Latest Updates

update b36 September 14

  • User reviews now have a significantly higher weight in the discovery algorithm
  • Consolidated all privacy settings into a global public/private toggle
  • /user/username links are available (profile pages are still empty placeholders)
update b35 September 9

  • /game and /discovery pages now have a sidebar widget displaying your friends' activity
  • You can now change your avatar from the Gravatar website
  • Greatly optimized the overall performance for accounts with huge Libraries or Backlogs
  • Fixed: game prices not being updated correctly since the last patch
  • Fixed: "recent activity" sorting method displaying the wrong date
  • Fixed: wishlists being reset when upgrading from guest to regular account
  • Several under-the-hood database changes to prepare for the next major updates
update b34 September 5

  • Backlogs can now be sorted by popularity, release date, and recent activity
  • Added "is now following you" notifications to this page
  • 502 Bad Gateway errors possibly fixed? More testing is required

What's Next?
The internal tracker currently has 451 open entries (TODOs, bug reports, anonymous suggestions)
but the most important features you can expect from future updates are:
  • Uplay, Origin and games
  • How-long-to-beat stats from the database
  • Localized prices for all major regions
  • Import function for GOG and ITAD accounts
  • Better public profiles with the ability to interact with friends and recommend games
  • Dark mode and a fully responsive layout that doesn't suck on mobile

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