Latest Updates

update b33 (June 13th)
  • You can now Follow other users from their public page
  • Improved the layout and navigation of Libraries and Backlogs
  • Updated the dictionary of Steam game tags
  • Fixed: Steam synchronization crashing for some users?
  • Fixed: Steam synchronization occasionally importing duplicates
The newsfeed isn't here yet, actions from your friends will be visible starting from the next update
update b32 (June 9th)
  • You can now mark games as Favorite
  • Fixed: certain games without an official Steam release date not appearing in the discovery queue
  • Fixed: Humble Monthly Bundle early unlocks not being listed on the Deals page
  • Fixed: broken YouTube links for games with special characters in the title
Favorites are pinned to the top of the Library and have a MUCH higher impact on your taste profile
update b31 (June 7th)
  • Improved the functionality of the search results page
  • Fixed: 'Reset ALL Priorities' button not working properly since the last couple of updates
  • Fixed: 'Playlists on YouTube' link not showing for games without a trailer
The scraper is now collecting DLC data from Steam, you'll soon be able to rate and discover them!
What's Next?
  • Origin and games
  • How-long-to-beat stats from the database
  • Localized prices for all major regions
  • Import function for GOG and ITAD accounts
  • Better public profiles with the ability to interact with friends and recommend games
  • Dark mode and a fully responsive layout that doesn't suck on mobile
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