming in September,
Bloodborne isn't on PC yet, but The Last Faith might be the next best thing,
It's official: Frogs won The Summer of Games,
Offbeat detective game Deadly Premonition 2 surprise launches on Steam,
Firewatch meets The Thing in this game about a near-future plane crash in Alaska,
In 1991, Ultima went to Mars for some reason,
We saw so many upcoming Stardew Valley-like games this week,
What's a game you watched on YouTube instead of finishing?
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted What are we all playing this weekend?,
The Fridge Is Red is a new horror anthology that feels like a bunch of r/nosleep stories,
The 5 best games from the Guerrilla Collective showcase 2022,
Boyfriend Dungeon DLC trailer reveals surprise third new character,
Report: Wholesome Direct reveals key "wholesome" themes this year are plants, witches,
Kitfox Games announce chill city builder Mossfield Origins,
Luto looks like PT with remarkable sheet physics,
Enjoy jaunty post-apocalypse dune-surfing in free-to-play Tray Racers,
Spooky cyberpunk mystery Psychroma looks like Detention meets Observer,
Bramble: The Mountain King has folkloric monsters and hedgehog mounts,
Deadly Premonition 2 is sadly too bad to be good this time,
Outpost is a co-op shooter about building a base and battling swarms,
Snufkin: Melody Of Moominvalley going full Nordic by collaborating with Sigur Rós,
Sunday Gold blends turn-based combat and point-and-click adventure with London and comics,
Indigenous cybernoir detective game Hill Agency: PURITYdecay is not your dad's hardboiled crime thriller,
The Last Faith is a pixel art Metroidvania that’s really channelling Bloodborne,
An August release date is on the cards for virtual tarot reader The Cartomancy Anthology,
Palworld still looks like an unheimlich mashup of Pokémon and assault rifles,
The Entropy Centre is a puzzler with a talking gun that shoots science,
Tinykin is a Pikmin-like adventure coming this August,
Homeworld 3 has been delayed until 2023, but we'll see more of it in August,
Planet Of Lana is an eye-popping sci-fi platformer with an alien monkey butler,
Project Ill is now just Ill, but remains a mysterious Cronenbergian nightmare,
Smash four different robots into other robots in whip-fast roguelite Morbid Metal
BlueThunder796 added Bionic Commando, Ultra Street Fighter® IV, STRIDER™ / ストライダー飛竜®, Ember, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Dungeon Rushers, Ninja Stealth, Devil May Cry HD Collection, Field of Glory: Empires, Plebby Quest: The Crusades, Gamedec, Arietta of Spirits, Gordian Quest, Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, CROSSBOW: Bloodnight, Phoenix Point: Year One Edition, and I Am Fish to the backlog
Cabeza2000 rated Draw Your Game as Meh
+ rated Corridor Z, The Chaos Engine, and Darwinia as Bad
+ rated Blast Em! as Very Bad
+ added Don't Starve Together to the backlog

June 10
PC Gamer posted Here are all the free games you can grab right now,
AMD provides new Zen 4 details and touts a greater than 25% performance-per-watt gain,
AMD teases its next gen chiplet-based RDNA 3 architecture,
Today's Wordle answer #356: Friday, June 10,
MSI Radeon RX 6750 XT Gaming X Trio,
Best gaming keyboards in 2022,
Redux 'Good' tier PC,
'Improve your brain and systemic wellness' while looking like a giant dork,
Square Enix promises 'short but sweet' update on Final Fantasy 7 next week,
The best gaming routers in 2022,
AMD RDNA 3 GPUs sport next-gen ports for true 4K gaming at 240Hz,
You can now speedrun Genshin Impact's massive wiki,
AMD has promising plans for laptops in the next two years,
Best office chair for gaming,
All Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Shift codes and how to redeem them,
Activision Blizzard changes course, will recognize and negotiate with Raven QA union,
How to watch the Future Games Show,
I'm finding it hard to get too excited about AMD's upcoming tech when it's all marketing and no meat,
A Dragon Age anime series is coming to Netflix in December,
Dota: Dragon's Blood gets a third season on August 11,
The Queen's Gambit is now a chess game you can only play on Netflix,
Indie roguelike Shoulders of Giants boldly asks 'what if a frog piloted a mech?',
Co-op survival comes to Middle-earth in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria,
Microsoft Edge's 'clarity booster' will apparently make Xbox Cloud Gaming look better than it does on other browsers,
Homeworld 3 delayed into 2023,
You can play the Disney combat racing game now in closed beta,
This free browser demo for Resident Evil Village is the perfect use case for game streaming,
Our national nightmare is over: Seth Green's kidnapped Bored Ape NFT has returned home,
Castlevania: Nocturne teases a return to one of the series' most beloved entries,
Finally, a game brave enough to ask: 'What if your hands were baseball bats?',
Build pretend PCs for free in the PC Building Simulator 2 open beta,
A Duke Nukem movie is coming from the makers of Cobra Kai
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Former Bethesda staff allege that working on Fallout 76 was a “twisted nightmare”,
7 games with the best AI,
Annapurna Interactive's summer showcase is coming July 28th,
There’s a Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary livestream on June 16th,
Summer Game Fest suggests it's monsters in space time, and I'm all for it,
We've run the numbers on Diablo Immortal to find out what it really costs,
Dragon Age: Absolution is a new animated series coming to Netflix,
New Lord Of The Rings survival game Return To Moria sounds like Deep Rock Galactic x Gimli,
PC Building Simulator 2 now has an open beta on the Epic Games Store,
Shoulders Of Giants is an action co-op game about a frog riding a robot,
Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2 is finally coming to PC this summer,
The endgame of Outriders Worldslayer pits you against an alien labyrinth
BornInShadow rated DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT as Good
+ added Mushroom Wars 2, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX), Curse of the Dead Gods, What Lies in the Multiverse, and Bugsnax to the backlog
+ wishlisted Teardown
Wildikdog rated Dying Light as Very Good
Cabeza2000 rated GRID 2 as Good
+ rated Pathologic 2 as Very Bad

June 09
PC Gamer posted Little Witch in the Woods has a talking hat, but doesn't quite have that Stardew charm,
Today's Wordle answer #355: Thursday, June 9,
How to watch today's Summer Game Fest,
EA denies report that Battlefield 2042 development is winding down: 'We are committed to the future',
You should run Windows 11 on an SSD whether Microsoft demands it or not,
Oops, Forza Horizon 5's first expansion has accidentally leaked,
Alienware Aurora R13,
Starfield is finally getting 'finishing touches' and may actually release in 2023,
Ceramic keycaps are the RGB upgrade the enthusiast keyboard community didn't know it needed,
The Last of Us Part 2 on PC: all the rumors in one place,
The Last of Us remake is coming to PC,
Among Us officially crosses over with Fortnite,
Aliens: Dark Descent is a top-down cooperative bug blaster, coming 2023,
The Callisto Protocol's first gameplay trailer tore us apart, literally,
Guile gives us a glimpse of his hair care routine in new Street Fighter 6 trailer,
How to watch the 2022 Devolver Direct showcase,
StarCraft 2's veterans left Blizzard to make Stormgate, the co-op RTS of their dreams,
Witchfire will hopefully be the long-awaited Painkiller followup that doesn't suck,
How Marvel's Midnight Suns is 'the complete opposite' of XCOM,
Classic '90s platformer Flashback is getting (another) sequel,
Outriders is still a thing apparently and it's getting an expansion this month,
After a decade of silence, Routine is back in development,
Midnight Suns release date and leaked heroes confirmed,
American Arcadia is like a reality show, but if your ratings drop, they kill you,
Goat Simulator 3 announced, thinks we won't notice there wasn't a Goat Simulator 2,
Midnight Suns director didn't get a heads up about plot similarities in the new Doctor Strange movie,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge reveals Casey Jones, launches next week,
Speedrunning FPS Neon White finally gets a release date,
Of course we tried to make Geralt in the new Saints Row character creator,
Layers of Fears is a 'psychological horror chronicle' coming in 2023,
Here's 2 minutes of gleeful carnage in Warhammer 40K: Darktide,
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 looks like it's out of ideas,
Take a deep dive into dangerous realms in co-op survival game Nightingale,
Will the The Last of Us multiplayer game come to PC?,
In Time Flies, you play as a fly that lives one second for every year of your life expectancy,
Keep your guests comfy in this bed and breakfast sim, and also you are a bear,
Choo-Choo Charles is coming to get you this year,
Schim is an adorable platformer about hopping from shadow to shadow,
A Little to the Left is like Unpacking if there was a cat messing with you,
Xbox Game Pass is bringing console-less game streaming to Samsung Smart TVs,
Be a water nymph and befriend ducks in chillout game Naiad,
Goodbye World's hazy nostalgia looks set to break my heart,
Why are there so many sci-fi horror games all of a sudden, anyway?,
Waiting for Hollow Knight: Silksong is the new waiting for Elden Ring,
Every Summer Game Fest trailer and announcement from the 2022 show,
David Harbour says World of Warcraft 'ruined my life',
Genshin Impact's developer is making too many new gacha games, but they all look sick,
The Grammy Awards adds a dedicated videogame category,
You're a skateboarding demon made of glass on a mission to swallow the moon,
The Plucky Squire managed to melt my E3-hardened heart,
Forget guns, just kick the crap out of everyone in FPS Anger Foot,
Magic: The Gathering's Baldur's Gate set brings familiar faces to its most fun format,
Street Fighter 2 is free on Steam to celebrate a new trove of Capcom reissues
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted V Rising early access review: streamlined survival for all types of bloodsucker,
Liveblog: Summer Game Fest 2022 as it happens,
Cyberpunk 2077's Netflix anime gets first trailer and September release date,
Why is Diablo Immortal even on PC?,
If you like Vampire Survivors, try new shoot 'em up 20 Minutes Till Dawn,
Prison Architect devs finally make it to space with The Last Starship,
The Electronic Wireless Show episode 190: the best games that should be toys special,
Tile Cities is a time devouring mini-gem from the Ostriv dev,
Aliens: Dark Descent will fight xenomorphs in real-time squad action,
Roguelike FPS Space Beast Terror Fright has punished me for growing old,
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's gameplay trailer makes my eyes water,
Guile is sonic booming his way into Street Fighter 6,
Retrofuturistic moonbase horror game Routine is actually still coming,
The Callisto Protocol's first tiny bit of gameplay is like Dead Space but with Mortal Kombat's gore,
How Marvel's Midnight Suns lost the race with the MCU, but came out all the better for it,
Humankind is heading to Latin America for its next DLC,
Sci-fi platformer sequel Flashback 2 is coming to PC this winter,
Something terrible happening to men in space yet again in horror adventure Fort Solis,
Spider-Man, Venom, Scarlet Witch and evil Hulk join Marvel's Midnight Suns,
American Arcadia shows more of its world at Summer Game Fest,
Get a 2TB WD Blue SN570 NVMe SSD for $162 for Father's Day,
Goat Simulator 3 is coming this autumn via Epic Games Store,
Layers Of Fears looks a lot like a remaster of the first two games,
Evil succumbs to a distressingly light hail of bullets in new Witchfire footage,
Highwater is the third game to expand the world of Golf Club Wasteland,
Logitech's great value G203 RGB gaming mouse is down to £17.98,
Nightwing really wants to drop on top of you in new Gotham Knights trailer,
The Last Of Us: Part 1 is headed to PC, but there's no release date yet,
Warhammer 40K: Darktide looks like Vermintide in 40K alright, and that's just dandy,
Everything that happened at Day Of The Devs 2022,
Make your bizarro pervert Saints Row character ahead of time in the free Boss Factory demo,
Former Blizzard folks announce free-to-play RTS Stormgate,
Midnight Fight Express will punch it this August, has a demo available now,
Nightingale's hopping on the card game wagon in its new gameplay trailer,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is releasing in a totally bodacious way next week,
Every new trailer announced at Summer Game Fest 2022,
Honkai: Star Rail looks like a slick, stylish turn-based RPG, but much too anime,
Zenless Zone Zero's new trailer is an anime as heck smackdown,
Anger Foot is an FPS where doors are asking to be kicked,
Skate Story is probably the most gorgeous game of not-E3 so far,
The Plucky Squire is a 2D storybook adventure with a gorgeous 3D twist
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Go! 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Walden and the Werewolf, Sentinel, Elliot Quest, Guns and Robots, Arson and Plunder: Unleashed, TRI: Of Friendship and Madness, Cinders, Road Not Taken, Cult of the Wind, White Noise Online, Dark Scavenger, Spirited Heart Deluxe, Kill The Bad Guy, Spice Road, Merchants of Kaidan, Loot Hero DX, They Breathe, Millie, Shadowgate, Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse, Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell, Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch, Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove, Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries, Putt-Putt® Goes to the Moon, Putt-Putt® Saves The Zoo, Putt-Putt® Travels Through Time, Putt-Putt® Enters the Race, Putt-Putt® Joins the Circus, Putt-Putt®: Pep's Birthday Surprise, Putt-Putt® and Pep's Dog on a Stick, Putt-Putt® and Fatty Bear's Activity Pack, Marine Park Empire, Anomaly Defenders, Haegemonia: Legions of Iron, Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage, Schrodinger’s Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark, Royal Quest, Inescapable, PARTICLE MACE, Darkwind: War on Wheels, Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), Swipecart, Battlepaths, MIND: Path to Thalamus Enhanced Edition, Iron Storm, The Promised Land, GemCraft - Chasing Shadows, Kraven Manor, Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine, Dreaming Sarah, 8BitBoy™, Heroes® of Might & Magic® III - HD Edition, The Culling Of The Cows, Beyond Space Remastered Edition, Titan Souls, Famaze, Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon, Trace Vector, Space Colony: Steam Edition, Total Annihilation, Master of Orion, Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches, The Desolate Hope, Only If, FLASHOUT 2, Orbital Gear, Lovely Planet, The Escapists, Millennium 2 - Take Me Higher, Millennium 3 - Cry Wolf, Millennium 4 - Beyond Sunset, Millennium 5 - The Battle of the Millennium, Theatre Of The Absurd, Commando Jack, Rooks Keep, International Snooker, 6180 the moon, Tengami, Noir Syndrome, The Land of Eyas, Paradigm Shift, Metal Planet, Divine Souls F2P MMO, Victim of Xen, Ichi, The Few, Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween, Them - The Summoning, Sweet Lily Dreams, Infinifactory, GALAK-Z, Flyhunter Origins, Epsilon, Disney•Pixar Toy Story 3: The Video Game, Night Shift, Frederic: Resurrection of Music, Legends of Persia, Kill Fun Yeah, Date Warp, Electronic Super Joy: Groove City, Rhythm Destruction, White Night, Zombie Army Trilogy, Salammbô: Battle for Carthage, Cobi Treasure Deluxe, Numba Deluxe, RADical ROACH Remastered, Disney•Pixar Cars 2: The Video Game, Disney•Pixar Brave: The Video Game, Submerged, Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, The Blue Flamingo, Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim's Hook Collector's Edition, The Egyptian Prophecy: The Fate of Ramses, The Cameron Files: The Secret at Loch Ness, Voyage: Journey to the Moon, Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy, Curse: The Eye of Isis, Chernobyl Commando, Manhunter, Dungeon of Elements, Floating Point, Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness, Battle Mages, Boson X, Cyto, Stained, Heileen 1: Sail Away, The Beginner's Guide, Dead Bits, Rush for Glory, Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus, FATE: The Traitor Soul, FATE: The Cursed King, Point Perfect, Machines At War 3, Blinding Dark, Triblaster, FOR HONOR™, Hexcells Infinite, INSIDE, Qora, Rooms: The Main Building, Aeon Command, Castaway Paradise - live among the animals, Outland, Battle Islands, World War 2: Time of Wrath, Heileen 2: The Hands Of Fate, Heileen 3: New Horizons, Shattered Planet, Infect and Destroy, Pitiri 1977, Redirection, Echo of the Wilds, POP: Methodology Experiment One, Cute Things Dying Violently, Another Perspective, Bloons TD 5, The Howler, The Happy Hereafter, Slipstream 5000, Crystals of Time, Oblitus, Railroad Pioneer, Lexica, Iron Fisticle, Obduction, Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar, Northmark: Hour of the Wolf, Fractured Soul, Memories of a Vagabond, We Need To Go Deeper, Asteria, Borealis, I, Zombie, Velvet Sundown, Platypus, Nux, Martial Arts: Capoeira, A Golden Wake, Technobabylon, Stick RPG 2: Director's Cut, Zoo Park, Savage Lands, Gold Rush! Classic, Back to Bed, LogiGun, Airship Dragoon, Pushcat, Orborun, Geneshift, The Nightmare Cooperative, Hatoful Boyfriend, Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 Onikakushi, Fractured Space, Steel & Steam: Episode 1, DiRT Rally, Geometry Wars™ 3: Dimensions Evolved, Shiftlings, Man in a Maze: Deathmatch, Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness, Super Panda Adventures, Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma, SpellForce 3 Reforced, OCEAN CITY RACING, Vertical Drop Heroes HD, Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook, Sproggiwood, LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, Data Hacker: Initiation, Super Trench Attack!, Tinertia, Isomer, Bird Assassin, Red Johnson's Chronicles - 1+2 - Steam Special Edition, Wild Warfare, Tales of Adventure 2, Order of Battle: World War II, Rain World, Duck Game, OTTTD, Power-Up, Strange Brigade, Khet 2.0, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered, Starion Tactics, The Expendabros, Soul Gambler, Pixel Hunter, Metrocide, Blackbay Asylum, Mountain, The Maker's Eden, Boo Bunny Plague, LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham, Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius, Sakura Spirit, See No Evil, A Vampyre Story, Boid, Morphopolis, Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon, Bionic Heart, Tesla Breaks the World!, Jet Gunner, Obludia, DROD: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder, Star Saviors, Jamsouls, Heroes of a Broken Land, The Sun at Night, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, Silence, Randal's Monday, Bloop Reloaded, Blob From Space, Space Hack, Polarity, Disney TRON: Evolution, Spud's Quest, eden*, Stonerid, Bravada, Disney Alice in Wonderland, Broken Sword 4 - the Angel of Death, Disney Universe, Disney•Pixar Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales, Shadow Puppeteer, A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, Biglands: A Game Made By Kids, Grim Fandango Remastered, The Sacred Tears TRUE, Pajama Sam: Games to Play on Any Day, Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise, Attractio, Republique, Airscape - The Fall of Gravity, Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet, Color Symphony, Cubic Castles, Disney•Pixar Toy Story Mania!, Dokuro, KEL Reaper of Entropy, Doom & Destiny, Enforcer: Police Crime Action, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell's Adventure, Squishy the Suicidal Pig, The Flame in the Flood, Disney The Princess and the Frog, Disney Tangled, Chaos Reborn, Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure, Xeodrifter™, Disney G-Force, Platypus II, Great Permutator, Disney Winnie the Pooh, Chariot, Odallus: The Dark Call, Reprisal Universe, Life is Strange - Episode 1, Bridge Constructor Medieval, Jenny LeClue - Detectivu, Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, The Detail, Moon Hunters, This Starry Midnight We Make, Deadlings: Rotten Edition, Darkstone, Earthworms, Magnifico, Oscura: Lost Light, Coffin Dodgers, ONE DAY for Ched, Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold Collector's Edition, Wickland, Supraball, Sigils of Elohim, The Sun and Moon, Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, Schein, Yury, Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey, Don't Starve Together, FRAMED Collection, Dungeon Lurk II - Leona, BLACKHOLE, Subject 13, Frostpunk, Grow Home, The Magic Circle, Jotun: Valhalla Edition, Ubinota, Decay: The Mare, iO, Verde Station, Kalimba, CLANNAD, Revenge: Rhobar's myth, The Body Changer, SinaRun, The Shopkeeper, Impossible Creatures Steam Edition, Monster Truck Destruction, eXperience 112, Shadow Warrior 2, TOXIKK™, Deep Dungeons of Doom, Save the Furries, Bik - A Space Adventure, AppGameKit Classic: Easy Game Development, Nova-111, Fire: Ungh’s Quest, Clash of Puppets, Crystal Catacombs, Defenders of the Last Colony, Sinister City, Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends, Space Warp, If My Heart Had Wings, Whisper of a Rose, Deep Eclipse: New Space Odyssey, Anna's Quest, Super Life of Pixel, Sid Meier's Pirates! Gold Plus (Classic), Sid Meier's Covert Action (Classic), Sid Meier's Colonization (Classic), A Bird Story, Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites, WASTED, Traverser, CaesarIA, May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville, TRON 2.0, Salt, BloodNet, Dragonsphere, Journey of the King, Reflex Arena, Rise to Ruins, Gunspell - Steam Edition, Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade, Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender, Deadlock: Planetary Conquest, Deadlock II: Shrine Wars, Slave Zero, Potatoman Seeks the Troof, Frozen Synapse Prime, Koya Rift, Data Hacker: Corruption, Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones, Sonic Lost World, Snow Light, Silent Service 2, BasketBelle, The Moon Sliver, ASA: A Space Adventure - Remastered Edition, Children of Morta, Pix the Cat, Robotex, The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy®, Solar Struggle, 2064: Read Only Memories, Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series, Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond, Disney•Pixar Cars, Thief Town, Heavy Metal Machines, Luna: Shattered Hearts: Episode 1, bit Dungeon II, Disney•Pixar Finding Nemo, ROOMS: The Toymaker's Mansion, Everlasting Summer, Pinstripe, Amphora, Disney•Pixar WALL-E, Supreme League of Patriots, Data Hacker: Reboot, AER Memories of Old, Airline Tycoon Deluxe, Disney's Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon, Last Inua, Disney•Pixar Cars Mater-National Championship, LEGO® Worlds, PixelJunk™ Shooter Ultimate, Spriter Pro, Phoenix Force, We Slay Monsters, Mimpi, 1Quest, Prelogate, Inside The Gear, Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath, Sinking Island, NEKOPARA Vol. 1, Pahelika: Revelations, Towers of Altrac - 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Akio (East Tower Series Vol. 1), An Imp? 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Hiragana Battle, GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst, LEGO® STAR WARS™: The Force Awakens, One Troll Army, Stories: The Path of Destinies, Space Pilgrim Episode III: Delta Pavonis, Until I Have You, Heroes of Loot 2, bit Dungeon+, Niche - a genetics survival game, The Count Lucanor, Pharaoh Rebirth+, PAC-MAN™ CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2, STAR WARS™ Rebellion, OutDrive, Drawful 2, Pinball FX3, Red Comrades 2: For the Great Justice. Reloaded, DreamBreak, Wailing Heights, Unhack 2, Techwars Online, World of Tanks Blitz, Asteroid Bounty Hunter, Crown and Council, Alice's Patchwork, Mimpi Dreams, Jalopy, Space Pilgrim Episode IV: Sol, Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, The Lonesome Fog, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, Blink, LostWinds, LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias, Day of Infamy, The Next Door, Cat on a Diet, Brine, Red Risk, Last Dream: World Unknown, Hidden Object 6-in-1 bundle, Bizarre Earthquake, Overcooked, Sixtieth Kilometer, A grande bagunça espacial - The big space mess, A Little Lily Princess, SAMOLIOTIK, Ahnayro: The Dream World, Capitalism Plus, Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries, BOOR, Ember Kaboom, Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure, Highway Blossoms, Catch a Falling Star, Caveblazers, Ian's Eyes, Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe, Frederic: Resurrection of Music Director's Cut, Awareness Rooms, Hustle Cat, Hero Quest: Tower Conflict, Love is Dead, Airstrike HD, Blueprint Tycoon, Neon Hardcorps, The Eyes of Ara, Mainlining, STAR WARS™: Rogue Squadron 3D, STAR WARS™: Rebel Assault I + II, The Room Three, Forgotten, Not Lost - A Kinetic Novel, OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, The Signal From Tölva, Outrage, Grim Legends 3: The Dark City, Palinurus, Melting Hearts: Our Love Will Grow 2, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, Varenje, The Letter - Horror Visual Novel, Song of the Deep, The Deed: Dynasty, Soulcaster: Part I & II, Predynastic Egypt, Zenge, Forge of Gods (RPG), Beat Cop, Pocket Kingdom, BalanCity, Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ English Edition, Farnham Fables, BARRIER X, Kismet, Runeyana, Super Cloudbuilt, Puzzle Galaxies, Initia: Elemental Arena, The Dweller, Solitairica, Kyoto Colorful Days, Syberia 3, 3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey, Pitfall Planet, Surviving Mars, Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily, Fury Unleashed, Yesterday Origins, PRICE, Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter, Scrap Garden, OddPlanet, White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition, Northgard, Insincere, A Game of Changes, Escape This, The Last Time, A Date in the Park, Arkshot, Linelight, Genital Jousting, Matris, She Remembered Caterpillars, VERSUS SQUAD, Nine Parchments, Death Squared, Pan-Pan, Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.3 Tatarigoroshi, Autumn, Cosmic Dust & Rust, Reigns, Time in Time, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, Scanner Sombre, Beholder, Reflection of Mine, KNIGHTS, Human: Fall Flat, Magma Tsunami, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, Yomawari: Night Alone, Hide and Shriek, Evil Maze, PLANET ALPHA, Star Drifter, Winter Novel, Meadow, Timore Inferno, Spooky Heroes, House of Snark 6-in-1 Bundle, Abrix 2 Diamond version, Freebie, KARAKARA, Agony, Valcarta: Rise of the Demon, Infinite Air with Mark McMorris, Angeldust, Just Deserts, Her Majesty's SPIFFING, Star Vikings Forever, Sling Ming, Unforgiving Trials: The Darkest Crusade, Minion Masters, Antisphere, Chicken Assassin: Reloaded, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement, Prismata, Tokyo 42, DashBored, Daily Chthonicle: Editor's Edition, Mr. Pumpkin Adventure, Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You, Has-Been Heroes, Tropico 6, RiME, Planet Coaster, Figment, Dungeons 3, ENIGMA:, Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal, Police Quest™ Collection, Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father®, Montaro, Selma and the Wisp, Kingdom: New Lands, Shiny, Adventures On The Polluted Islands, The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight® Mystery, Replica, Gabriel Knight® 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned, Recursed, Batman - The Telltale Series, Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows, klocki, Medieval Kingdom Wars, Pulse Shift, A Tale of Caos: Overture, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, What Remains of Edith Finch, Unforeseen Incidents, Don't Disturb, Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh, Phantasmagoria, Quest for Glory 1-5, Voodoo Garden, White Noise 2, Four Last Things, 911 Operator, Railway Empire, Endless Fables: The Minotaur's Curse, Manual Samuel - Anniversary Edition, SHENZHEN I/O, Celeste, Battlerite, The God's Chain, Woven, Fables from the Den, Apocalipsis, Antihero, Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!, Unexplored, Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, Handsome Mr. Frog, The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game - Definitive Edition, The Hex, THOTH, Evolvation, Glass Masquerade, Le Havre: The Inland Port, Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator, Unbox: Newbie's Adventure, Quern - Undying Thoughts, Turbo Pug DX, ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!, Juno's Darkest Hour, Sakura Shrine Girls, Caesar™ 3, Caesar™ IV, illumine, Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator, Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, Sakura Space, Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble, Serial Cleaner, The House of Da Vinci, The Last Hope, PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness, Mahjong World Contest (麻将), Alice's Patchworks 2, Lust for Darkness, Emily is Away Too, Asura: Vengeance Edition, Alicemare, The Disney Afternoon Collection, MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate, Birthdays the Beginning, The Wild Eight, Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.4 Himatsubushi, WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.03, For The King, Demon Hunter 3: Revelation, Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small, Patchwork, Shu, Mages of Mystralia, Maniac Mansion, Wandersong, Soulblight, Tower 57, Exoplanet: First Contact, Rusty Lake: Roots, Life is Strange 2, de Blob, CAYNE, Don't open the doors!, Colt Express, Guacamelee! 2, Domina, Two Point Hospital, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, Perfect Fit - Totemland, Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom, Glittermitten Grove, Bomber Crew, Bad Dream: Coma, Sleeping Valley, Train Mechanic Simulator 2017, City Climber, Future Unfolding, Police Stories, ISLANDS: Non-Places, Rose of Winter, Disney Infinity 1.0: Gold Edition, Disney Infinity 2.0: Gold Edition, Disney Infinity 3.0: Gold Edition, Slingshot people, √Letter - Root Letter -, Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, Dead Rising 4, Snake Pass, NITE Team 4 - Military Hacking Division, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, Milkmaid of the Milky Way, Feather, Companion, A Trip to Yugoslavia: Director's Cut, The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, Parallyzed, Red Comrades 3: Return of Alaska. Reloaded, Grab the Bottle, LoveKami -Divinity Stage-, Iron Crypticle, A Rose in the Twilight, Alwa's Awakening, One Night Stand, Wayout, The Sexy Brutale, Sumoman, World of Warships, CRACKHEAD, Learn Japanese To Survive! Katakana War, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, The Wild Eternal, The First Tree, Detention, Japanese School Life, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Drones, The Human Condition, Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game, Disoriented, iREC, Gorogoa, Hello Charlotte EP2: Requiem Aeternam Deo, Odyssey - The Story of Science, Fibrillation HD, Opus Magnum, Rakuen, Betrayal Collection, Ladykiller in a Bind, STAR WARS™ SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE™, Police Quest: SWAT, Indiana Jones® and the Emperor's Tomb™, Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows, World Keepers: Last Resort, Dwarflings, Warstone TD, Access Denied, de Blob 2, Fumiko!, Troll and I™, Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta), Pharaoh + Cleopatra, Scar of the Doll 人形の傷跡, Alone With You, Return to Krondor, Mobile Astro, The Station, Ayakashigami, Zeus + Poseidon, The Search, Under Leaves, Mahjong Magic Journey, Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe, Slash It, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Merry Snowballs, Tattletail, Force of Nature, The Land of Pain, Pivot Pilot, LEAVES - The Journey, LEAVES - The Return, Thimbleweed Park™, SHENZHEN SOLITAIRE, DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED, SteamWorld Dig 2, Golf It!, Nyheim, Pikuniku, Peregrin, AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected, Aporia: Beyond The Valley, Crowtel Renovations, Think of the Children, The Secret Order 5: The Buried Kingdom, Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery, The Mooseman, Them's Fightin' Herds, Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast, Let's Draw, Sakura Agent, Hell Girls, Mosaics Galore 2, Horror Hospital, Evergarden, 🧠 OUT OF THE BOX, Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch. 5 Meakashi, LEGO® City Undercover, A Mortician's Tale, Demonheart, Interkosmos, The Journey Down: Chapter Three, My Lovely Daughter, Old Man's Journey, Everything, The Invisible Hours, Black Desert, Estranged: The Departure, Cosmic Express, InfiniPicross, Faerie Solitaire Remastered, Sonic Mania, Late Shift, Open Sorcery, Leaving Lyndow, Soul Searching, VITATIO 2, Okami HD, HELLION, Beckett, Super Lovely Planet, Majotori, Ni no Kuni™ II: Revenant Kingdom, Parkasaurus, The Adventures of Fei Duanmu 端木斐异闻录, Cat Quest, Algotica Iterations, Tender Loving Care, Arma: Cold War Assault Mac/Linux, Throne of Lies®: Medieval Politics, CPU Invaders, Legend of Hand, Linked, OVIVO, Dark Grim Mariupolis, Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition, Carcassonne - Tiles & Tactics, Graveyard Keeper, Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt, Planet RIX-13, The Coma: Recut, Paradigm, Ticket to Ride: First Journey, The Gardens Between, Train Valley 2, Yono and the Celestial Elephants, Barotrauma, The Cat Games, Age of Defense, King and Assassins, The Low Road, - Arcane Raise -, ReThink, The Crown of Leaves, Luna, VOLTED, Heart's Medicine - Hospital Heat, Moonlighter, Sine Mora EX, FAR: Lone Sails, Minit, The Jackbox Party Pack 4, Desperados III, PacaPlus, Quake Champions, Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive, Bokida - Heartfelt Reunion, House Flipper, Please Knock on My Door, The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk, SOLITUNE, Crystalline, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, Arcade Mayhem Juanito, Barro, Qbik, 1bitHeart, Agatha Knife, while True: learn(), Fluffy Creatures VS The World, Steel Rats™, Ancestors Legacy, PC Building Simulator, Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders, Pandemic: The Board Game, NecroWorm, Mulaka, Rec Center Tycoon - Management Simulator, Chicago 1930 : The Prohibition, HIVESWAP: ACT 1, The Painscreek Killings, Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, LoveKami -Useless Goddess-, Flipping Death, Hellpoint, The Flaws of Gravity, Tangledeep, Nephise Begins, Lydia, Rise of Insanity, The Last Birdling, Tiny Echo, Consummate:Missing World 寇莎梅特:困世迷情, Super Rocket Shootout, Whispers of a Machine, The Fidelio Incident, DERU - The Art of Cooperation, Remothered: Tormented Fathers, Fall of Light: Darkest Edition, Cattails | Become a Cat!, Distrust: Polar Survival, Last Day of June, Sentience: The Android's Tale, Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest, Sonic Forces, Murderous Pursuits, Youropa, The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game, Will Glow the Wisp, The Escapists 2, Art Of Gravity, Shape of the World, Pepper's Puzzles, Keep in Mind: Remastered, Gravity Quest, Rule with an Iron Fish - A Pirate Fishing Adventure, Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest (Complete Season), Egypt: Old Kingdom, Transference™, LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2, Harald: A Game of Influence, Marie's Room, 428: Shibuya Scramble, Raft, Yume Nikki, Shephy, My Memory of Us, Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander (LIGHTSPEED EDITION), BFF or Die, Vickinachi, Eternal Maze, Return of the Obra Dinn, Your Smile Beyond Twilight:黄昏下的月台上, Football Game, Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, YANKAI'S PEAK., PLANETS OF WAR, MagiCat, The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan, Tracks - The Train Set Game, She and the Light Bearer, Rage in Peace, Sorry, James, The Initiate, Flow:The Sliding, LineWay, Regular Human Basketball, The Secret Order 6: Bloodline, All You Can Eat, Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!, Wrongworld, Comedy Night, My Time At Portia, Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.6 Tsumihoroboshi, Tricolour Lovestory, Miles & Kilo, The Free Ones, Escape Doodland, Rise of Industry, DESOLATE, I fell from Grace, All-Star Fruit Racing, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series, Without Within 3 (初衷), SiNKR, PUSH, Subsurface Circular, Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends, Heroes of Hammerwatch, We Were Here Too, Ghosts of Miami, Uurnog Uurnlimited, Farmer's Dynasty, Modern Tales: Age of Invention, Regions Of Ruin, Night Call, Eagle Island Twist, Pato Box, Sidewords, GRIS, Entwined: The Perfect Murder, Bridge Constructor Portal, Polygoneer, Sakura Gamer, Carpe Diem: Reboot, Bronze Age - HD Edition, Transparent Black, unWorded, Darkestville Castle, Sword Legacy: Omen, Smoke and Sacrifice, Twickles, Super Seducer : How to Talk to Girls, Treadnauts, BROKE PROTOCOL: Online City RPG, The Norwood Suite, Lake Ridden, Midnight Quest, Doki Doki Literature Club!, Human-powered spacecraft, Keyboard Killers, PEG, Feudal Alloy, Project Mercury, Donut County, Animal Super Squad, Generation Zero®, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, The Walking Vegetables, Keepsake, Death Coming/死神来了, Far from Noise, Towards The Pantheon, God of Light: Remastered, Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze, CHUCHEL, Elise the Devil, SIMULACRA, King Exit, Little Misfortune, Inline, EXAPUNKS, A Case of Distrust, Reigns: Her Majesty, Scythe: Digital Edition, Driftland: The Magic Revival, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, PUSS!, Indecision., Pipe Push Paradise, CASE 2: Animatronics Survival, Rumu, Arcade Moonlander, Umiro, Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, Overcooked! 2, Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition, Verdant Skies, The Curse of Monkey Island, Escape from Monkey Island™, Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy, My Big Sister, Genesis Noir, 11-11 Memories Retold, Baba Is You, The Raven Remastered, We. The Revolution, F1 2018, Break the Game, Lost Grimoires 3: The Forgotten Well, OPUS: Rocket of Whispers, The Big Journey, Nonogram - The Greatest Painter, Astrologaster, DISTRAINT 2, Monster Prom, Rusty Lake Paradise, StrikeForce Kitty, Speed Dating for Ghosts, Cypher, Chronicles of Magic: Divided Kingdoms, Nippon Marathon, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition, Gray Dawn, Joggernauts, PixelJunk™ Monsters 2, Big Tower Tiny Square, Forager, Outer Wilds, Due Process, AtmaSphere, The World Next Door, Fantasy Quest Solitaire, " DEPLOYMENT, Noir Chronicles: City of Crime, Wolf & Rabbit, Truberbrook / Trüberbrook, Shenmue I & II, Learn Japanese To Survive! Kanji Combat, Deiland, Retimed, Hello Charlotte EP3: Childhood's End, EARTHLOCK, Lamplight City, Afterparty, Depraved, Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! HD, The Spectrum Retreat, Leisure Suit Larry 1 - In the Land of the Lounge Lizards, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition, Leisure Suit Larry 2 - Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places), Leisure Suit Larry 3 - Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals, Leisure Suit Larry 5 - Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work, Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry, The Occupation, Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for Sail, Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude Uncut and Uncensored, Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Shape Up Or Slip Out, Kenshō, Gloom: Digital Edition, Dying Light: Bad Blood, Red Solstice 2: Survivors, Muddledash, Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest: Episode 1, Bad Dream: Fever, Path to Mnemosyne, Hero of the Kingdom III, Super Inefficient Golf, Delete, MIAZMA or the Devil's Stone, Steampunker, Muse Dash, Heaven's Vault, Warhammer: Chaosbane, YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-, Project Winter, Puzzlement, Fluffy Horde, Suzy Cube, Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time, SpellKeeper, Potion Explosion, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, INFERNIUM, Tick Tock: A Tale for Two, Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders, 7 Billion Humans, The Beast Inside, KIDS, Outward Definitive Edition, Neo Cab, Clue/Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game, The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark, Desert of Vice, Headsnatchers, Dissembler, Squidlit, The Adventures of Elena Temple: Definitive Edition, Terraforming Mars, Agent A: A puzzle in disguise, NAIRI: Tower of Shirin, Muv-Luv (マブラヴ), Muv-Luv Alternative (マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ), Bad Day, STAR WARS™ Episode I Racer, Ninjin: Clash of Carrots, Degrees of Separation, The Office Quest, Verlet Swing, Etherborn, The King's Bird, Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning, Supraland, Runefall, Sakura Sadist, Queen's Quest 4: Sacred Truce, Simple Story - Alex, Tardy, Hidden Paws, SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest, LEGO® The Incredibles, Soulfire, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, Isoland 2 - Ashes of Time, HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON, I am not a Monster: First Contact, Tales of the Neon Sea, The Stillness of the Wind, LEGO® DC Super-Villains, AIdol, CryoFall, No Time to Relax, Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?!, Isoland, EMMA The Story, Hiveswap Friendsim, Citrouille: Sweet Witches, King's Heir: Rise to the Throne, Transpose, Untitled Goose Game, Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace, Siralim 3, Märchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift [Legacy ver.], ILLUSION, Desert Child, Rustler (Grand Theft Horse), Fox Hime Zero, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Super Lucky's Tale, Katamari Damacy REROLL, LUMINES REMASTERED, Sandmade, The Light Keeps Us Safe, Equilinox, Perseverance: Part 1, My Brother Rabbit, The Initiate 2: The First Interviews, Scalak, Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer, Mark of the Ninja: Remastered, The Spiral Scouts, OneShift, HITMAN™ 2, Super Seducer 2 - Advanced Seduction Tactics, We Were Here Together, Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love, The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor, Up Left Out, Oneiros, Radio Commander, Guard Duty, Isle of Skye, The Battle of Polytopia, Shenmue III, Bug Academy, How To Date A Magical Girl!, CRSED: F.O.A.D., In Other Waters, Valheim, Path of Sin: Greed, Spellcaster University, Koral, DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, Demonheart: Hunters, The Shapeshifting Detective, Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank, Reventure, Vambrace: Cold Soul, Indiana Jones® and the Infernal Machine™, Summer Catchers, Cube Escape: Paradox, Songbird Symphony, Train Station Renovation, Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure, Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep, Felix The Reaper, Hamsterdam, Vectronom, The Uncertain: Light At The End, Myst III: Exile, Myst IV: Revelation, Love Letter, Accounting+, Alchemia, Simmiland, Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions, Hidden Paws Mystery, Relicta, Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands, Among Us, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine: Fireside Chats, macdows 95, Zueirama, ART SQOOL, Fantasy Blacksmith, Bloons TD 6, The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game, Boomerang Fu, Paranoia: Deliver Me, Montaro RE, SiNKR 2, Size Matters, Kaori After Story, DRONE The Game, Nightmare (Incubo), Lossless Scaling, Lightmatter, Moving Out, Quell Memento, Kingdom: Classic, Twilight Struggle, Goetia, Alchemy Garden, Project Rhombus, Through the Darkest of Times, Skyland: Heart of the Mountain, Catherine Classic, SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics, Dead Rising® 2, Carmageddon: Max Damage, STAR WARS™ - Dark Forces, Unreal Gold, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Dead Island Definitive Edition, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty, Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, TimeShift™, Indiana Jones® and the Last Crusade™, GOD EATER 3, Pacify, Rune Classic, Painkiller Hell & Damnation, Lucius, POSTAL, Dying Light, The Chaos Engine, Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition, Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition, POSTAL Redux, Painkiller Overdose, Last Oasis, Snakeybus, Sky Racket, Coloring Game, Evoland Legendary Edition, Little Mouse's Encyclopedia, Silver Chains, Interrogation: You will be deceived, TAMASHII, Backbone: Prologue, The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame, S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster, 112 Operator, Flower, Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt, Reversion - The Return (Last Chapter), Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, National Park Girls, Gato Roboto, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa, A Year Of Rain, Synergia, The Great Perhaps, AI: The Somnium Files, Smile For Me, Fling to the Finish, Cat Quest II, Superliminal, A Short Hike, Wanderlust: Travel Stories, Shelter 3, Drink More Glurp, Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced, Unrailed!, KARDS - The WWII Card Game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Embr, Lornsword Winter Chronicle, The Long Return, Seen, Brukel, Planet Zoo, Warhammer Underworlds: Online, Museum of Other Realities, GOAT OF DUTY, Automachef, The Procession to Calvary, STAR WARS™ Battlefront (Classic, 2004), Tabletop Playground, TOHU, CSC | Space MMO,, Gamecraft, Argonus and the Gods of Stone, Fort Boyard, Ord., She Sees Red - Interactive Movie, TheoTown, YOOMURJAK'S RING, Tzar: The Burden of the Crown, Toki, Dry Drowning, Tales of the Black Forest, Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 (2003 re-release), Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York, Rainy Season, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated, Darksiders Genesis, Destiny 2, Waking, Chicken Police - Paint it RED!, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION, Monsters of Little Haven, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, Moons of Madness, Per Aspera, Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.7 Minagoroshi, GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath, OXXO, Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale, Ethereal Enigma, Fluffy Store, Heal, Evan's Remains, Queen's Quest 5: Symphony of Death, The Henry Stickmin Collection, Don't Escape Trilogy, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, Before We Leave, Rising Kingdoms, Muv-Luv photonflowers*, Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, Autonauts, Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard, Main Assembly, Garfield Kart - Furious Racing, The Almost Gone, Showdown Bandit, Eliza, Uncharted Tides: Port Royal, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!, Wingspan, The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, Filament, Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break, Help Will Come Tomorrow, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky, Remothered: Broken Porcelain, The White Door, Cyber Hook, Celtic Kings: Rage of War, Pesterquest, Mars Power Industries Deluxe, SIMULACRA 2, If Found..., Timelie, Summer Paws, Zelle, Fun with Ragdolls: The Game, Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch™ Remastered, OMORI, 3, The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature, Close to the Sun, Mindustry, Little Big Workshop, Calico, Endless Fables 4: Shadow Within, The Deed II, Table Manners: Physics-Based Dating Game, Going Under, Freud Gate, Pilgrims, Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King, Deep Sleep Trilogy, Murder by Numbers, Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1, Röki, Timberborn, Pixel Puzzles Traditional Jigsaws, Endzone - A World Apart, Mr. Pumpkin 2: Kowloon walled city, Ghost Files 2: Memory of a Crime, Don't Die, Minerva!, Pumpkin Jack, Nebuchadnezzar, MOLEK-SYNTEZ, SuperEpic: The Entertainment War, Golf Around!, Little Triangle, Cat Lady - The Card Game, Dead Age 2: The Zombie Survival RPG, Gang of Four, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout - Anniversary Edition, The Suicide of Rachel Foster, The Secret Order 8: Return to the Buried Kingdom, The Survivalists, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Wide Ocean Big Jacket, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Gothic Playable Teaser, Paradise Killer, Suzerain, Path of Giants, Return to Shironagasu Island, Down in Bermuda, Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, Creepy Tale, Featherfall, Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition, Helheim Hassle, Florence, Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises, Partisans 1941, Before Your Eyes, The Test, Spirit of the North, ISOLAND3: Dust of the Universe, Blood Rage: Digital Edition, Ageless, Hotshot Racing, Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 1, Submarine Titans, Neuronaut, Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.8 Matsuribayashi, Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York, Journey, Cyrano Story, XCOM®: Chimera Squad, Cube Escape Collection, Skully, Surviving the Aftermath, Embracelet, Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil, Drake Hollow, Just Die Already, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human, shapez, Mini Motor Racing X, Depanneur Nocturne, Sizeable, Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star, My Koi, Sea of Thieves, Unravel Two, Paper Beast, Forgotten Trace: Thanatos in Nostalgia, International Space Banana, Warpips, Gordian Rooms 1: A curious heritage, Stray, Blue Fire, Operation: Tango, A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition, tomorrow won't come for those without ██████, Tell Me Why, Family Mysteries 3: Criminal Mindset, Worms Rumble, Muv-Luv photonmelodies♮, One Way: The Elevator, Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest, Inscryption, Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk, Lacuna – A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure, Castle Rock Beach, West Australia, New Super Lucky's Tale, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, Milo and the Magpies, The Unfinished Swan, Paper Beast - Folded Edition, Cats Organized Neatly, Marble Age: Remastered, Shiro, Neighbours back From Hell, Streets Of Kamurocho, Armor of Heroes, Endless Zone, Golden Axed: A Cancelled Prototype, Inversion™, The Amazing American Circus, Möbius Front '83, SpellForce 3: Versus Edition, Sam & Max Save the World, THE CORRIDOR, Kathy Rain: Director's Cut, Crunch Time!, Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen, The Room 4: Old Sins, Machinika Museum, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, [TDA03] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 03 REMASTERED, [TDA02] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 02 REMASTERED, [TDA01] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 01 REMASTERED, [TDA00] Muv-Luv Unlimited: THE DAY AFTER - Episode 00 REMASTERED, Anno Online, World of Tanks, Metro 2033, Toree 3D, 100 hidden cats, Erica, LEGO® Builder's Journey, LudoNarraCon Supporter Pack featuring Cyrano, Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft, Incredibox, Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milk, Samorost 1, Capcom Arcade Stadium, Endorlight, Cookie Clicker, Deiland: Pocket Planet, Monsti, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, Life is Strange: True Colors, Get In The Car, Loser!, Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 2, Blue Fire: Void Maker, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, Cave Story's Secret Santa, Life is Strange Remastered, Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered, Knightfall: A Daring Journey, The Elder Scrolls: Arena, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory to the backlog
+ added RACE 07: Andy Priaulx Crowne Plaza Raceway (Free DLC), Drakensang - Phileasson's Secret, STCC The Game 2 – Expansion Pack for RACE 07, GT Power Pack – Expansion Pack for RACE 07, RETRO – Expansion Pack for RACE 07, WTCC 2010 – Expansion Pack for RACE 07, Tropico 3: Absolute Power, Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty, Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed: Metal Sonic & Outrun DLC, Crazy Machines 2: Invaders From Space, 2nd Wave DLC, Shelter 2 Soundtrack, Life is Strange™ - Directors' Commentary, PAYDAY 2: John Wick Weapon Pack, Layers of Fear - Soundtrack, Detention - Original Soundtracks, Moonlighter Original Soundtrack, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux to the backlog
+ wishlisted Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas 2, The Settlers®: Heritage of Kings, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® 3 Gold, Mr. Robot, LEGO® Indiana Jones™: The Original Adventures, LEGO® Indiana Jones™ 2: The Adventure Continues, Coconut Queen, Lost Planet® 2, Star Ruler, Critical Mass, Owlboy, Resonance, DG2: Defense Grid 2, Resident Evil Revelations, Wargame: Airland Battle, Clockwork Empires, Ironclad Tactics, Castle Story, Dream, Joe Danger, Universe Sandbox, Killing Floor 2, Stronghold Crusader 2, Dyscourse, Audiosurf 2, Memento Mori 2, Contagion, PAC-MAN™ and the Ghostly Adventures, Quadrilateral Cowboy, In Verbis Virtus, Mushroom 11, Divinity: Dragon Commander, Homesick, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Craft The World, Risk of Rain, BELOW, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Wargame: Red Dragon, Corpse Party, Gravity Ghost, Elegy for a Dead World, DwarfCorp, Rust, PULSAR: Lost Colony, Stonehearth, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, Serious Sam 4, J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars, Void Destroyer, YOU DON'T KNOW JACK Vol. 4 The Ride, 1001 Spikes, Chuck's Challenge 3D 2020, Subnautica, FORCED SHOWDOWN, LYNE, Magicite, Edge Of Eternity, RymdResa, Secrets of Grindea, The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed, Offworld Trading Company, Star Control®: Origins, Grand Theft Auto V, Dungeon Lords Steam Edition, Serious Sam's Bogus Detour, Tech Executive Tycoon, BloodLust Shadowhunter, Imagine Earth, Future Perfect, LOST ORBIT, Maize, Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, DeadCore, Solarix, Derrick the Deathfin, Rex Rocket, Dungeonmans, Fable Anniversary, Clandestine, You Must Build A Boat, The Last Crown: Blackenrock, FINAL FANTASY® XIII, Duet, Classroom Aquatic, RimWorld, Qasir al-Wasat: International Edition, Niko: Through The Dream, Ascendant, The Old City: Leviathan, Qvadriga, Split/Second, XING: The Land Beyond, Lemma, Skin Deep, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Faery - Legends of Avalon, Servo, Heroes of Issachar, The Elder Scrolls® Online, Curses 'N Chaos, Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients, Grand Ages: Medieval, Deathtrap, Assassin’s Creed® Rogue, Xanadu Next, METAL SLUG X, The Solus Project, Deathsmiles, Rampage Knights, Aware, Foresight, Dig or Die, Trainz: A New Era, Solstice, Roommates, Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition, Act of Aggression - Reboot Edition, Convoy, Burnstar, There Came an Echo, Tokyo School Life, Dandelion - Wishes brought to you -, Moorhuhn: Tiger and Chicken, Hardland, StandPoint, Vagante, DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE, Oblivious Garden ~Carmina Burana, Caffeine, CodeSpells, VoidExpanse, Boundless, Gemini: Heroes Reborn, To Be or Not To Be, Parallax, Notch - The Innocent LunA: Eclipsed SinnerS, Total War: ATTILA, Windward, Ironcast, 7th Legion, Redline, Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon, Reassembly, JumpJet Rex, Catlateral Damage, KeeperRL, Carmageddon TDR 2000, The Jackbox Party Pack, Mystik Belle, Isbarah, A Druid's Duel, Soccertron, Star Traders: Frontiers, LISA: The Painful, Deadnaut, Velocity 2X, The Mims Beginning, Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~, Vagrant Hearts, Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth, Death Ray Manta SE, Harold, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, Choice of Robots, Enemy, TIMEframe, Tomb of Tyrants, Mad Games Tycoon, Chronicles of Teddy, NeXus: One Core, Unraveled: Tale of the Shipbreaker's Daughter, Sym, SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance, Zombie Kill of the Week - Reborn, Airships: Conquer the Skies, HyperRogue, It came from space and ate our brains, Fermi's Path, Endica VII The Dream King, Bob Was Hungry, Big Pharma, LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY® XIII, The Fruit of Grisaia, The Labyrinth of Grisaia, The Eden of Grisaia, OBEY, Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens, Gaokao.Love.100Days, Doodle God, Sector Zero, Night Mysteries: The Amphora Prisoner, Mosaic, The Rainy Port Keelung 雨港基隆, Popup Dungeon, EITR, Environmental Station Alpha, The Bug Butcher, Streets of Fury EX, The Universim, Please, Don’t Touch Anything, Echoes of Aetheria, Leo’s Fortune - HD Edition, Overland, Albino Lullaby: Episode 1, The Confines Of The Crown, Cobalt, Home Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 — Prelude, Why Am I Dead At Sea, In Space We Brawl, Exanima, Cadence, Black Mesa, Goliath, RPG Maker MV, Starchaser: Priestess of the Night Sky, Below Kryll, METAL SLUG, CrossCode, 60 Seconds!, Rememoried, Timespinner, Awe, Legends of Pixelia, Contradiction - Spot The Liar!, The Assembly, Virginia, Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, Chronicon, Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series, Subaeria, G-senjou no Maou - The Devil on G-String, Mushihimesama, Ymir, Blues and Bullets, Thea: The Awakening, Herald: An Interactive Period Drama - Book I & II, Eco, The Amber Throne, Hot Lava, Cross of the Dutchman, Fingered, Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge, The Land Of Lamia, Pharaonic, Blood Code, Cashtronauts, The Cat Machine, FIVE: Guardians of David, Mekazoo, Circa Infinity, Beyond Flesh and Blood, Crashlands, NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence, Buildanauts, TowerClimb, Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire, Over The Hills And Far Away, Catyph: The Kunci Experiment, Hylics, Old School Musical, I and Me, Rabi-Ribi, The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, ARSLAN: THE WARRIORS OF LEGEND, The Guest, Puzzle Ball, Kindred Spirits on the Roof, The Coma: Cutting Class, Osiris: New Dawn, THE GAME OF LIFE, Planetbase, Color Symphony 2, DarkMaus, Umineko When They Cry - Question Arcs, Cinderella Escape! R12, Message Quest, FORM, ChromaGun, Unfortunate Spacemen, Failed State, Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, Death by Game Show, Brilliant Shadows - Part One of the Book of Gray Magic, Swapperoo, The Rivers of Alice - Extended Version, Loot Hound™, TY the Tasmanian Tiger, Stories of Bethem: Full Moon, Bullet Heaven 2, STEINS;GATE, Life is Hard, Raining Blobs, Nyan Cat: Lost In Space, Full Metal Furies, Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of The Poultroid, Mayjasmine Episode01 - What is God?, Hiragana Pixel Party, Helen's Mysterious Castle, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, OneShot, Harmonia, The Bradwell Conspiracy, Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, Karaski: What Goes Up..., Factorio, Who's Your Daddy?!, The Next World, P.A.M.E.L.A.®, Industries of Titan, TurnOn, Fear Equation, Fragments of Him, Deliver Us The Moon, Save the Dodos, Red Haze, Space Mechanic Simulator, Dungeon Rushers, The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns, Never Again, Memoranda, Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For-, Quote, Breakneck, Orange Moon, Kim, The Song of Seven : Overture, Lost Castle / 失落城堡, Campus Notes - forget me not., Raw Data, Ira Act 1: Pilgrimage, BLUE REVOLVER, Royal Heroes, Conan Exiles, Sometimes Always Monsters, Quest of Souls, I am Setsuna, Tokyo Babel, NO THING, VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, Regeria Hope Episode 1, Nefarious, Overload, Chicken Invaders 2, Attack on Titan / A.O.T. Wings of Freedom, A Fold Apart, Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island, Asemblance, Parkitect, Blackwood Crossing, Last Will, Dear RED - Extended, Dark Fear, [the Sequence], Omensight: Definitive Edition, Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation, The American Dream, TumbleSeed, Vilmonic, Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning Steam Edition, YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, Riverbond, The Leisure of Grisaia, Guards, Avadon 3: The Warborn, Boiling Bolt, Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo, Resette's Prescription ~Book of memory, Swaying scale~, Empires of the Undergrowth, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, Screeps: World, DoDonPachi Resurrection, The Afterglow of Grisaia, The Melody of Grisaia, LUNA The Shadow Dust, The Pedestrian, GRAVEN The Purple Moon Prophecy, Rocketbirds 2 Evolution, Event[0], TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children, Crystal City, BallisticNG, Manifold Garden, One Small Fire At A Time, Heart of Crown PC, Night in the Woods, System Shock, Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, Frog Climbers, Welcome to the Game, The Caretaker - Dungeon Nightshift, Quest Hunter, 88 Heroes, Putty Pals, The Last Look, Quell Zen, 神明的一天世界(God's One Day World), PRINCIPIA: Master of Science, Momonga Pinball Adventures, She Dreams Elsewhere, Bear With Me - Episode One, GTFO, Praey for the Gods, Empty Horizons, Sumeru, The Mind Hero, Dungeon Punks, Along the Edge, 39 Days to Mars, Downward, The Last Weekend, Transmission, forma.8, Little Red Lie, Long Gone Days, Farm Life: Natures Adventure, Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea!, Nightshade/百花百狼, Gochi-Show! for Girls -How To Learn Japanese Cooking Game-, Elsinore, Miaou Moon, The Frostrune, Straimium Immortaly, Martha Is Dead, Bad Pad, Dead End Junction, Another Brick in The Mall, Alchemist Adventure, Princess Maker 2 Refine, A Normal Lost Phone, Please, Don't Touch Anything 3D, Disturbed, World to the West, Slayaway Camp, Archimedes, Super Blood Hockey, Under a Porcelain Sun, Dwarrows, Orcish Inn, Greenwood the Last Ritual, Angels of Death, Feel The Snow, Mahjong, GTTOD: Get To The Orange Door, Red's Kingdom, Sally Face - Episode One, Forgotton Anne, The Herbalist, Voodoo Vince: Remastered, Coffin of Ashes, Pathway, Fear Effect Sedna, Deep Rock Galactic, The Shadows of Pygmalion, Archaica: The Path of Light, Die With Glory — Point and Click Adventure Game, Druid, ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game, WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY®, TUNIC, The Pirate's Fate, ICEY, MachiaVillain, Able Black, Stories Untold, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, A Fisherman's Tale, Outlaws + A Handful of Missions, Just Ignore Them, </reality>, When Our Journey Ends - A Visual Novel, LOST EMBER, The Edgelands, Keen: One Girl Army, Heartbound, Pictopix, Kingdoms and Castles, Angels with Scaly Wings / 鱗羽の天使, Tin Hearts: Prologue, Underhero, The Tenth Line, Golem Gates, The Outer Worlds, Constructor, RUSH: A Disney • PIXAR Adventure, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, Water Planet, Black Mirror, FoxTail, Super Meat Boy Forever, Monster Hunter: World, Passpartout: The Starving Artist, LIT, Princess Maker Refine, Sweetest Monster, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition, WILL: A Wonderful World / WILL:美好世界, Legend of the Skyfish, Where Cards Fall, Kindergarten, The Red Strings Club, Night Lights, Candleman: The Complete Journey, Knights And Bikes, Ooblets, Visage, Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader, One Hour One Life, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, West of Loathing, BIOMUTANT, Ascender, HUNTDOWN, Shakedown: Hawaii, The Blackout Club, Unto The End, Megaquarium, The Hand of Merlin, Hotel Anatolia, My Name is You, NEKOPARA Vol. 3, A Robot Named Fight!, A Tale of Two Kingdoms, Monolith, Flood of Light, HellSign, Startup Company, Masters of Anima, Linkage, One Eyed Kutkh, Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition, The Last Night, CHRONO TRIGGER®, SPACEPLAN, Home Sweet Home, Chess of Blades, The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse, Fatal Twelve, Catmaze, Hacktag, Stoneshard, All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game, Warlocks 2: God Slayers, Super Hydorah, Symphonic Rain, Maneater, The Mummy Demastered, Explottens, Community Inc, Risk of Rain 2, A Story Beside, EMPORIUM, Spire of Sorcery, BATTLETECH, Secret of Mana, Capitalism 2, DYSTOA, Coming Out on Top, Fugl, Mirror, They Are Billions, Mechanism, Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game, Ashen, Sanator: Scarlet Scarf, No Longer Home, Star Renegades, Brigand: Oaxaca, In the Raven Shadow – Ve stínu havrana, Ultra Space Battle Brawl, Wonderful Everyday Down the Rabbit-Hole, Artificer: Science of Magic, Warsim: The Realm of Aslona, The Lighthouse, Growbot, Swim Out, Epitasis, Foxfolk, HammerHelm, Draw Puzzle 画之谜, Super Fancy Pants Adventure, Atomic Heart, Swaps and Traps, GOKEN, Academia : School Simulator, Neofeud, Sky Haven, Simon the Sorcerer: 25th Anniversary Edition, Boyfriend Dungeon, Shining Song Starnova, Jettomero: Hero of the Universe, Time Warpers, Attentat 1942, SOULS, Simon the Sorcerer - Mucusade: 25th Anniversary Edition, Minotaur, Supermagical, Silicon Zeroes, Rapture Rejects, Divide, Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story, Inked: A Tale of Love, Downward Spiral: Horus Station, SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption, Misao: Definitive Edition, Mission 1545, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions, Scorn, Rise of the Third Power, Despotism 3k, TFM: The First Men, Kingdom Two Crowns, Wattam, LongStory, Hakoniwa Explorer Plus, Strange Telephone, Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD, Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, Devader, Override: Mech City Brawl, Tametsi, Lonely Mountains: Downhill, Elden: Path of the Forgotten, Those Who Remain, Eastshade, Blackberry Honey, Aggelos, Mundaun, Overloop, Princess Maker 5, Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince, Necrobarista, Slap City, Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up, Creeping Terror, Projection: First Light, Wytchwood, Cleansuit, Raji: An Ancient Epic, Super Skelemania, Undercrewed, Juicy Realm, Sudoku Universe / 数独宇宙, 8-Bit Adventures 2, Neversong, The Crooked Man, Flynn: Son of Crimson, Catastronauts, Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator, Breathedge, The Executioner, AntVentor, The Sand Man, Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets, Marble Skies, MewnBase, Temtem, Apparition, A Sky Full of Stars 仰望夜空的星辰, Wreckin' Ball Adventure, The Hanged Man, The Sinking City, AWAY: The Survival Series, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, CINERIS SOMNIA, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Sable, Broken Reality, Paw Patrol: On A Roll!, Kynseed, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Cat Burglar: A Tail of Purrsuit, Wave Break, Mr. Prepper, Mineko's Night Market, Brave Hand, Wildermyth, Your Royal Gayness, A Light in the Dark, SMALLAND, Draugen, Good Pizza, Great Pizza - Cooking Simulator Game, Rainswept, Lucid Dream Adventure, Exo One, Meow Motors, Primal Pursuit, ITTA, The Tower of Beatrice, Vulpine, Gloomhaven, INSOMNIA: The Ark, Treasure Stack, Team Sonic Racing™, WHAT THE GOLF?, Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos, Nepenthe, DEAD OR SCHOOL, The Void Rains Upon Her Heart, THE QUIET MAN™, 1 Screen Platformer, Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles, A Rite from the Stars, Never Stop Sneakin', The Sojourn, Odium to the Core, Red Embrace, Othercide, Picrastination, Ghostly Matter, Hide The Body, Silenced: The House, Bury Me, My Love, Headspun, ZeroRanger, FISHERY, Project Pastorate, Shortest Trip to Earth, Mythic Ocean, Monster Sanctuary, Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice - GOTY Edition, Death Crown, Changed, Unbound: Worlds Apart, Super Saurio Fly: Jurassic Edition, Merrily Perilly, Bloodroots, Aqua Lungers, 螢幕判官 Behind the Screen, Idol Manager, Ellen, Macrotis: A Mother's Journey, Kine, STEINS;GATE 0, Dead End Job, Kaze and the Wild Masks, Dolmen, Bullet Age, The 7th Circle - Endless Nightmare, Heaven Will Be Mine, 月夜下的紅茶杯 ~ Blacktea With Moon, Fated Kingdom, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Merry Glade, Unleashed, 7'scarlet, Garden Paws, Honey, I Joined a Cult, Super Animal Royale, Hypnospace Outlaw, Evergate, Rats, Bats, and Bones, The friends of Ringo Ishikawa, Moss, Diner Bros, Alaskan Truck Simulator, Midnight Caravan, Noel the Mortal Fate S1-7, Penko Park, sweet pool, El Hijo - A Wild West Tale, Quarantine Circular, Subterraneus, Ikenfell, A Long Way Down, KURSK, Marble It Up!, Radiant One, PLAYNE : The Meditation Game, Backbone, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, Raiders Of The Lost Island, Project Hospital, killer7, Feather Of Praying 羽翼的祈愿, Control Ultimate Edition, Quiet as a Stone, Ministry of Broadcast, The Forgotten City, Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, Seeds of Resilience, Quench, Anodyne 2: Return to Dust, Noita, Furwind, STORMDIVERS, Beyond Blue, Asterix & Obelix XXL 2, Owl Watch, Tunche, Another Sight - Definitive Edition, 雨上がりのハナビィ Ameagari no Hanaby, The End: Inari's Quest, Silent Night, One Hand Clapping, Newfound Courage, THE LONGING, ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree, Lucah: Born of a Dream, Paratopic, Among Trees, Endling - Extinction is Forever, NEKOPARA Extra, Red Embrace: Hollywood, Zniw Adventure, Anew: The Distant Light, Mystic Vale, Legends of Ethernal, Arcade Spirits, Good Company, Paws and Soul, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION, Alchemic Cutie, WORLD OF HORROR, N1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, Bee Simulator, Coffee Talk, Nine Noir Lives, Little Dragons Café, Paperbark, Awesome Pea, Wintermoor Tactics Club, Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms, Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG, Golf Peaks, Eternal Radiance, Harold Halibut, CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience, Roman's Christmas / 罗曼圣诞探案集, R-Type Dimensions EX, Murder Mystery Machine, Iron Marines, Seven Days, Wenjia, Star Sky 3, Ary and the Secret of Seasons, LoveChoice, Our World Is Ended., I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 1 (Adult Version), Unheard, Sparklite, The Last Friend, Nanotale - Typing Chronicles, Here Be Dragons, DreadOut 2, Intergalactic Fishing, Spitkiss, MUSYNX, Hoyeonjigi, ZED, Creaks, Lifeslide, The Waylanders, Inkulinati, DON'T GIVE UP: A Cynical Tale, Common'hood, Summer in Mara, The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED], Lost in Vivo, Prodeus, Kara no Shojo, Later Alligator, The Blind Prophet, Omno, SkateBIRD, Ancient Abyss, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, NO, THANK YOU!!!, Venineth, Lumberhill, Fenimore Fillmore: 3 Skulls of the Toltecs, Eastward, Space Haven, Disjunction, Game Soup, Paradise Lost, Sea Salt, Operencia: The Stolen Sun, The Unliving, Ultra Strangeness, Conan Unconquered, Project Downfall, The Black Masses, Ancient Enemy, The Invisible Hand, Roombo: First Blood, King under the Mountain, Necken, A Dance of Fire and Ice, Lovecraft Tales, Titan Outpost, Detective Gallo, Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s, Norman's Great Illusion, Crown Trick, King's League II, DYSMANTLE, KUNAI, Cat and Ghostly Road, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, Edgar - Bokbok in Boulzac, Punch Line, POSTAL 2, The Typing of The Dead: Overkill, Timeflow – Time & Money Sim, INMOST, Ring of Pain, Forever Lost: Episode 3, The Tenants, Madorica Real Estate, Xenonauts 2, Beyond The Veil, Overpass, To The Rescue!, SILENT DOOM, Lord Winklebottom Investigates, Tokyo Snap, Terror of Hemasaurus, Super Phantom Cat, Bakery Simulator, 7th Sector, Soko Loco Deluxe, The Abbey - Director's cut, Airborne Kingdom, Haven, Going Medieval, Night is Coming, Disobedient Sheep, The Voice Inside, Spirit Hunter: Death Mark, Lamentum, Littlewood, Norman's Night In, Sail Forth, Lust from Beyond, CHROMATOSE, Cubicity: Slide puzzle, Metamorphosis, Letters - a written adventure, Curious Expedition 2, Spring Falls, ProtoCorgi, Recompile, ScourgeBringer, Mutropolis, Vignettes, Emily is Away <3, Piczle Lines DX+α, Potata: fairy flower, Mech Mechanic Simulator, The Riftbreaker, Ruinarch, Buildings Have Feelings Too!, VirtuaVerse, Lofi Ping Pong, Pirates Outlaws, Dreamscaper, Dwarf Fortress, Half Past Fate, Curious Cases, Nauticrawl, Myha: Return to the Lost Island, Dusty Raging Fist, Dandy Ace, Stela, Eternal Threads, Alchemy Story, The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition, Foregone, Creature in the Well, Trover Saves the Universe, Vampire: The Masquerade® - Bloodlines™ 2, Toolboy, Starstruck: Hands of Time, The Jolly Gang's Misadventures in Africa / Масяня в полной Африке, Paper Dolls: Original / 纸人, Mayhem in Single Valley, Little Witch Nobeta, Telling Lies, Inspector Waffles, Astalon: Tears of the Earth, Orange Island, Trials of Fire, Hello, World., Crumble, Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory, Seed of Life, Eyes in the Dark, Nightmare Reaper, Layers of Fear 2, Tenderfoot Tactics, Last Epoch, A Place for the Unwilling, OCTOPATH TRAVELER™, Cat-o-Combo!, Whipseey and the Lost Atlas, Wytchsun: Elleros Origins, Altered, Beam, Freshly Frosted, Vane, Of Bird and Cage, Sometimes to Deal with the Difficulty of Being Alive, I Need to Believe There Is a Possibility That Life Is Not Real., Charterstone: Digital Edition, Tamarin, Project Witchstone, Welcome to Elk, Board Quizz Adventure, été, Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown, Fearmonium, Weaving Tides, Spleen, Adapt, Autumn's End, Red Bow, Mutazione, Detective Kobayashi - A Visual Novel, Serin Fate, Dream Engines: Nomad Cities - A survival city builder with flying cities, Templum de Malum, Spirit Oath, Crypterion, Selfloss, Constructor Plus, Little One - A Visual Novel, Syntherapy, ORX, Old Gods Rising, Killsquad, Signs of the Sojourner, Moo Lander, GreedFall, Critters for Sale, Disney's Hercules, Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, COLLAPSED, Pixel Noir, 梦乡 The Dreamcatcher, YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world, Dollhouse, Pupperazzi, Blaster Master Zero, Depixtion, Twin Ruin, Garden of the Sea, Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories, Transient: Extended Edition, Voyage, Weakless, Trollskog, The Wild at Heart, Hammerting, The Expression Amrilato, Garden Story, Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials, Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling, Smelter, Kingdom of Night, Among Ripples: Shallow Waters, Figment 2: Creed Valley, LUNARK, Svoboda 1945: Liberation, Shadows of Doubt, LOST EGG, The Crimson Diamond, Citizens of Space, Baldur's Gate 3, Climbros, Starmancer, Destroy All Humans!, Jack Move, Lemnis Gate, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Blair Witch, Psychonauts 2, Spiritfarer®: Farewell Edition, Gears 5, CARRION, Fall Guys, Timemelters, Evil Genius 2: World Domination, After the Fall®, Cris Tales, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, Conan Chop Chop, Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy, Super Space Club, Lucifer Within Us, Twelve Minutes, UNDYING, Commandos 2 - HD Remaster, This is the Zodiac Speaking, Empire of Sin, Trials of Mana, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, Inside Grass, We Met in May, Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game, Alchemist Simulator, Yet Another Hero Story, Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue, Shing!, Himno - The Silent Melody, Alexio, Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories, Stronghold: Warlords, Solasta: Crown of the Magister, SolSeraph, Alternate Jake Hunter: DAEDALUS The Awakening of Golden Jazz, Linked Mask, MY WOLF - Desktop Wild Pet, Mago, Langrisser I & II, ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE, Alliance of the Sacred Suns, Theropods, Mad Cat's World. Act - 1: Not by meat alone..., Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to), Bake 'n Switch, Turok: Escape from Lost Valley, Distant Kingdoms, Urban Explorer, Acting Lessons, SUPER BUILD, RetroArch, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD, Ranch Simulator, A Summer with the Shiba Inu, Brume, In Sound Mind, Children of Silentown, Roguebook, Tribes of Midgard, Savior, Raiders of the North Sea, Cantata, Under: Depths of Fear, Gensokyo Night Festival, Fit For a King, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition, KILL la KILL -IF, I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 2 (Adult Version), GRIME, Globesweeper: Hex Puzzler, Gatewalkers, KIN, Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town, Mizuchi 白蛇心傳, Perspective, Shady Part of Me, Mazgeon, Jamestown+, The Last Spell, Dark Envoy, Atrio: The Dark Wild, Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack, Dwerve, Minute of Islands, The Song of Saya, Gamedec, Papetura, Pile Up! 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Leo's Family, Severed Steel, Missing Children | 行方不明, Monochrome World, Nighthawks, BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE, PowerWash Simulator, Related, Gori: Cuddly Carnage, The Last Stand: Aftermath, Wobbly Life, Monorail Stories, Glitchphobia, Gunfire Reborn, SOLAS 128, YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story, Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands, Breakpoint, Boinihi: The Ki Codex, Anomaly Hunter, Fred3ric, Push Your Family, Snacko, The Ascent, Call of the Sea, Chorus, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, The Medium, Methods: The Detective Competition, Murder House, Misc. A Tiny Tale, Ultreïa, The Last Shot, Gravewood High, Nexomon: Extinction, Chasing Static, Blightbound, Tin Can, Wicked Willow, My Diggy Dog 2, I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, Tsugunohi, Oddventure, Negative Nancy, Time Loader, Toodee and Topdee, The Magister, TOEM, Wild Planet, Gloomwood, Craftopia, Game Director Story, Lost in Play, Gwan Moon High School : The Ghost Gate, Nino Maze LOFI, Button City, Red Sails, Onsen Master, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Mezmeratu, Epic Chef, Nummels, Quantum Protocol, Townscaper, Ruggnar, Night Reverie, Errand Boy, Len's Island, Against the Storm, Sunshine Manor, No Umbrellas Allowed, Dude, Where Is My Beer?, Paper Dolls 2 纸人贰, The ER: Patient Typhon, Dr Livingstone, I Presume? Reversed Escape Room, Party Animals, Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER, Mists of Aiden, Sanity of Morris, Beyond Mankind: The Awakening, ARIA CHRONICLE, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, The Secret of Retropolis, Rebots, Sea of Solitude, Lorera, Hylics 2, Midnight Scenes: The Highway (Special Edition), NUTS, Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection, Britannic: Patroness of the Mediterranean, SpellForce 3: Fallen God, Sumire, Steel Assault, Little Kitty, Big City, Space Court, Please, Touch The Artwork, Choice of Life: Middle Ages, Metal: Hellsinger, Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, Demon Turf, RITE, Keylocker | Turn Based Cyberpunk Action, Lovingly Evil, PERISH, FORECLOSED, Goodbye Volcano High, Pronty, Foxen Island, Do Animals Dream?, Elli, Fashion Police Squad, No Place for Bravery, ICARUS, Don't Forget Me, STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town, Rogue Lords, The Outlast Trials, Serial Cleaners, Griftlands, Lost At Sea, Source of Madness, Wolfstride, Princess Farmer, Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch, Roboquest, Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator, Shuffs, Blacksmith Bay, Kabukicho Story, The Frosted, A Way Out, Dead Space™ 3, Coral Island, Aquarium Designer, Regrowth, Kargast, Beacon Pines, The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante, Sky Fleet, Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne, IMMORTALITY, Detective From The Crypt, ARMORED HEAD, Arise: A Simple Story, Escape Game Fort Boyard, Citystate II, Petal Crash, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2, Holomento, SimCasino, 春と修羅|Haru to Shura, Vesper: Zero Light Edition, Wind Peaks, Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia, Lonefarm, The Last Survey, Tiny Lands, Finders, Keepers, Desktop Farm, Room No. 9, Ad Agency Tycoon, Tunnel of Doom, Aethernaut, Page One, Deep Space Gardening, Please Be Happy, Cats and the Other Lives, helionaut, Witchtastic, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, Steelrising, G String, Airport Renovator, Moon Farming, Noch, Oniria Crimes, Cross the Moon, Olija, Anno 1404 - 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Sky Castle, Myst, Love Shore, Aery - Little Bird Adventure, Rev, Kitaria Fables, Slavania, Let It Go - How to realize your dreams, Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, Hot Pot For One, Plague M.D., Farlanders, Quest: Escape Room, Aery - Broken Memories, Fate of Kai, Ocean's Heart, Catizens, In My Shadow, Usurper: Soulbound, The Legend of Tianding, ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights, Asterix & Obelix XXL: Romastered, Spacelines from the Far Out, CBT With Yuuka Kazami, Aveliana, TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS, Extra Coin, Blacksmith Legends, Winter Ember, Mechanic 8230: Escape from Ilgrot, Escape from Naraka, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix, Lichenvale, Sonority, Mind Scanners, Dread Nautical, Dealer's Life 2, Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery, Forklift Load, Farewell North, Sink Again, BigChick, Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit Remastered, Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood, What Comes After, Linklight, Cascadia Quest, Elderand, Constellations: Beyond the edges, Hell Architect: Prologue, Teacup, Aquarist - build aquariums, grow fish, develop your business!, Escape Dungeon, Diorama Builder, Booklice: Prologue, Fishy 3D, The Wandering Village, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Choices That Matter: And The Sun Went Out, UNREAL LIFE, Peachleaf Pirates, House, Phoenotopia: Awakening, The Gecko Gods, Five Dates, Akatori, Not Another Weekend, Ray's The Dead, A Long Journey to an Uncertain End, Tandem: A Tale of Shadows, Picontier / ピコンティア, Life of Delta, Riddle Joker, Vicewave 1984, Heart Of Muriet, A Tale of Paper: Refolded, The Gap, Sun Haven, The Tree, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, Cozy Grove, Beasts of Maravilla Island, Lion Quest Infinity, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story™, Fishkeeper, Endlight, Odd Adventure of Chub, Color, 23 and You, Just Take Your Left, At Dead Of Night, Drawn to Life: Two Realms, NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD, Lighthouse Keeper, Little Nightmares II, Kapital: Sparks of Revolution, I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 3, Osteoblasts, Underworld Dreams, Bob Help Them, Blind Drive, Out of Line, Space Station Sprint, Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition, No Place Like Home, Missing - The Complete Saga, Call Me Under, The Lord of the Rings™: Gollum™, Box Cats Puzzle, Detained: Too Good for School, Wobbledogs, Quest: Escape Room 2, A Pretty Odd Bunny, Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon, A Guidebook of Babel, Rail Route, Pecaminosa - A Pixel Noir Game, Elephantasy, Misery Street, Affectus, Wildfire Swap, The Frog Prince, I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 0, Diggles: The Myth of Fenris, UEBERNATURAL: The Video Game - Prologue, Painting Werther, Peripeteia, The Gardener and the Wild Vines, Escape Simulator, Tamarindos Freaking Dinner, Intravenous, Beastie Land, The Longest Road on Earth, Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, MAMIYA, The Good Life, Luna's Fishing Garden, Killer Ricky, One More Dungeon 2, Alekon, ANVIL, Eclipse, Eldritch House, Alice Escaped!, Godlike Burger, Glitchpunk, Zapling Bygone, Best Day Ever, Song of Farca, DYING : 1983, Dorfromantik, Jennifer Wilde: Unlikely Revolutionaries, BROK the InvestiGator, Slipways, Zen World, UniDuni, The Cyclist: Tactics, Do You See the Waving Cape, Copy Editor: A RegEx Puzzle, Jelly Is Sticky, Distant Transmission, Catie in MeowmeowLand, Pale Night, Outsider: After Life, 人格解体, The Cure, Cyberpunk 2077, SEASON®: A letter to the future, Loop Hero, Road 96 🛣️, ENDLESS™ Dungeon, We Are OFK, Open Roads, It Takes Two, Derelict Void, Here Comes Niko!, The Game of Life 2, Kitty Tactics, Happy Game, Hoa, One Lonely Outpost, The Snowman's Journey, Venba, Faraday Protocol, Clouzy!, Tracks of Thought, The Planet Crafter, Aery - A Journey Beyond Time, Rift World, Two Die, Get Together: A Coop Adventure, Mira's Brush, Cloud Jumper, Kemono Mahjong, Know by heart, WorldBox - God Simulator, Toy Tinker Simulator, Pepo, I Saw Black Clouds, Everybody Wham Wham, Koshka, Pocket Watch, Ink Shapes: Book One, Venice 2089, From The Darkness, Märchen Forest, Aeterna Noctis, Kitsune Tails, HuniePop 2: Double Date, Grapple Dog, SCHiM, The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time, Tavern Master, EchoBlade, HighFleet, Koi Farm, Freud's Bones-the game, Psycholonials, Seasonspree, Journey To The Savage Planet, Amazing Chicken Adventures 🐔, Tiny Bunny, Esse Proxy, Kitori Academy, The Past Within, Dark Deity, The Catacombs of Solaris Revisited, Alan's Automaton Workshop, The Sundew, I Expect You To Die 2, Batora: Lost Haven, Yakuza 3 Remastered, Yakuza 5 Remastered, My Father My Son, ComPressure, Definitely Not Fried Chicken, Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing, The Zodiac Trial, Novena Diabolos, Imagined Leviathans, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition, Purrfect Apawcalypse: Love at Furst Bite, Lost Dream, High Smileson, Epiphany City, Underworld Idle, Forza Horizon 4, Quest: Escape Room 3, Dadish, TERRACOTTA, Wayfarers: Call of Osiris, Harmony's Odyssey, Dadish 2, The Sin, 9 Years of Shadows, Disciples: Liberation, Grim Nights 2 - Realms, Outworlder, Neon White, Song of Farca: Prologue, Minit Fun Racer, Wild Dose, Persona® 5 Strikers, Venus: Improbable Dream, Kabaret, Monster Outbreak, Pascal's Wager: Definitive Edition, Yakuza 4 Remastered, The Company Man, Deadeye Deepfake Simulacrum, Days Gone, Jewel Match Atlantis Solitaire 2 - Collector's Edition, Sunblaze, Home Sweet Home : Survive, Prayerplay Order of Knowledge(PrayerPlay Trial version), Path of Kami: Prologue, Death Becomes You - Mystery Visual Novel, QV, Post Cards, Rolled Out!, MazM: The Phantom of the Opera, Veneficium: A witch's tale, Imp of the Sun, First Days of Atlantis, RE:CALL, Chef's Tail, Sovietpunk: Chapter one, Saiko no sutoka, 9-nine-:Episode 4, Raspberry Coast, A Musical Story, Frozenheim, SANABI, Slime Heroes, We Were Here Forever, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge, The Magnificent Trufflepigs, Dojoran - Steam Edition, You Can Kana - Learn Japanese Hiragana & Katakana, HEXCRAFT: Harlequin Fair, Lila’s Sky Ark, Micetopia, Inua - A Story in Ice and Time, Gothic 1 Remake, REPLIKATOR, The Godkiller - Chapter 1, The Bart Bonte collection, A Shiba Story, Dread X Collection: The Hunt, Sephonie, DARK AROUND YOU, Through The Fragmentation, Diluvian Winds, Crawler, Ochitsubaki, SNKRX, Glyph☀️, Thymesia, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, Untamed Tactics, War Hospital, Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice, UNBEATABLE [white label], Moonglow Bay, Loot River, The List, Death's Door, Astria Ascending, Nobody Saves the World, Lawn Mowing Simulator, Across, Arcade Paradise, The Inheritance of Crimson Manor, The Last Worker, Paleon, inbento, Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual!, Food Delivery Service, Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator, Soup Pot, OUTRIDERS, Mondealy: Day One, Gordian Rooms 2: A curious island, Fossil Corner, Tetragon, The Frogs, Battle Axe, Whisper Trip, The Fermi Paradox, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, The Lightbringer, Lo-Fi Life ( Walking Simulator, Chill, Casual Relaxing, Choices Matter, Chose Your Own Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Narrative ), [ECHOSTASIS], Loretta, Restless Night, Anvil Saga, Undying Symphony, Super Dungeon Maker ⚒ - Fink`s Awakening (Prologue), Wicked Lands, 7Days Origins, Night Book, Spiritle, Blueberry, Exhausted Man, Age of Empires IV, Frank and Drake, Growing Up, Little Witch in the Woods, They Always Run, LOST EGG 2: Be together, A Tale for Anna, OUTLIER, City of Beats, Cooperative Chess, Trash Quest, Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 To, Deathtrap Dungeon: The Golden Room, Re:Turn 2 - Runaway, Patron, SYNTHETIK 2, Cats in Time, Sea of Roses, Golf Club Wasteland, Lost Nova, SATORI, Nadir: A Grimdark Deck Builder - Prologue, Skaramazuzu, Liberte, Get Packed: Fully Loaded, Himig, Hindsight, The Season of the Warlock, Grotto, The Signal State, Aztech Forgotten Gods, Blooming Business: Casino, Sayonara Golden Days, Warp Frontier, Sophia the Traveler, Tender: Creature Comforts, Monster Loves You Too!, Lost Ruins, Shadow Man Remastered, Sacred Cubes 2, Selaco, Mona, Witchy Life Story, Summer of '58, Lovely Planet Remix, Samurai Gunn 2, Simon the Sorcerer 3D, [NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ, Sheltered 2, Radio Viscera, Scarlet Hollow, Tales of Arise, Agent Intercept, NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139..., Zoeti, Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between, Citizen Sleeper, Afterlove EP, CORPSE FACTORY, Completely Stretchy, Let's Build a Zoo, El Shaddai ASCENSION OF THE METATRON HD Remaster, JARS, SnowRunner, Essays on Empathy, The Bookwalker, BlasterBeat, Mondealy, Switchball HD - Puzzle Platformer, Saints Row®: The Third™ Remastered, Dangerous! TOO SWEET!!, Tetris® Effect: Connected, Gaia Project, SLUDGE LIFE, The Chronicler, Moonshell Island, Resident Evil Village, Super Dungeon Maker, Bunhouse, Alzheimer's: Memories, Bygone Dreams, The Telos Monument, A Walk With Yiayia, Spark the Electric Jester 3, Simulation world, Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol, Epic Palace : Knossos, Shashingo: Learn Japanese with Photography, The Forest Quartet, Zoelie - SCAD Games Studio, Force of Nature 2: Ghost Keeper, NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy, Settlement Survival, Rytmos, GNOSIA, Slopecrashers, Retreat To Enen, One Day More, Mini Maker: Make A Thing, Lies Of P, Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster, World for Two, SUPER BOT, Umami Grove, Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery, I remember the Light, Nivalis, MARSUPILAMI - HOOBADVENTURE, The Garden Path, The Smurfs - Mission Vileaf, Valley of No Roads, Small Saga, I Am Fish, Letters From a Rainy Day -Oceans and Lace-, Dreamland Confectionery, tERRORbane, Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection, Bird Problems, ZEPHON, Overboard!, Hidden Office, Kittens and Yarn, Gang of Paws, No More Heroes, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Grow: Song of the Evertree, OU, EDEN.schemata();, iii: Revolving Wonderland, Project Altheia, Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo, El Paso, Elsewhere, Terra Nil, Loopmancer, Nightmare Frames, ElecHead, Frogun, Baldo: The Guardian Owls, A Little to the Left, No More Rainbows, The Chronos Principle, Tails of Iron, MONARK, Dogs Organized Neatly, Metal Slug Tactics, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt, The Anacrusis, Jurassic World Evolution 2, Planet of Lana, Two Point Campus, Lona: Realm Of Colors, Recolit, OPUS: Echo of Starsong - Full Bloom Edition, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!, Core Keeper, Amber Isle, Hunt the Night, Kokopa's Atlas, Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue DX, BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad, Pekoe, Loddlenaut, World War Z: Aftermath, Wizard with a Gun, Trek to Yomi, Soulstice, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl, Slime Rancher 2, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, Mechajammer, Songs of Conquest, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, IXION, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Silt, Orcs Must Die! 3, FAR: Changing Tides, Lakeburg Legacies, Tinykin, Project Warlock II, Lust from Beyond: M Edition, REPLACED, Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View, BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites, ELEX II, The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, The Tale of Bistun, Lost in Random™, Nura's Wish, CRIMESIGHT, SCARLET NEXUS, Frincess&Cnight, 100 hidden cats 2, Somerville, Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County, Mail Time, Romeow: to the cracked Mars, MADiSON, Skydrift Infinity, Blackwind, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, CUCCCHI, Fuga: Melodies of Steel, Potion Tycoon, Amazing Superhero Squad, Hypnagogia 無限の夢 Boundless Dreams, Echoes, Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The First Cases, Evertried, Age of Darkness: Final Stand, Astronaut: The Best, Dread Delusion, Who's Lila?, PsiloSybil, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, The Dark World: KARMA, Achilles: Legends Untold, Near-Mage, The Pathless, A Memoir Blue, Storyteller, Cracks, PARQUET, Uspavanka, Once,in Times of Chaos, Last Light, Bubble People, Haven Park, ELDEN RING, Lucky Tower Ultimate, Moons of Ardan, The Case of the Golden Idol, Onde, LumbearJack, Frostpunk 2, A Wake Inn: Rebooked, Ordinary Human Game, Songs of Armageddopolis, Blade of Darkness, Strange Horticulture, Sea Dogs: Legendary Edition, Arran: The Book of Heroes, A=B, Time on Frog Island, Best Month Ever!, Sudocats, Supraland Six Inches Under, Heist Simulator, Minecraft Dungeons, TFC: The Fertile Crescent, Into the Pit, Stray Blade, No Straight Roads: Encore Edition, Marvel's Midnight Suns, Dream Cycle, Cult of the Lamb, Soundfall, JUMANJI: The Curse Returns, Knights of the Tiny Table, Clid The Snail, Scorchlands, Oaken, The Serpent Rogue, Abyssus, Project MIKHAIL: A Muv-Luv War Story, Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly, Rewrite+, The Captain, A YEAR OF SPRINGS, Looking for Aliens, Yugo Puzzle, DEATHLOOP, Bright Lights of Svetlov, Beyond Contact, Night Cascades, Platonic, The Jewel of Monostructure, Actraiser Renaissance, Castlevania Advance Collection, Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, Mercury Abbey, Project Kat - Paper Lily Prologue, Tales of the Black Death, Mothmen 1966, Cosmic: A Journey Among Shadows, Midnight Scenes: The Nanny, Mr. Rainer's Solve-It Service, BAD END THEATER, Corpse Party (2021), Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, Back 4 Blood, The Kids We Were, God of War, How to Say Goodbye, Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire Sim, Bobok, Rune Factory 4 Special, This Is the President, The Pale Beyond, The Spirit and the Mouse, BURIED STARS, Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, Stuck In Time, Twin Mirror, VELONE, Volume² - advanced Windows volume control, UNCHARTED™: Legacy of Thieves Collection, Afterimage, Laysara: Summit Kingdom, Sonic Frontiers, Dune: Spice Wars, Have a Nice Death, Homeworld 3, UNDECEMBER, Uninvited, Sengoku Dynasty, Operation: Black Mesa, DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUT, MONSTER HUNTER RISE, Songs of Glimmerwick, Hook 2, Birth, The Gunk, Café Stella and the Reaper's Butterflies, Everblade, Meet me at NooN, City of Springs, Escape Academy, Syberia: The World Before, Hogwarts Legacy, Ghostwire: Tokyo, LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker Saga, Paper Trail, South of the Circle, Railbound, THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake, Wild Woods, fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTE, Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition, Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition, and Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series
+ wishlisted House Flipper - Luxury DLC, The LEGO® Movie - Videogame DLC - Wild West Pack, ibb & obb - Soundtrack by Kettel, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass, Slender: The Arrival Soundtrack, Hero Siege - Avenger Paladin (Class + Skin), Without Within - Extra Edition, Age of Empires II (2013): The African Kingdoms, The Magic Circle Original Soundtrack, Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® II - Retribution - The Last Stand Necron Overlord, Hero Siege - Wrath of Mevius (Digital Collector's Edition), Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty - Official Soundtrack, Victor Vran: Original Soundtrack and Artbook, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - Official Soundtrack, Breakneck - Soundtrack, Train Valley - Germany, Victor Vran: Mötorhead Through The Ages, Age of Empires II (2013): Rise of the Rajas, Train Valley - Original Soundtrack, Victor Vran: Fractured Worlds, Valley - Soundtrack, DreamBreak - Soviet Bloc Edition Content, CLANNAD - Anthology Manga, A Blind Legend - Original Soundtrack, Shu Original Soundtrack, Orwell Original Soundtrack, Even the Ocean OST, Mysterium - Hidden Signs, Mysterium - Secrets & Lies, Grim Dawn - Steam Loyalist Items Pack, Rakuen Original Soundtrack, Pocket Kingdom - OST, The Mooseman Soundtrack and Artbook DLC, Torment: Tides of Numenera - Immortal Edition Upgrade, Little Nightmares – Original Soundtrack, CLANNAD - 10th Anniversary Artbook, What Remains of Edith Finch - Original Soundtrack, LEGO® Worlds: Classic Space Pack, Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - Original Soundtrack, HIVESWAP: Act 1 Original Soundtrack, 1bitHeart Original Soundtrack, The Low Road OST, The Low Road - Win Well - Songs On The Low Road, LEGO® Worlds: Monster Pack, Tricolour Lovestory OST, The Letter - Original Soundtrack, The Letter - Digital Artbook & Wallpaper Pack, Gorogoa - Original Soundtrack, God Of Light: Remastered - OST, Remothered: Tormented Fathers - Original Soundtrack, Remothered: Tormented Fathers - Artbook, The Lion's Song - Soundtrack, Tricolour Lovestory Cosplay Album, AIdol OST, Tricolour Lovestory Perfect Vocal Album, Fox Hime Zero - MoriChan, Varenje - Soundtrack DLC, Varenje - Full Game DLC, Learn Japanese To Survive! Kanji Combat - Original Soundtrack, Unavowed - Official Soundtrack, PLANET ALPHA - Digital Artbook, PLANET ALPHA - Original Soundtrack, Oriental Empires: Genghis, Fox Hime Zero Cosplay Album, Donut County - Original Soundtrack, Varenje Soundtrack Vol.2 - Sandwich Edition, House Flipper - Garden DLC, tiny & Tall: Gleipnir OST & Extras, Hello Charlotte: Heaven's Gate, Tomoyo After - CLANNAD/Tomoyo After Piano Arrange Album "Piano no Mori", Sepia Tears - Original Soundtrack, How To Date A Magical Girl! Original Soundtrack, The Stillness of the Wind Original Soundtrack, National Park Girls - Original Soundtrack, Bear With Me - The Complete Collection Upgrade, Pendula Swing Episode 5 - Glamour Spell, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy - Turnabout Tunes / 逆転裁判123 成歩堂セレクション - 逆転裁判 メモリアルセレクション, No Time to Relax - Original Soundtrack, Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love - Digital Artbook, Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love - Original Soundtrack, Oriental Empires: Three Kingdoms, Grim Dawn - Steam Loyalist Items Pack 2, Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course, Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Official Soundtrack, Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Artbook, Sepia Tears: Reprise Edition, National Park Girls - Episode 2: Happy Trails, Yooka-Laylee and the Kracklestone - Graphic Novel, House Flipper - HGTV DLC, The Occupation: Deluxe Edition Upgrade, Darksiders Genesis - Digital Extras, Sayonara Wild Hearts - Original Soundtrack, LiEat Rearrange Soundtrack, The Supper - PDF Art Book (Supporter Pack), Muv-Luv Alternative CODEX, In Other Waters: A Study of Gliese 667Cc, Rakuen Animated Short Film - Farmer in the Sky (Ep. 2), Supraland Crash, Dead Space™ 3 Awakened, STAR WARS™: The Old Republic - Galactic Leisure Bundle, STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - Jedi Bundles, STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - Sith Bundles, Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York Artbook, The Survivalists - Monkey Business Pack, National Park Girls - Episode 3: Daughter of Zion, Terraforming Mars - Prelude, The House of Da Vinci: The Art Book, Shenmue III - DLC1 Story Quest Pack, Shenmue III - DLC2 Big Merry Cruise, Shenmue III - DLC3 Battle Rally, Press Any Button - Mini Art Book, Muv-Luv Alternative Manga Super Bundle 1, Kitty Powers' Matchmaker - Deluxe Pack, House Flipper - Pets DLC, The Crown of Leaves: Chapter 2, Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story Artbook, IVRy Monado Tracker for SteamVR, shapez - Puzzle DLC, Bug Fables: The Art of Bugaria, If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers - Supporter Pack, Muv-Luv Alternative Manga Super Bundle 2, Dagon - The Eldritch Box DLC, Before Your Eyes - Soundtrack and Artbook, Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Upgrade, Muv-Luv Alternative Manga Super Bundle 3, Mimpi Dreams - Lunapark DLC, A Hat in Time - Vanessa's Curse, Titan Quest: Eternal Embers, Stellaris: Overlord, and Terraforming Mars - Hellas & Elysium
Cabeza2000 rated Grand Theft Auto as Kinda Good
+ rated Tomb Raider I, Tomb Raider II, and Majesty Gold HD as Meh
+ rated Neo Cab as Bad
+ rated Battle Academy as Very Bad
+ rated Airline Tycoon 2 and Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming as Atrocious
ptitdo added Maneater to the backlog

June 08
PC Gamer posted Stray proves that everybody does want to be a cat, actually,
Minecraft might be getting an RTS spin-off,
Metro 2033 author put on Russian government 'wanted' list for condemning invasion of Ukraine,
Call of Duty is bringing the $70 game to Steam,
Hollow Knight: Silksong—Everything we know about the upcoming sequel,
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trailer declares that the ultimate weapon is 'team',
HP Omen 27u,
Report says Fallout 76 development was plagued by crunch and poor leadership,
How to watch the PC Gaming Show this Sunday,
Saudi Arabia buys a $1B chunk of Embracer Group,
Midnight Suns: Everything we know about the tactical Marvel RPG,
The Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime series coming to Netflix looks really good,
Every game at not-E3 2022,
Spider-Man coming to PC means much more than just Spider-Man coming to PC,
Ducky One 3 Fuji,
Minecraft 1.19: everything we know about the Wild Update,
Arcane season 2: What we know so far,
Halo Infinite campaign co-op will get a public test in July,
Taiwan further restricts the sale of modern chips to Russia and Belarus,
DIYer uses tiny screens to bring Lego terminals and human keyboards to life,
Today's Wordle answer #354: Wednesday, June 8,
How to get gems in Diablo Immortal,
Best gaming laptops in 2022,
US Senators' proposed crypto bill doesn't give a hoot about home mining rigs,
The best indie games to play right now,
Somebody's already pulled apart one of AMD's next-gen Zen 4 processors,
IBM begins 'orderly wind-down' of its entire Russian operation, all staff to lose jobs,
Brave modder tries to make Turok 2 a decent game,
The Quarry review,
HoloLens co-creator resigns following misconduct allegations,
Best gaming desk in 2022
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Overdose may or may not be a new horror game from Hideo Kojima,
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is bringing the series back to Steam,
Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 won't carry over existing content or progression,
Halo Infinite's co-op campaign will enter public testing in July,
What's better: friendships, or interrupting conversations?,
Pick up Logitech's excellent G Pro X gaming headset for £57 (50% off),
Diablo Immortal director wants it judged on merits not microtransaction "misinformation",
The laptop-like Logitech G915 TKL mechanical keyboard is £90 off,
Stray wants to show there's no such thing as curiosity killed the cat,
Do give Disc Room a spin now it's on Game Pass,
E3 is coming back for 2023 as a digital and in-person event,
Evil West's cowboy vampires mosey into town in September,
From peasants to kings: The making of Chivalry 2,
The Quarry review: thrills, chills, and only a few spills await,
Deliver Us Mars launches for the red planet in September
Log_From_BLAMMO rated Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 (2009) as Atrocious
+ added Jet Set Radio and Void Bastards to the backlog
+ wishlisted Fallout: New Vegas, Streets of Rage 4, STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™, Life is Strange - Episode 1, Momodora III, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, The Pedestrian, Katana ZERO, Singularity™, Gato Roboto, Hitman: Absolution™, Maneater, METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005), Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, Saints Row IV, Just Cause 2, Thimbleweed Park™, Brigador: Up-Armored Edition, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Metro 2033 Redux, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Batman™: Arkham Knight, RUINER, Darksiders™, Antichamber, Nex Machina, Terminator: Resistance, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Metro: Last Light Redux, Batman™: Arkham Origins, Technobabylon, STAR WARS™ Battlefront (Classic, 2004), Hitman: Blood Money, Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Mega Man 11, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, Overload, Ghost 1.0, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, Minoria, The Messenger, Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, Metro Exodus, Blazing Chrome, Lovely Planet, Superliminal, Okami HD, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, High Hell, KovaaK's, Freedom Planet, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX), Spark the Electric Jester, Deep Rock Galactic, and Life is Strange: Before the Storm
Cabeza2000 rated X-COM: UFO Defense as Masterpiece
+ rated Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! as Kinda Good
+ rated 🔴 Circles as Meh
+ rated IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 as Kinda Bad
+ rated Elven Legacy: Magic, Elven Legacy: Siege, Elven Legacy: Ranger, NeXus: One Core, The Polynomial - Space of the music, Elven Legacy, and La-Mulana as Atrocious
+ wishlisted The Last Spell

June 07
PC Gamer posted If Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs can somehow live up to the hype, they'll make the RTX 3090 look slow,
Apple has its own upscaling tech now, MetalFX Upscaling,
Today's Wordle answer #353: Tuesday, June 7,
SteelSeries Aerox 5 Wireless,
Apple mimics Microsoft putting speedy SSDs to work in games,
Best sniper rifles in Sniper Elite 5,
There's a new Just Cause in development,
HDMI 2.1 cables could get a whole lot longer without messy power cables,
First Intel Arc Alchemist benchmarks are a bit of a mixed bag,
How to find Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal,
Is it just us or does mining 10 bitcoin a day not sound like much for a cryptocurrency megacorp?,
Elon Musk tells Twitter he's ready to walk,
Card Shark review,
Researchers use Overcooked to train AI to be a better gaming buddy,
You can now run Doom entirely within a motherboard BIOS,
Battlefield 2042's first season adds a new map, specialist, and guns this week,
F1 Manager 22 is more interesting than watching the real sport,
EU enforces USB Type-C charging on most electronic devices,
The best PC fans in 2022,
Minecraft ditched fireflies in the 1.19 update so kids' real pet frogs won't croak,
Best mechanical keyboards in 2022,
E3 will be back in 2023 for sure, the ESA promises,
Hades mod adding god of music Apollo almost looks like official DLC,
The best high refresh rate monitors,
Diablo Immortal is flooded with boosting services but few players are willing to pay,
How to watch the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reveal,
Diablo Immortal microtransactions have sparked a brutal backlash,
The Depp-Heard trial was a new low point for Twitch culture,
Diablo Immortal is a game designed to exploit your love of Diablo,
Not-E3 hasn't had any major leaks yet, and it's kind of weird
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Minecraft’s Bedrock and Java editions can now be bought together,
“Manage your expectations” for Summer Game Fest, says Geoff Keighley,
Dragon Age: Dreadwolf QA contractors vote unanimously to unionise,
Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds' beauty is ruined by shallow gameplay and a barebones PC port,
Card Shark review: it's hard to deal yourself a good hand,
Diablo Immortal system requirements, PC performance and the best settings to use,
Hearts Of Iron IV’s new expansion lets you design your own planes,
Pick up an AMD RX 6700 XT graphics card for just £420,
Get a 1000W EVGA power supply for $140 (normally $190)

June 06
PC Gamer posted Warhammer 40,000: Darktide will have 'thousands' of party banter lines despite custom characters,
Five new Steam games you probably missed (June 6, 2022),
Aliens might be using rogue planets as spaceships,
Intel debuts a real Arc graphics card at its IEM 2022 tournament,
This modular keyboard can even be customised with knobs and dials,
Razer just made two of our favourite mice even better,
Today's Wordle answer #352: Monday, June 6,
Elden Ring modder pits the Tarnished against a massive viral chip-shop,
May I present to you: the mechanical cheeseboard,
The best wireless gaming headset in 2022,
Java and Bedrock editions merge, creating one Minecraft to rule them all,
Check out the PC Gamer collection in the GOG Summer Sale,
Streamplify Cam,
Streamplify Mic,
Seasonic's wattage calculator sees no power increase for AMD's 7000-series GPUs,
How to get Heart Shadow in Destiny 2,
A chance to replay one of my favourite games might be the push I need to buy a Steam Deck,
Underwater side-scroller Silt could learn a lot from Rain World,
Apple announces M2 silicon with even more graphs to annoy Intel,
Netflix's new Resident Evil trailer goes all-in on action, zombies, and a giant spider,
Half-baked battle royale with NFTs to launch on the Epic Games Store, pleasing nobody,
Be on the lookout for this malware that hijacks your browser and generates bogus search results,
Tim Sweeney says Fortnite Token cryptocurrency is 'a scam'
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Escape From Tarkov Arena is a new standalone gladiatorial FPS,
The Sims 4's Werewolves transformation is set for June 16th,
Screenshot Saturday Mondays: ultraviolence, shoving, and shrooms,
GOG's Summer Sale kicks off with Alien Isolation going DRM-free at 75% off,
Ripout is a co-op horror FPS that's a bit like a roguelike Doom 3,
Letter From The Editor #08: a note about your RPS supporter subscription,
Pick up an RX 6900 XT graphics card for £100 under RRP at Ebuyer,
This full-size Razer optical-mechanical keyboard is down to £80 from £200
BlueThunder796 rated GRID Legends as Very Good
Cabeza2000 rated There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension as Kinda Good
ptitdo added Sanitarium to the backlog

June 05
PC Gamer posted Arena Champion, the 'sexy' shooter that definitely was not,
Factory and city builder Captain of Industry also gives you a boat,
Nightdive wants to remaster the original Unreal next,
Great moments in PC Gaming: Releasing your first game,
Today's Wordle answer #351: Sunday, June 5,
Fortinite's new season features mushrooms, mounts, and Darth Vader,
Razer's new Ecologos will tell you just how green your new hardware is, or how guilty you should feel,
For the price of one AAA game, you can get hundreds of queer indies in this bundle,
N64 modder achieves ray tracing and other advanced effects across multiple games,
Claustrophobic cooperative shooter Space Beast Terror Fright has exited Early Access,
How will Capcom justify the Resident Evil 4 remake?
BlueThunder796 rated The Gunk as Very Good
+ rated Duck Season and Duck Season PC as Good
Log_From_BLAMMO rated Prey - Mooncrash as Recommended
Cabeza2000 rated Sunset Overdrive as Very Bad

June 04
PC Gamer posted What game would you never play without mods?,
Today's Wordle answer #350: Saturday, June 4,
Escape from Tarkov Arena will be a new 'standalone' FPS,
PSA: Popular Garry's Mod add-ons were altered to include pornographic jump scares,
Here's Deep Rock Galactic in VR, thanks to a mod,
Fortnite's end-of-season Collision event teases Darth Vader cameo
BlueThunder796 rated Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit Remastered as Good
+ added Raw Data, Kittypocalypse, Torn, Sprint Vector, Electronauts - VR Music, Raji: An Ancient Epic, Gadgeteer, art of rally, Circuit Superstars, Touring Karts, Burnout™ Paradise Remastered, Need for Speed™, Need for Speed™ Rivals, Need for Speed™ Most Wanted, Need for Speed™ Payback, and Golfie to the backlog
Cabeza2000 added Tell Me Why to the backlog
+ wishlisted Stray
RosesAreDan rated Mini Motorways as Masterpiece
+ rated Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition as Very Good

June 03
PC Gamer posted Final Fantasy 16's music is by legendary composer Masayoshi Soken and it already rules,
The Sims 4: Werewolves will let you roleplay as a hipster lycanthrope,
Oh hell yeah, Final Fantasy 16's combat director worked on Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon's Dogma,
Wolfenstein: The New Order goes free on the Epic Store,
These AI-generated Dukes Nukem never asked to be born,
Returnal and Sackboy for PC seem even more real thanks to these convincing leaks,
Nvidia's RTX 40 series may be many months away from release,
Leon's jacket in Resident Evil 4 Remake is a real thing you can buy,
The Sims 3 was ultimate freedom for builders,
10 years on, Super Hexagon just got a major update,
Today's Wordle answer #349: Friday, June 3,
Unavowed developer release time-travelling trailer for their latest game,
The making of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory,
Session: Skate Sim rolls out of Early Access in September,
Final Fantasy 16: Everything we know so far,
Rust gets 'biggest update to gunplay since launch',
English translations of Elden Ring boss music uncover grim, fascinating lore,
The 'E3' 2022 schedule: all the summer showcases coming this year,
The end of turn-based Final Fantasy was inevitable, but I'm still sad to see it go,
10 games missing in action since E3 2021,
We don't know what to make of Sonic Frontiers,
Report: The Silent Hill-like horror game Abandoned is in disarray,
Best NVMe SSD for gaming in 2022,
Marvel's Midnight Suns leak reveals Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, and a release date,
New games of 2022: all the upcoming PC games we're looking forward to,
Best AMD motherboards in 2022,
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake isn't cancelled, but it is delayed (again),
The best gaming mouse in 2022,
The best gaming monitors in 2022
Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted Dragon Age's next entry will be called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf,
Capcom announce Resident Evil 4 remake, due March 2023,
Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales are heading to PC,
Final Fantasy XVI gets a new trailer, summer 2023 release window,
Street Fighter 6 will bring an open-world mode when it launches next year,
Cat simulator Stray will wander out into its cybercity in July,
Survival horror game The Callisto Protocol is coming in December,
How Witch Strandings is moving Hideo Kojima’s Strand game ideals into new, slightly cursed territory
Wildikdog rated Yakuza Kiwami as Very Good
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